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@conceptionist, what was the brand of resistance band you recommended again? 
 Damn really? I picked mine up in the fall, maybe they rotated it out.  Pretty much this
I haven't actually received it yet, but I've heard good things.
 I have a down duvet, and even where I live in the northeast it's way too hot. I think it's the kinda thing you only want to own if you have a multi-floor house with the bedrooms all on one floor and your living space on another, so you can keep it cold (<60) but not freeze while awake. Or if you live in a cabin.
Bought a kindle paperwhite so I don't have to lug around large hardcover library books anymore.
Ran 3 miles at race pace as a gym warmup, felt pretty gassed but managed to do everything I needed to anyway. I think in the future if I'm not doing slow distance, I'm going to give myself a bit of a break in between.
 Most of them that made it to age 4 or so made it well into middle age. The low life expectancy is due to high child mortality.
 What's wrong with them? I have a cotton thing from Club Monaco that was $30 that's somewhere between a blazer and a cardigan that I wear all the time. It's really easy to wear & looks good, which honestly is what I look for in a garment. I have trouble pulling off a real blazer in a lot of settings where I can wear this.  Meh, who cares what others do? Some of my favorite people just wear gym clothes 24/7
 No. The uniqlo ones ride up my legs a bit, but other brands are totally fine. 
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