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Okay, TD, go for it! Sorry about this misunderstanding.
I like the mustard one most. I know nothing about Venanzi (or really any of those ties besides RLPL), but I'd need a little convincing that they're worth an EG Capelli (that is the purple grenadine on the right, isn't it?) plus two pocketsquares.   Who's on the list for this round of swappage? I'd like to be in, though there are currently no ties in the box that I'd like to swap for...
It's possible that your mail person is just very delayed today for some reason...
I'll ship the box out tomorrow.
The contents of the box as it arrived to me: The Conrad Wus: I propose to swap either a never-worn mid-purple EG Capelli grenadine or a barely worn (2-3 times) navy with silver stripes Drake's grenadine for the brown matka Wu. Preferences between the two?
USPS tracking says it was delivered, so it should be there when I get home from work!
The size S Scott and Charters shawl collar cardigan is too big for me, so if you're wait listed for the blue one... another will be available soon.
Cross-post of my MTO Wu from the Wu affiliate thread:   There's a cool contrast between the very slubby blue part and the less slubby red part. It's also seems very sturdy yet airy. I tried to capture these aspects of the tie. The color is far more accurate in the second photo.
^ Oof, that's a stunner! Gorgeous. Can't wait.
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