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 Yeah, I think so. Thanks!
Updating the OP would be super, just tried to sift through this thread and didn't get very far.
His runway shows are totally unrelated to what's available lately, and it's not even just basics.  This spring season's show was all diapers and weird mesh tanks, but then in stores there were loads of great cardigans and knits along with the normal sweatpants, leathers and tees.
 I won't make strength gains if I'm not eating at a caloric surplus.  If I eat at any surplus, I'll gain weight, both fat and muscle.  That's bulking.   
Not really sure what to do at the moment.  Been eating at maintenance for the past 4-6 weeks, so I'm @ 173 lbs, at 13-15% bodyfat.  I don't really want to pick up my cut again, since I've just been enjoying summer, but I also don't want to start bulking and be fat by mid-july or august.  Main lifts have made a bit of progress and I've made a LOT of flexibility progress, as well as made some great gains in stuff like working towards an L-sit, but it's not like I'm going to...
It looks like be brought back the guitar straps inside jackets which was my favorite feature ever, but made them a foot thick.  Why :(
 Abraxis gave you a really good answer, but I'd also say to focus on the leathers that you see Rick wearing unless you really find something you love - the stooges, intarsia, bauhaus, and maybe one other. They're good designs and he's been releasing them every season for a reason.  For the most part you probably don't want the bastardized versions of these with cashmere liners or hoods or whatever.
Yea I'm gonna wear it with a pink mesh crop top and lipstick
 Eh? The long tailored coats + skinny black wool pants are pretty much Raf staples, to me it looks like a rehash of stuff he's done before.  I mean I don't love it but it could be a lot worse
haha. be nice the pants, knits and some of the coats look pretty good
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