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Is that the same Jil knit that I'm selling? Fits you better than mine did.
 Ughhh I hate this attitude from people. "Why are you complaining, I'd have no problem putting on weight!" Yes, but it's a lot harder gaining weight off unseasoned chicken breast than cookie dough ice cream and double mocha whipped cream iced lattes with extra sugar.
Would appreciate that, thanks!
It's pretty strong, or at least it's proportional to the rest of my leg muscles. I should probably just see someone. The one person I talked to said it's probably from a combination of sumo deadlift and overstretching, and just to foam roll it. Which has been helping a ton.  I don't really have a huge need to deadlift, so nbd. Would the hex bar actually help? I was under the impression that it's more for back problems, not hamstring problems.
Damn. Favorite jeans but I want another color  
 Anybody help a bro out?
 I stopped deadlifting altogether, but I was having (and still am, to some extent) a lot of trouble with the part of the hamstring that also acts as an adductor, and I'm pretty sure it was from sumo deadlifting. It feels better, but it's also easier to do wrong without realizing it. 
 Where in Mex? I'm going there for at least a month with a chick I met, let me know how it is.
 You're misunderstanding what I said. I agree that doing one before the other is "free" and if it makes a difference, you should go ahead and do it. I said that not running at all because it might marginally affect your gains is stupid.
 Even if it's a statistically significant difference (let's say it's 1% of your gains, or something), I'd bet that the other advantages of doing cardio will outweigh it. If it's just a difference of before or after, then sure, run before, but if it's a difference of cardio or no cardio for a tiny percentage gain in strength, it seems pretty dumb to skip the run, to me. Especially if you're not nearing your biological limit for the lift.
New Posts  All Forums: