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This shit looks very fragile 
The new jeans gonna be over $300 or nah.
Damn I asked like three times, and been euro'ed every time, but you ask once and get answered right away lol.Guess I can chill for a bit.
So when will the khakis drop? @JohnElliottCo
This is true, I feel the same way.
Yep. If you're talking about the 2013 Kanye's, then definitely darker. I bought a pair a while ago and ended up selling them because I wasn't feeling the wash on the Coasts. 
Didn't see any info in the description for the pants on the right.. Guess I'll wait and see.   
This.@JohnElliottCo, are those pants we saw a while back that were modeled with the flannel, are they khaki colored?
A whopping two pictures that don't really show anything. 
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