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 Yeah, max our your roth ($5500) and put the rest into a taxable account, set it to auto-withdraw, and just forget it exists for awhile.
 In a city you could only do $40-$50 a year with no safety net, maybe, and you'd have to live with roommates or in a really shitty apt your whole life. Add another $10k a year for a decent place and 30% for savings (so around $70 - $80k), and it's enough. Investing doesn't have to be hard.  You're in your early 20s right? Just keep 2-3 months expenses in cash and throw the rest in the vanguard s&p 500 index fund, set your paycheck to auto-deduct  a set percent every couple...
It's totally a pain in the ass which is why I always have so much trouble bulking.  I usually give myself $60/month for eating out which is about 1.5-2 meals and $20 for lunches which is like two lunches if I forget to pack one; I usually go a little over budget.
I have a couple friends that eat out _every_ meal, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.  This is in Boston so $15-$20 lunches and $30-$40 dinners, it's gotta add up to $20k a year or more.
You're not gonna be able to change someone who isn't interested in changing, most people are just dumb with food :/ it's only slightly less futile than getting a sedentary person into lifting   Crossfit chicks ftw 
They doubled the price of the climate confusion hammock to 10,000 euro :( my dreams are crushed
 This was illuminating, thank you 
I really dislike most of what I've seen of Lemaire.  He doesn't seem to have anything to distinguish him and the minimalism party has already been way overcrowded for years.
Don't get the leather pants with your build, there's plenty of shit that looks good on dudes with bigger legs no need to force yourself into something that doesn't work
Margiela footwear is just wildly inconsistent, ranging from being on par with the best of the SW&D brands to being more on the level of something that retails for $300-$500. I wouldn't say that it's "mostly shitty leather."
New Posts  All Forums: