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I realize these posts are almost five months old, but anyway: six months ago I sold most of my clothing that I didn't love, stuck the rest in two tupperwares in my mom's attic, tossed my furniture on the street and flew one-way to Mexico. I'm currently in Bogotá, Colombia. I have with me a pair of uniqlo jeans and a pair of raw denim, four or five cheap t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, a pair of Nike frees and a few thrifted shirts which I found down here, as well as a...
Lol! I'm really hoping that this is silk
Few more.        
A few more from Lake Atitlán in Guat:         I've been wishing I had the Fuji X-E2 camera instead of the Canon 40D I've been using, mostly for portability reasons but also because the 40D sensor just can't do certain things that I want it to. However, I'm not sure I can justify spending $1200 of my travel budget for the camera + 35mm lens, even when you subtract what I could get for selling my current setup, and additionally the 40D has been great to learn on...
I've been on the road for the last two months (as of tomorrow) in Mexico and Guatemala, and these are some favorites I've taken. I'm very much appreciating the opportunity to shoot a whole lot more than I normally would be able to make myself at home, as I'm learning quite a bit as I go. Dropping into El Salvador sometime in the next week or so :)    
Tactical Frog sounds like an excellent band name.
 I can't unfortunately. Still have a bunch to do before I leave as I'm still working 9-5, have to move out, and have to see a few close friends before I go. Finance sector is pretty important, at its basic level it puts idle capital to work to create jobs, allowing the accumulated wealth of the older generations to turn a profit while simultaneously creating jobs for the younger generations. Obviously though, there's a lot of pork getting siphoned off in the process.
 Sayulita, probably, at least initially. 
 Yeah sorry man, I didn't hear about the first meetup and ended up getting caught up in something else for the second :/ I assume I'll eventually be back, though.
Pretty excited to try surfing in a few days. Especially since we still have huge snowbanks here.
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