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Reversible - smiley on the nappy side, regular sweatshirt on the opposite side. Like-new condition (the marks on the smiley you see in the photo are just because it needs to be ironed). Fits true to size.   S2S: 18.5" P2P: 23" Arm: 24" (seems shorter than it is because this has a slightly dropped shoulder) Back: 25.5"
Like-new condition, although it needs a press. Regular fit, size 50, fits true.   S2S: 18.5" P2P: 22" Arm: 27" Back: 30.5"
Like-new condition, I purchased this new but it's not really my style so I only wore it a couple times. Single chest pocket, tabs at hem, covered buttons, button-down collar.   S2S: 18" P2P: 22" Arm: 26" Back length: 30"
 Thanks. Would you wear them in a tropical environment or is normal cotton better when it's really hot?
Has anyone tried Outlier's merino t-shirts? I was thinking of picking one up.
 Size down one for the oxfords, for example I'm a 40 and wear a M. You're a 42, so probably L. You're on your own with their other shirts, sizing is all over the place.
 How are they to actually work out in / how stretchy are they? Like could you do a split in them?
 The train goes to Allston? I only ever go to Allston for weird afterparties and always have a ride.
 I don't really have a way to get to allston/brighton :/
I really liked Inherent Vice. It doesn't make much sense (slightly less sense than the book) but that doesn't really matter.
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