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 Like these?  Jungle boots
 http://www.toscanoboston.com/ - straightforward but good italian, kind of a more formal sit-down date spot that I'm not sure I'd actually take a date to http://www.barakacafe.com/ - algerian / tunisian, no alcohol though http://www.theloniousmonkfish.com/ - pretty good sushi, often has a jazz band Santarpio's - best pizza in the city I think, near the airport. Dirty floors, only serves like Rolling Rock and Budweiser and has old school italian-american waiters, but it's...
 Having recently spent over a year living out of a suitcase, both sides definitely have their appeal. I think his message isn't that you have to live on as little as possible but just to think before buying things. I know a lot of people, and I'm sure most of you do too, that own 3 lifetimes worth of crap from forever 21 or h&m that they've worn once at most. Outdoors people can be just as bad - 2 camping trips a year and $5,000 worth of gear in the garage.
In response to the Patagonia video a bit back, i thought this was a great article: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/09/19/patagonias-philosopher-king 
 It could just be the photo but if anything that jacket looks too big?
I'd assume you could replace the whole sole but I'd probably start with injecting gorilla glue in the hole and then sanding it smooth + staining it once it dries. It looks like it could crack all the way around the layer if you're not careful, though.
 Weird. Mine aren't even that worn. Maybe your stride hits the ground funny or something? I think these are 3-4 years old.
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