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 This doesn't really look bad, but it does look very gay-and-wants-everyone-to-know, if that's not what you're going for.  The shirt is cool, I'd just wear a jacket of some sort over it to tone it down a bit.  I like the bottom half.
No, MFA. They might rotate it out sometimes but it's frequently there, in the contemporary section.
  I mean my local art museum has some margiela pieces on permanent collection, these are hardly niche artists.  Yes you can physically make decent clothes with no knowledge of fashion history, probably, but that's not a good excuse for 'fashion students' to be totally ignorant.
Hirsch, I think the best thing for you go do is to avoid the forum entirely while your clothing ban is in place. It will be hard, and we'll all miss you, but the best thing to do here is just not post - the temptation is too much. Good luck and we'll hear from you in two years!
  Er, where? Seen that from people I don't know personally maybe like twice.
I ran for the first time in over a year Monday, did a mile in 8.  Didn't even really lose my breath but my calves were sore for like 3 days 
Yoga seems to do the trick, which is good since I hate running.
 Usually, sure, but major life decisions like which school to attend need to acknowledge the fact that she may dump you the day after you start classes, so in this case you need to do what's right for you and not what you think might be right for a relationship that you have no guarantee will even last the whole time you're attending your program. Even if it was a decision about taking a job, your process would make more sense, but that school will be at the top of your...
Make your life decisions with no regard to what your girlfriend wants and then see how/if you can incorporate her into the output of the above.  Doing anything else would be stupid.   Don't see what's so bad about NYC living situation, your living space may be small but it doesn't matter because you won't spend much time there.
Oh, I see.  That's practically a flat bench anyway.  My numbers are from a fixed bench that I think is at a 45 degree angle, the lack of chest involvement and greater ROM make it harder to push nearly as much weight (also I haven't trained it).
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