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^ I don't think so. And he never rented Cuffs and Collars, either.
  1. http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/index.asp?nididioma=230 2. Email Betty 3. Epaulet 4. The Armoury
  I'm pretty sure Gilt is doing better than you think, even though they don't carry much stuff that SFers would like.
^ "That" refers to which, fritzl? Simpson or Alcudia?
  Don't use any polish. Clean, condition, and buff the leather. For details, read the rest of this thread.
I take back what I said earlier. Just don't wear any pants.
  Are these as yellow as they look in the photos?
One of my favorite pairs of socks.
Anything but black.
    The last name should be stamped on the box, but my guess is Forest.
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