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 This is very good advice, I had the same issue and had to drop the weight on my squat by like 75 pounds. In the long run it was much better, since I also added a lot more depth and probably fixed other form problems I didn't even know about. I wouldn't squat in dress shoes. What if you slip? What if the cheap heel shatters under load?
 Walking sideways with a band around your leg & lateral leg raises with a band will work the adductors (?); side planks while keeping the lower foot raised and certain types of lunges will work the abductors. 50/50 chance I have ab/ad reversed, but just google around for exercises. There are a ton of PT-type movements for these since they're a common point of injury.
Thanks. It's a 1.6x, so 135mm equivalent. It's not the only use I'd have for the lens, it's just the current need I have that my existing kit can't handle - I'm sure it would be great for portraits and even landscapes, and other things I haven't considered since I haven't really shot with a lens this long. 
Does anyone carry an 85mm on a crop? How often is it useful? I was thinking of picking up the Canon 85 f/1.8, primarily for taking photos of surfers and such where my cheap 50mm's AF can't keep up. I might use the 35mm f/2 in more situations, but I already have a 24 and 50 so I can't decide if I'd rather have a telephoto.   Or I could just get nothing. The 24 is all I need in 85% of situations.
 Brodin doesn't give without taking  Yeah. My disc issue felt like muscle pain. Be careful, maybe get it checked out?
 This is how I felt with BB press. I feel like I've put on a ton of shoulder size in the past ~2 months since upping the volume of accessory lifts I've been doing and switching to an 8-rep scheme on the bb press Reverse-grip decline press seems like a good way to off yourself
Like-new condition, fits TTS. Shipping to US only, please.   S2S: 17" P2P: 21.5" Back length: 30" Arm: 25"
 I have a one-way ticket. Planning to make my way through Central America then who knows. I went climbing today for the first time in awhile and climbed for two hours, I have a feeling my fingers are going to be insanely sore by tomorrow.
 I'm doing something similar, leaving Mar 1. I'll let you know. Probably just going to try to surf & hike a lot.
 Starting Strength skips stuff like ab work (which you need, squats alone won't do it), says that curls and other "aesthetic" lifts are a waste of time, and advocates rep ranges that aren't ideal for everyone's goals. It's really a program to get you to a baseline level of fitness, which the book clearly states and which I think it does quite well. The problem is that there are internet zealots that think it's the end-all of workout programs and are very vocal about it. I...
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