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 I think it definitely depends what you're doing with those 1-2 days. One of the big reasons old people are all crooked is because years of no strength training catches up to you; when you see people in their 70s with perfect posture, they're usually doing back and core work at least a few times a week. Although on the other hand, my mom looks really good for 67 and she mostly just walks.  I don't know why you'd assume bodybuilders are weak or can't run. For every one...
Progression is almost never gonna be out of the question, if you're stalled out on your main lifts you can always hit more chinups or shoot for a longer plank or whatever.
 Put rice in sauce pan, put water in sauce pan, boil, reduce heat and wait as long as the directions say, where do you go wrong? I don't really love pasta because it tends not to re-heat so well. Sometimes asian-style noodles are fine, depending on how you prepared them.
$450    I never have a problem with rice coming out poorly. Different strokes I guess. I also don't have the counter space for that.
 How is that different than throwing a pot with rice + water on the stove though? I mean I guess you have to set a timer but jeez.
 Never got this - why not just use a sauce pan? Seems easier to clean
 I do a set of pendlay rows every time i bench, but I also do chest flyes, DB chest presses, dips etc and don't always match it with an opposing back movement. But some of the other non-lifting activity I do works the back pretty heavily but doesn't do much for the chest.  My working weight for rows is almost exactly matched with my bench right now, although my PR for bench is a good bit higher. What are some good exercises for shoulder mobility? I've realized that my...
What's good on netflix?
If you have another activity or two it makes life a lot easier when you realize you can't lift heavy for a couple weeks. We've got a pretty good climbing scene; BKB is close to you and an awesome gym. The downside is it's $100/month but they do have a weightroom. 
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