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Isn't it natural in the same way that plastics are? I.e., made from petroleum, which at some point was plants?
^ It matters because a) it's not bespoke, it's mtm, and b) that's just how they do it: their hacking jacket is made with structured shoulders, and even asking for "soft" shoulders gets you something pretty structured.
These have way too much going on to really fit into any setting! If I were you, I'd get something like an Allen Edmonds Strand, in either brown or walnut. Both go with a navy suit and will be versatile enough for other uses, too. See the seller on StyleForum for probably the best price.
Bookster can probably make you one. Their "lounge jacket" has less constructed shoulders: http://www.tweed-jacket.com/JACKET%20PAGE/Bookster%20Lounge%20Jacket%20with%203-2%20Roll.html
You could see if your tailor can fully line them. Or wear more slippery socks!
  This is fantastic news. I'll have to put a hold on my trouser budget in preparation! Like others, I love the fit of your US-made trousers.
^ It can't hurt to condition them to avoid any cracking or extra creasing that might occur if the leather has dried out in that time, although they're probably fine. Since polishing is mostly aesthetic, that's a personal judgment on how they look.
Those kill. In my opinion they look better on feet, with the way they conform around ankle bones, than fresh out of the box.      
What is the difference in color between the two medium brown Renovating Recolorant Repair Creams, 04 and 37? http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/saphir-renovating-recolorant-repair-cream.html
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