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Tactical Frog sounds like an excellent band name.
 I can't unfortunately. Still have a bunch to do before I leave as I'm still working 9-5, have to move out, and have to see a few close friends before I go. Finance sector is pretty important, at its basic level it puts idle capital to work to create jobs, allowing the accumulated wealth of the older generations to turn a profit while simultaneously creating jobs for the younger generations. Obviously though, there's a lot of pork getting siphoned off in the process.
 Sayulita, probably, at least initially. 
 Yeah sorry man, I didn't hear about the first meetup and ended up getting caught up in something else for the second :/ I assume I'll eventually be back, though.
Pretty excited to try surfing in a few days. Especially since we still have huge snowbanks here.
 I put on a very noticeable amount of shoulder mass just by adding a bunch of dumbbell work in the 10-15 rep range. My BB press max hasn't budged. I think one of my big errors early on was focusing too much on the big lifts.  I've been working on L-sits for awhile now. I use the dip bar because it hurts my wrists to do a bunch of these. Jackknifes and other ab work helps you get there. I'm training to do them from the ground, though, which is different from rings because...
 I'm in my mid-to-late 20's, have significant retirement savings, and don't see what my personal financial situation has to do with understanding cost of living. If you're taking home $250,000 and feeling strained, you're wasting your money somewhere or you overreached on a big house, private schools, a boat, or something else that you didn't need. You can easily raise a family on that income anywhere in the world. $200k in student loans is fairly unusual. I'd say that's...
 This is how you get situations where people making $250,000 think they're poor and that Obama is taking all their money. Eating out and buying random crap can easily suck up all your disposable income, even if you have a huge salary. If you want to save, make a budget to see where all your money is going, and then decide if those expenditures are actually worth it for what you get.  As an example, if you eat out twice a week for dinner at cheap places (let's say $30/meal)...
 I spend about $400/month on groceries and could probably cut that in half if I went to the hood grocery store across town instead of shopping at whole foods.
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