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  If the waist were not too large, how could you pull up your trousers so much? The rise of the trousers would have prevented you from doing so without discomfort if the waist were small enough to keep them in the appropriate position.
Or a spoon! Neither will erase the scratches, but they both should help, particularly with the shallower scratches on the shell itself.
Leather conditioner is conditioner for leather. Not conditioner for shoes. Just try it and see how it goes.
  That's what I've done (no break), and I think it looks really excellent.
I think what you mean by complimentary is what I mean by coordinate. And both terms are vague enough both to avoid the derogatory labels of "science" and "rules" and to encompass the less-noted aspects of coordination you mention.
But the guideline implied by the successes in this thread is something like: your socks should coordinate (but not match) with both trousers (primarily) and shoes (secondarily). Yes?
So definitely in for the chestnut shell bal boot. I'll be putting my deposit in on the 15th!
But Nivea doesn't smell as good.
Namor, that sounds insane! When did you place the order, what was the damage (if you don't mind my asking), and when can we expect pictures?
I thought the brown shell balmoral boot with perforated captoe and Dainite/leather combo soles was coming back for the fall.
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