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 I don't think the attendants who work in the shop know very much. Tuesday last week they had three or four pairs. I didn't dig through so I'm not sure what sizes, but they had at least a 32. They were on the shelf to the left when you first walk in. If I'm there again anytime soon, I'll take a look.
They have these, but without orange stitching, right now at the apc surplus store in west village for about $100. Not sure what sizes are left now though.
Really nice sweater, retails for over $400. No one wants this? For less $100 I will give it to a friend :\     100% cotton v-neck with all-over pattern weave, ribbed hem, neck, and cuffs. Made in Italy.   $220 > $200 > $180 > $150 > $100
*** SOLD ***   Retail for $449   Waxed cotton (Sylkoil) with adjustable hood. Adjustable waist. Horn buttons. Two-way zip.
 Not a valid code.
Any new END codes?
Looking for this recent light blue denim shirt from Edwin in size Large.
Looking for these A/W seasonal boots
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