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 Eh, I mean, using those numbers and assuming $14000 for a crummy studio apt and $6000 for organic groceries, you've got $50,000 left over. Add phone and internet and going out and whatnot and you can still easily save $40-45k a year.  I looked into business school early on and ended up deciding against it. For example, at Sloane business school and the like, for a lot of the easier classes the whole class can get between 95-100% on the exam, but it's graded on a curve so...
 You'd be taking home about $84,000 not accounting for state tax, and assuming you're single with no dependents and aren't putting any of that in a 401(k). 
 Maybe it's different in the UK but in the US it's very difficult to get into those schools and they are graded on a curve so the percentage who don't graduate is also very high.  Also keep in mind that at most major tech companies, it's standard to get stock options that match your salary, so those $300k numbers from your article are actually $600k. I'm not really trying to have a dick measuring contest between the two industries, they both pay very well, I just think...
 You're comparing the salaries of people in finance from top 10 schools to averages for comp sci though, which isn't really a fair comparison. This is a better article:  http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2013/12/09/silicon-valleys-top-10-most-lucrative.html?page=all Average starting salary for a Stanford comp sci grad is $108,000: https://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/cdc/jobs/salary-grads The problem with IB is that if you don't do well in school or can't get into a...
Many people I know who went to law school were interested in social justice or government or the environment or something other than salary, even if they were planning to make money working at a firm before transitioning to that type of law. Also a lot of people just aren't creative and don't consider anything other than doctor or lawyer since that was how you got rich in the 1950's. If I wanted to make a huge paycheck today, I wouldn't go into finance, I'd go into tech.
 I think it definitely depends what you're doing with those 1-2 days. One of the big reasons old people are all crooked is because years of no strength training catches up to you; when you see people in their 70s with perfect posture, they're usually doing back and core work at least a few times a week. Although on the other hand, my mom looks really good for 67 and she mostly just walks.  I don't know why you'd assume bodybuilders are weak or can't run. For every one...
Progression is almost never gonna be out of the question, if you're stalled out on your main lifts you can always hit more chinups or shoot for a longer plank or whatever.
 Put rice in sauce pan, put water in sauce pan, boil, reduce heat and wait as long as the directions say, where do you go wrong? I don't really love pasta because it tends not to re-heat so well. Sometimes asian-style noodles are fine, depending on how you prepared them.
$450    I never have a problem with rice coming out poorly. Different strokes I guess. I also don't have the counter space for that.
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