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 I don't really see why.  Rent is actually cheaper if you're living in Brooklyn and I tend not to eat out.  Drinks are about the same, although there is a higher ceiling in NY if you wanna get fancy.
 Good, I'd actually prefer this.
So, what's the best way to decide on details so we can get this rolling. A poll? I prefer the leather in the OP (with belt) to the variations being posted.  The collar tab in the jacket above shouldn't be necessary, since good leather will stay up on its own if you pop the collar.
If I switch to sumo, how much should I lower my working weight by to start? I am all torso with short limbs and DOMS related to deadlifting appears to be what was making my back sore, so I think it's a good idea to switch before I end up hurting something.
 Yeah that's an acceptable compromise.  Those junya jackets are fully lined in cotton though.
 I dunno that I'd buy a leather that wasn't lined in some form of rayon.  I wear a lot of knits
Well, one thing I've noticed is that there are people who love Boston and think nyc is scary and people who think Boston is lame and usually like bigger cities. I think it depends on your personality and what you're into. For me personally, just to take one example, there are only 3 bars here that have what I'd consider good music and one of those is a shithole and one only has anything going on on Thursdays, meaning that unless there's a special event I'm usually at the...
Oh my god I would go crazy. I really need some sort of large gathering at least once or twice a week or I start to get depressed. When I was living in the suburbs for a bit I was miserable :/Boston is a nice city, but the huge student population really homogenizes the culture so it gets boring real quick. I'd love to move to CA but I'm not in a position where I want to ditch this job right now (likely 2015 promotion)
Worth noting that the city I'm living in now is nearly as expensive, and that I'm really extroverted. Thx guys.  Thinking I might go for it since it's a risk-free change and I won't have to deal with the job thing.
How do you guys like NYC? I am sick of it here and we have another office there.  Thinking of moving in Sep, wouldn't necessarily even have to change jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: