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    The last name should be stamped on the box, but my guess is Forest.
Drop to $300
Drop to $300
  In contrast to the Forest and Oscar lasts, which Betty described to me as "wide," and the Simpson and Alcudia, which she described as "narrower," she described the Rain as "comfortable fitting."
  The woman on the left is Betty Albaladejo. Hat tip to Mike at Epaulet for the photo (from their tumblr).   I emailed Betty, and she told me that she's unable to help with the seconds/sample sale at the Madrid store, because she's not there and it's overly complicated dealing with the single size/style/quality combinations. So that confirms that she is not located at their Madrid store. I believe she's in Majorca.   I actually heard from Betty via email...
  Get them both, return the one you don't like. More important than the fit of the waist is the fit of the seat and thigh---you can always get the waist taken in or out as needed by a tailor, and Gios have allowances for this.
Is Betty normally at the Madrid store? I didn't realize that was her location. I wish I spoke Spanish!
Is the number on their Yelp page (http://www.yelp.com/biz/calzados-carmina-albaladejo-gran-via-58-madrid) the right one? 915 487 906? I called that number, briefly explained to the man who answered what I was calling about, and was told, "Sorry, no. No comprende." before they hung up. Hrm...   I'd also be very in if somebody were proxying..
Their website suggests that they make shoes, bicycles, and are a hair salon..?  http://goodbyefolk.com/
SOLD   I know you think Steve McQueen is really cool. Maybe even your style icon.   I know you think you're as cool as Steve McQueen. You could have been best friends.   I know you think you're Steve McQueen. That's why you're about to wear these sunglasses.   This pair has been tried on for a few minutes by a friend---not by me, I swear, I'm not manly enough to pull these off. Not like you. They haven't been worn out of the house. They certainly haven't...
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