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You're not gonna be able to change someone who isn't interested in changing, most people are just dumb with food :/ it's only slightly less futile than getting a sedentary person into lifting   Crossfit chicks ftw 
They doubled the price of the climate confusion hammock to 10,000 euro :( my dreams are crushed
 This was illuminating, thank you 
I really dislike most of what I've seen of Lemaire.  He doesn't seem to have anything to distinguish him and the minimalism party has already been way overcrowded for years.
Don't get the leather pants with your build, there's plenty of shit that looks good on dudes with bigger legs no need to force yourself into something that doesn't work
Margiela footwear is just wildly inconsistent, ranging from being on par with the best of the SW&D brands to being more on the level of something that retails for $300-$500. I wouldn't say that it's "mostly shitty leather."
SPope did you cut the hem of that rick shirt?
Do a different sport, climbing or something. 
 I thought the kidney panel was left in?
Apparently the trick to khakis is to roll them up
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