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 What? Gauguin lived in Paris and was an art collector, maybe I'm misunderstanding you but I don't know how you can think he wasn't influenced by the art world.
 Yes but I want to go again.  Problem went away for awhile but it's back.
 Doc said I ruptured a disc last summer, so I've been lifting around that for about a year. 
My hamstrings are pretty flexible. I should probably just make a doctor visit.
I think my lower back is getting worse.  Seems to spike up every time my glutes get sore, and I think if the disk ruptures again I'm probably fucked - should I stop lifting for a bit?
 They're not that skinny, it's a weird angle.  Same pants:  [[SPOILER]]
Sorry about the filter, camera app doesn't have color correct
Article reads like it was written with a thesaurus in hand 
I went for a 7-mile hike yesterday, my glutes are really sore.
 I have this in the b/w colorway, it's great.  Be gentle with it though, it piles easily.
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