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I find that stuff made in, say, Belgium or Germany tends to be really top-notch though.
My lamb rick didn't stretch out at all and a jacket that's too tight sucks. Go with the 52.  Sleeves aren't even that long and it looks like you can't flex the biceps.   Plus even if the leather did stretch the lining wont.
Lol, 50 US?
 Lands end is cut for short chubby people  I don't have that much trouble fitting into many fashion brands, I actually find that most other stuff has too much room in the midsection and not enough length
 The gellers look gross and the silent look really similar to a rick design but with worse materials, but I guess I'd go for the latter.  What are you going for? Rick, for reference, like this better (there is a shorts version):   [[SPOILER]]
I've been wearing less skinny jeans and more new standards, or just wool pants with a straight leg, think it looks better a lot of the time.
 Which superhero? Superman is basically magic which is cheating.  Batman and wolverine are shown lifting weights and shit all the time, I don't think they're "super strong," just kinda jacked.  Spiderman is supposed to be able to lift 50 times his weight or whatever, like a spider, but I mean spiders don't lift weights so I guess that's how you explain that, and who knows how radioactive spider bites affect hypertrophy and muscle recovery anyway.   The Thing actually does...
 Idk if you've noticed but their sales are basically empty now, their buyers took a couple seasons to get it together but they are basically selling out their buy now.
Kunk - for me, I like the way I look now. I could look leaner but switching programs isn't going to help with that.  I got into lifting so I could build a good strength base and then pick up other sports, like climbing, fighting, yoga, surfing, whatever, not to look huge or lift a ton of weight. I don't really do powerlifting anyway, though, since I do the big compounds in the ~5 rep range and everything else in the 8-15 range, and never 1RM.
New Posts  All Forums: