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The Knottery sells 3" knit ties made in Italy for $30, and they're pretty great.
  Argyle? I thought it was paisley.
    No need to be so shocked; they were worn I think a total of four times total first by Mr. Moo and then by Malford before me. Presumably they didn't fit.
  Does it still count as porn if there are feet in them..? F last, cross-posted from Rock Your Socks. This pair has probably already made the rounds, since I'm the third owner, but still.
Fully lined trousers (or very "hard" and smooth trouser fabrics) would solve that problem. Or, as you know, wider trouser legs.
"Ethnic" contributions to classic men's style..? What does that mean? Do you mean people of color..?
  Try anyway.
Oh my gosh.   Here is some unsolicited advice: If you are going to make some sort of evaluative statement, please try to provide something to support your claim. For example, "Saphir applied much more smoothly than Boot Black and seemed to penetrate more deeply into the leather." Most importantly, such detail makes this forum and its posts more useful to everybody reading it as they try to learn and, in this case, evaluate the potential pros and cons of various shoe...
  Thanks! Howard Yount. Added rest of the details to the original.
^ Nope. Even if they just had offices in New York they'd have to charge state taxes. Anywhere from which they do business.
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