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I am looking for a pair of stonewashed Kanye APC's from the 2013 (first) capsule. I am looking for a size 29 or size 30 in good condition, does not have to be brand new.    Thank You
Anyone have the 2013 Stonewashed Denim in a 29 or 30 for sale?
All of this.
Yessir, sucks not having a Uniqlo store near to try this stuff on though. 
Thanks, I just got the parka in a small and it's pretty tiny. I have a medium on the way, but now I'm thinking I should snag that large before it sells out just to be sure. 
What's your height/weight if you don't mind me asking?
How do I go about getting my Mocs resoled? Do I mail them back to Red Wing, drop them off at the store? Or what? And what's the price to get another vibram sole on? 
Thanks. I caught a small yesterday on the site, and just caught a medium. I'll probably be returning the small. 
Does anyone have the +J parka that can comment on size or post some fit pics?
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