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The Wu is unlabeled, and a beautiful tie. I really like the cashmere Muro you didn't swap, Steve.
I like USPS 2-Day Priority and Media Mail, but haven't shipped a package via First Class in ages.
GIFs aside, um... what.
Their chicken and waffles is good, but the last three or four times I went, nothing else was. Depending on the fruit syrup, I personally enjoy Simpatica's chicken and waffles more than Screen Door's, even though it isn't as gargantuan.
 My three musts: Expatriate, Ava Gene's, and Le Pigeon.My three avoids: Screen Door... let's just leave it at one. Screen Door might be the most over-hyped restaurant in Portland.
Brussels sprouts are the new beets.
So did I! Hah. I've been back once since. I love the bar program and their bartenders are all awesome. I've been disappointed by all the food I've had there... but the bread is great. They should do more to showcase it (like Bar Tartine in San Francisco does). Expatriate is one of my favorite places to eat and drink in Portland right now. Ava Gene's is fantastic as well---the vegetable side of the menu kills. I also really love breakfast at Roman Candle next door, but this...
^ The prototypes Conrad mailed to me for inclusion in the box were made up before he had labels, hence the lack of labels. But that's a really great tie, nice pick.
So what's the order this time around? 
Price dependent on condition, let's work something out!   This is the one I want:
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