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But Nivea doesn't smell as good.
Namor, that sounds insane! When did you place the order, what was the damage (if you don't mind my asking), and when can we expect pictures?
I thought the brown shell balmoral boot with perforated captoe and Dainite/leather combo soles was coming back for the fall.
Two-piece suit, and don't wear a pocket square. You're already wearing something that is outside of your comfort zone, the bow tie. Wearing a three-piece with a bow tie and a pocket square would look like a costume.
  I'll have to check when I get home, but I'm pretty sure, at least for the ones I own and that they're currently producing. I know that they have transitioned to better manufacturers since they first opened shop.
The Knottery sells 3" knit ties made in Italy for $30, and they're pretty great.
  Argyle? I thought it was paisley.
    No need to be so shocked; they were worn I think a total of four times total first by Mr. Moo and then by Malford before me. Presumably they didn't fit.
  Does it still count as porn if there are feet in them..? F last, cross-posted from Rock Your Socks. This pair has probably already made the rounds, since I'm the third owner, but still.
Fully lined trousers (or very "hard" and smooth trouser fabrics) would solve that problem. Or, as you know, wider trouser legs.
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