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Conrad, I'll get you those cocktails when you visit Portland. I know a few places.
Aaaand that's it, we're full. The shantung grenadine is closed. 
TSB Special! Conrad is doing a special run of 4 shantung grenadine ties. 3 3/8". 2-3 week lead time. First 3 to pm me their paypal email addresses are in. FULL UP, thanks to those who PMed me! For safety, it is recommended that you place a plastic sheet over your keyboard before viewing the images below... [[SPOILER]]  HUGE THANKS to Conrad for doing this!
The site is so great! Sweaters...  Is the StyFo discount the same as the one in the welcome email?
Somehow missed this entire conversation---I was skimming and thought everybody was just agreeing to the timeline. Ha.   What country are you in, LEVOOSH? Logistically, international shipping can be significantly more expensive than domestic. How are we going to deal with that? It's also potentially fraught with delays and complications. Nothing personally against you, Levoosh, but shipping all these ties internationally (at least twice) makes me a bit nervous.
Works for me!
People should post fits here when they wear their TSB ties! I'll try to do so as well.
 Despite the bad photo, I think this is a contender for that spot...
Yes, Conrad has generously donated three ties—samples for his upcoming line—that I'll add to the TSB. They are all hand-stitched in the US, and the fabrics are quite beautiful! These are in addition to my add to the box. As far as I know, the main difference between these samples and the final line is that the samples have more of a flat, hand-"folded" edge, whereas the finalized line will have a round, hand-rolled edge. Of course feel free to correct any mistakes I may...
I believe he would!
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