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 The studies he's quoting don't back up what he's saying at all. For example, he says this:  But the reference is to this study, the conclusion of which is that 30 minutes of jogging increases your risk of spinal injury by about 7%. It's got nothing to do with muscle failure or gains. The next study he cites has the opposite conclusion from what he's stating, and in addition had the subjects training cardio and strength on separate days:  A 3-mile jog is barely straining...
h&m / APC / gats
 When do you need this by? I think if you're patient, you can do pretty well. I have a Dries suit that was $400 and a Jil suit I got from a seller here for like $70 (the Dries suit is perfect, the Jil suit I still need to have tailored). Of course, I've never had a need to wear either, but I'll assume I'll be glad I own them at some point? Yoox and ebay are both great for this, although ebay requires you to be willing to re-sell a bunch of stuff that doesn't end up fitting.
 He's not benching or pressing, though, so he probably needs a few additional exercises. 
 Lol, you're buying it in Canadian dollars, so it's whatever exchange rate your payment method offers.
 I try to cook dinners that have 1-2 lunches worth of leftovers, so it's not exactly 'bulk' but I'm not packing sandwiches, either. However, every now and again I make a ton of jambalaya or something and it makes about ten lunches worth, so I freeze some and thaw it out whenever I don't have anything prepped.Rice freezes great; burgers and pasta/noodles not so much. I like burrito mix (ground turkey, veggies, beans, corn, rice if you feel like it, chile powder, cumin,...
      Raf hoodiecoat Dries knit Blanc & Noir flannel Uniqlo stretchy jeans Docs 
 It seems like you'd get more ROM with dips but I'm sure it's not that important. I just went for a run, it's 4 here with the wind chill right now. Really sick of winter already.
I feel them primarily in my shoulders. I do them vertically. 
Hey do they still sell the 'leggings,' the really stretchy jeans? I can't find them on the site.
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