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^ The prototypes Conrad mailed to me for inclusion in the box were made up before he had labels, hence the lack of labels. But that's a really great tie, nice pick.
So what's the order this time around? 
Price dependent on condition, let's work something out!   This is the one I want: http://www.endclothing.com/inverallan-6a-shawl-cardigan-83870.html
I agree with this. No reason not to wear raw silk year round.
Okay, TD, go for it! Sorry about this misunderstanding.
I'd be in on the chocolate shantung if I didn't already have one your brown matka!
I like the mustard one most. I know nothing about Venanzi (or really any of those ties besides RLPL), but I'd need a little convincing that they're worth an EG Capelli (that is the purple grenadine on the right, isn't it?) plus two pocketsquares.   Who's on the list for this round of swappage? I'd like to be in, though there are currently no ties in the box that I'd like to swap for...
It's possible that your mail person is just very delayed today for some reason...
I'll ship the box out tomorrow.
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