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They told me in the store that they account for the shrinkage when they make them and that the size is correct after shrinking.  They also said the shirts they have for trying on are already pre-shrunk (the sleeveless ones).  I haven't owned any BB shirts yet, is this bad info?
This are on sale for 25% off right now, making them $30. For the price they aren't bad.
I dont think that would work for me as i have to loosen them to get them on/off.
Just got my first pair of Clark's DBs. Got the brown suede bushacre 2 model for $60 from Marshalls.   One thing I haven't really seen discussed is, does anyone have an opinion on the best way to lace/tie these? I'm not really digging having so much lace hanging off the sides. I suppose shorter laces would be another option.
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