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 I'm pretty flexible due to yoga.  It actually feels really hard at that weight, but if it's using the same muscles that's good.  I thought it was using different muscles when you go below parallel.
 I was gonna say it needs tailored pants and a sweater.  It's very cropped, I don't think it can be worn casually.
 Yeah, lemme clarify - I was squatting a bit over two plates for reps but realized I wasn't going deep enough.  I'm bouncing between 160 and 185 now on squats at proper depth, and I'm worried I'm going to lose that quad strength from the top end.  I'm just unable to advance because there's a weak link getting out of the hole somewhere in my hips.  Honestly squats feel really uncomfortable. Proper solution might be going back to squatting at a shallow depth until I'm...
Line 14 (the "classic looks for men" line), so no funny business - nice simple cut Beautiful 100% tropical-weight wool with a faint red and blue herringbone pattern.  Look black from a distance. Two front slash pockets, two tab rear pockets. Unaltered, worn once to work before I realized that they do not fit. I am the only owner.   8 1/4" leg opening 16.5" waist 32.5" inseam (with about 2" to let out)   Price on these is fixed because for any less I would get them...
 Biggest difference is in my thighs and face I think.  I don't know about a target, it's kinda why I posted.  I don't want to lose too much more because I am starting to see strength losses and would like to eat normally for a bit to repair everything soon, if possible.
Progress pics: Feb 1:  [[SPOILER]]  Yesterday: [[SPOILER]]   Doesn't actually look way different to me but it's a 10-15 lb difference.  172 lbs this morning.  Would be helpful if anyone can guesstimate bodyfat % in the second pic.
Not sure I actually want to let go of this.  Single vent, very sharp tailoring, subtle pinstripe, functional cuffs, three internal pockets, partially lined.  Thick cotton.  Floating canvas construction.  Runway.   New without tags.   18" s2s 21" p2p 30" length from back 27" sleeve
Size M, should fit 30-34" waists 9/10 condition Internal drawstring, three pockets #NORMCORE
NWOT (runway sample) Big square shape 100% tencel I'll iron it for you before shipping :)
Size L (tts) 100% baby alpaca 7.5/10 condition - some piling, I took a shot of the worst area on the back.  Price is reflective of this but you could probably shave it off easily. No pulls or structural damage., knit should last forever Light grey canvas shoulder and elbow pads
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