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Haha fuck this collection, more trouble than its worth imo. 
Definitely not good news. Ordered the jeans in a 30 and 29. Might be keeping the 29. 
 Why'd you get banned this time man?
New Cures are selvedge man. It just shouldn't be visibile all the way down the leg though. Unroll the cuff
30 would have basically been TTS for me and noticeably big in the waist. 29 is very comfortable though.
Context's chart is pretty accurate in my opinion. I've verified measurements with two pairs. 
APC Petit Standard (29) exactly one month in. Amazing how much more comfortable these are compared to the 28's I used to have. I guess the .5 inch of rise makes a big difference.
The fit is good, what's your height and weight? And nice Margielas by the way.
My size 28 PS stretched over time to a 31" waist. So around 2" for me. 
How do Uniqlo flannels fit? I'm around 5'9'-5'10" and 150 and I ordered three in a small. 
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