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http://flappy2048.com/   oh god
 Ok, thanks, I felt as though my back was straight but I'll take a video to check.  @fuji - I might alternate between them every couple months or start doing both later, but my lower back has been bothering me so I am trying to be careful for now.  My hips/glutes need more work at the moment anyway.
 I have a 30" inseam at 6 feet tall.  Normal deadlifts have always felt really awkward and it's hard for me to maintain form.
2200 now, was 2300. It's hard to know for sure since a month ago was when I got the scale.Tried sumo DL, got up to 240 for reps easily and felt way more comfortable. Really glad I decided to try that.
Weight hasn't really changed in the past month :/
  It's your only hope.  
 Johnston & Murphy aren't made like they used to be.  For that price range, look at Allen Edmonds on ebay for the same style but better quality. That said, I don't really love brogued oxfords in casual looks.  You might be better off picking which look you'll get more use out of, and either getting the brogues or getting a pair of boots, which will look nicer with jeans.
Anyone try the cropped sweats?
 TTS or size down? Might snag two for summer.
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