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 Is that outdoorsy clothing thing new though? I feel like the North Face fleece + gore-tex climbing jacket has been the norm in Boston for at least a decade. Which is another city with no real mountains within four or five hours (although the jackets are practical just because of how damn cold it is). It's a bit funny because most people that I know that actually do spend a lot of time outdoors don't bother with much of that gear... I hiked the real Patagonia in a pair of...
 Nope not yet but I haven't washed them. I don't think the fabric seems likely to have that problem. They're more smooth than soft.
 I think Outlier is really business casual city wear that's marketed to office workers with outdoorsy aspirations, or at least it was a few years ago. I had the original shorts, so I think they improved upon them, but the fabric totally lost its shape and was all stretched out after a few washes, the fit wasn't great, and the pockets weren't deep enough and stuff would fall out when you sit. I have a habit of being in places where pickpocketing can be a big issue, so...
  Thanks, I'll check these two out in person.  I'm not sure I want to spend that much, but those do look nice. I have a pair of Outlier shorts which had similar marketing but were pretty awful once I owned them for a bit and definitely not worth the premium. What is the sizing like? I'm a 31 in uniqlo stretch jeans and a 48 in most designer pants.
I'm looking for 1-2 pairs of shorts, which is kind of tough this time of year. Any recommendations?   - budget of ~$45   - preferably synthetic, not cotton or wool   - stretch, so I can hike in them, but still nice enough that I can wear them to a (casual) bar. Solid color is probably best.   - doesn't get super wrinkly   - at least 3 pockets and no liner or weird reflective stripes / logos   - 8-9" inseam. Negotiable   I think this means Nike or Adidas or...
 They don't fit exactly TTS, I am a 31 and I am probably a true 32 or even 33.  Highly highly recommend the sweatpants if anyone is looking for some. Fit and fabric is great and they don't stretch at the knees like the old ones.
Really nice blazer, 52% linen 48% cotton that feels like silk somehow. Patch pockets, one inside pocket, partially lined. Excellent condition.   Size 50   Back length (base of collar to hem) - 30 1/4"   sleeve - 27 1/2" (non-functional buttons)   chest - 21 1/2"
 Like these?  Jungle boots
 http://www.toscanoboston.com/ - straightforward but good italian, kind of a more formal sit-down date spot that I'm not sure I'd actually take a date to http://www.barakacafe.com/ - algerian / tunisian, no alcohol though http://www.theloniousmonkfish.com/ - pretty good sushi, often has a jazz band Santarpio's - best pizza in the city I think, near the airport. Dirty floors, only serves like Rolling Rock and Budweiser and has old school italian-american waiters, but it's...
 Having recently spent over a year living out of a suitcase, both sides definitely have their appeal. I think his message isn't that you have to live on as little as possible but just to think before buying things. I know a lot of people, and I'm sure most of you do too, that own 3 lifetimes worth of crap from forever 21 or h&m that they've worn once at most. Outdoors people can be just as bad - 2 camping trips a year and $5,000 worth of gear in the garage.
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