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Screw PayPal, just use Dwolla. $0.25 flat fee per transaction.
  Bookster's jackets are fully canvassed, but I'll let somebody else who knows more answer about the quantity of handwork.
  Drop to $290
  Drop to $290
Classy shades!
Do you have any photos of the purples, rust, and burgundy that better display the actual color and the patterns? They're kind of hard to make out.
  Carmina for Epaulet calfskin Hook and Albert cotton Epaulet linen
  Typing with your wrists elevated is ergonomically worse for your wrists. The best is for your wrists to be supported, and your hands as straight as possible. Angling your hands up or down can aggravate your carpal tunnels more than otherwise.
  Especially this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Star-Wars-Working-Y-Wing-Fighter-Original-box-decals-instructions-/280873705614
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