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^ Oof, that's a stunner! Gorgeous. Can't wait.
I have Conrad's brown matka. It rules, but I actually haven't worn it yet! I'll have to take a photo when I do.
This is rad. I have two of Conrad's ties (one knit, one raw silk) with a third on the way---all exceptional!   Here's a crummy shot of the raw silk's (http://www.conradwu.com/collections/neckties/products/heather-grey-navy-stripe-raw-silk) maiden voyage:
The moleskins, lambswool flannels, and 8-wale corduroys are also all made in USA.
Couldn't resist the blue. Also emailed you about not delivering until Monday or later.  I'll give it a shot if it's ever re-available!
The birdseye specifically, or other Inis Meain fit you well? I am a 36 (drop 7) and the birdseye sweater runs a little large, so I'm pretty sure an XS would fit better... If small gets restocked (I added it to my wishlist), I'll definitely try it out, however!
Over 11" at what waist size?
I think others have expressed this sentiment before... but if there's any possibility of the Inis Meain birdseye in XS, I'd buy it in an instant.
I generally don't like to wear the lambswool flannels in weather above about 55, but I run warm.
YES. I'm very excited about this!
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