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I actually find CM stuff to be horrible; it just doesn't feel good having your range of motion that greatly reduced (i.e. try sitting cross-legged or putting your foot up by your hip in wool trousers; if you can do it at all it's very awkward). I've switched to wearing uniqlo stretchy jeans 90% of the time with a t-shirt + stretchy knit. If I was a chick, I'd totally be one of those girls that wears leggings every day. Going to Mexico + south america will be interesting,...
^Stretch jeans ftw! To the jump-roping dude: Be careful with this, as jump-roping only works one of the two major calf muscles. You need to hit the other one somehow.
 My rick has less detailing than that but it's the same shape, and I wear it with black wool pants sometimes and it looks fine. I don't think it would be that incongruous. 
Gotta say, still pretty thrilled with my SNS blanket a year later. Not sure if I would pay retail for one, though.
 I would like a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat.
 I do this all the time. Skip the salsa, add onion, corn, and use chile powder + cumin.
 Probably, but it depends on your goals. Do you want to run marathons, climb mountains, or just avoid dying early of a heart attack? It's not like lifting heavy is requisite for leading a normal life, either. I've taken up running lately because I like being able to hike up steep climbs without tiring out, and running for its own sake is actually pretty nice, especially if you're traveling and want to explore a bit in the morning.
Is that the same Jil knit that I'm selling? Fits you better than mine did.
 Ughhh I hate this attitude from people. "Why are you complaining, I'd have no problem putting on weight!" Yes, but it's a lot harder gaining weight off unseasoned chicken breast than cookie dough ice cream and double mocha whipped cream iced lattes with extra sugar.
Would appreciate that, thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: