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This continues to be awesome.
That image host is blocked at my work! 
I know you're just pointing it out, but this looks pretty bad in my opinion.
  Holy shit! The inside w/ flash pictures look amazing. I think shell is a great choice for a single monk, and the color and finish looks superb.
Ahh, if only you were a little taller! The suit looks really great. Is 9.75" the standard rise for the 29 (or 30?) waist suit trousers?
So, you're not running size 28 trousers anymore, right? Does that mean to get 28 Walts I'd place a special order at the same time as the monthly Rudy order, or..?
Green suede shoes, both gently used:   Church's US 9 tassel loafers   EG UK 9 punch captoe balmoral
I can't speak to the cognac (yet!), but Carmina's saddle shell is far from flat in person. It looks wonderful and has great depth, in my opinion.
How did you get wax inside your shoes?
^ Why not both?  
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