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It looks long in the body to me, also agree with Synth
 But they have a killer return policy  Lol when I got back last night I drunk-ordered it, problem solved.  Either, but specifically I've been looking for the ones that are a bit more normal (swinger, i think?) and haven't seen much under $500
 I shoulda clarified I'm looking, specifically, for some of his staple pants, shorts, and sneakers, which outside of Yoox affiliate pricing mistakes rarely drop very low in price.
I also really want this knit  
Ebay, occasionally yoox (mostly shirts, if I'm being honest).  I'm wearing wool margiela trousers at the moment that have a fantastic cut and were only $62 from yoox.  For ebay, there are a couple periods a year (March, ~July?) where people unload their shit to buy new-season gear and seem to get kinda desperate.     Unfortunately, this strategy has been useless for Rick. I've been contemplating a basic tee for $160 all week which is probably insane.
Some shots from DH's '03 'Luster' collection I'd never seen.  Although I think he knows what he's doing in terms of marketing the brand, SLP's revamp has, for the most part, been pretty disappointing when compared with some of the older Dior collections.    
Shah I'm surprised you don't like Rick more. His runway shows are wack but what actually goes to buyers is, IMO, some of the best in terms of volume play.  I think he gets horribly misrepresented often on fashion forums by people with poor taste.   For example, I can recall seeing very few fits primarily using his sand or green colors, but when they do crop up they're incredible.   Only reason I don't wear much of it is that the retail is insane and usually sells out...
I can't get a pic to come out but I'm wearing an inverted Regis fit tonight:   dark purple margiela u-neck tee black virgin wool pressed margiela trousers replica margiela argentine boots
I've heard terrible rumors of him putting a pair of indigo Geller denim up for sale at one point.  I never believed them.
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