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I've been trying out the Saphir Cordovan Cream to compare to Renovateur. More details when I have a chance to do a more thorough shine with it, but my first impressions are that the cordovan cream imparts a "harder", more superficial-looking sheen, whereas the Reno brings out a deeper glow. That said, I wear my shell boots in the rain all the time, and the shine from the cordovan cream stands up to rain (and can be brought back after being rained on) significantly better...
You can email them (really Betty) through the form on their website. Or info at their domain (
Maybe your employer has some sort of insurance that covers theft of its employees' property on site? I don't even know if that's a thing, but it can't hurt to ask.
Oh. Looking forward to the smallest sizes!
The Knottery's knit ties are nice. I can't speak to any of their others, but the newer their ties the better they should be, since they had trouble finding good sources of fabric to work with them at first.
Do you have collar measurements?
^ You might also consider trying a (dark?) brown cream polish formulated specifically for cordovan leathers, like that sold by Kirby at the Hanger Project. But like Gdot, I'd just leave my shell cordovan au naturel.
I know you do custom orders for Rudy trousers... what about custom orders for XS shirts with 14" collars instead of 15"? I almost always wear a tie, and these would be too big for me, which makes me sad. All of these fantastic fabrics that I'll just never be able to wear.
Kent Wang suiting. Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Pornographically good macro photography on that page (, too. 
^^ I see I'm not the only 36 who got their hopes up!    Killer sportcoat.
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