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haha. be nice the pants, knits and some of the coats look pretty good
Are the airism the poly ones?
It looks like there is a lot of really wearable stuff in there.
He straddles the line well between producing mass market stuff that's appealing to me as well and some really interesting clothes, in my opinion. That said, a lot of his short coats and knits are really cropped. Fwiw I really like the aackerman collection
  I couldn't find a pic of the one I'm actually looking at, but it's the same thing just shorter (mid/upper-thigh length).  It has a hood and pockets.  Seems easy to wear and comfy
Some examples of stuff that I think is similar: [[SPOILER]]  You tend to get stuff with those patterns in a trendy tight cut in stores, though, but like I said I have no idea if Haider is doing the same thing which is why i put a strikethrough in the post, and it's also probably more to do with what US webstores are buying.  Barney's did get one of each size of the silk paisley robe  
Yes, look at the marketing shots from stores like barneys, the corner, or what gets posted on Tumblr. They tend to display the patterned skinny suits and tight pants. It's not like I hold it against him, I own some of that. Maybe the dude just really likes tight suits but I don't think it's a stretch to say that a designer who owns an independent brand has some marketing in mind when he designs his collections.Dries does a lot of odd cuts every season, I'll post some pics...
He'll do a big chunk of every season in whatever's trendy, like for current seasons there will be a lot of skinny suits with a bit of ankle showing mixed in with the more experimental cuts. So like, the fabric will be really cool but it will basically be similar to Paul Smith in terms of fit, which I assume he does to cater to a specific audience. He also does plenty of items that aren't like that.
Reminds me of dries but it doesn't pander to the fashion bois as much   Actually I take that back, I have no idea what the actual buys will look like.
I find that stuff made in, say, Belgium or Germany tends to be really top-notch though.
New Posts  All Forums: