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[You can also MTO a bal boot from Carmina for under $800 in anything other than shell if the brown suede Forest captoe isn't perfect.
Payment sent for blue! Thanks, they look lovely.
  Probably Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana. See also: http://www.styleforum.net/t/300832/anyone-know-the-country-of-origin-of-cedar-shoe-trees-customs-hassle
Hm... The total before shipping, excluding VAT, was 668€. The other pair of RTW taller shell boots (not on the e-store) I purchased last winter was 483€. So maybe the MTO markup is actually... 38%? Unless the cost of that boot has increased, which it very well may have, since the shell chukka on their e-store is only ~456€ excluding VAT, and uses significantly less material.   Okay, this is what I think: base model would be ~320€ excluding VAT. +194€ for shell (or 60%...
I wore a pair of Carmina boots all the time this past winter and spring, and not a single time did a hem snag on the speed hooks. I think they're mandatory for taller boots.
  What I got is actually very similar to the Epaulet x Carmina group buy bal boot, so maybe that's a little boring... but it's exactly what I want! So... dark cognac shell balmoral boot with perforated captoe and Dainite soles on Forest last. So pretty much exactly this but shell: http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3465222   Yes, I believe it was a 20% upcharge. I actually think it's 30%, see below. The conversion from USD to Euros is very nice right...
^^ It sounds like we need to do a randomized double-blind study.
This morning I payed for an MTO shell cordovan balmoral boot with Dainite soles. So... just ask Betty!
A few months ago, both Rishi and Joe came to Portland. It was shortly after the StyleForum meetup. It seemed like they both have different strengths when it comes to their knowledge about their offerings.   I purchased two shirts in basic fabrics for $200 total. The fit was very close to perfect, and the next time they're here I'm going to further fine-tune the fit with them.   My one complaint is that the sleeves of one of the shirts are significantly longer...
  Awesome. I was trying to figure out two pairs to MTO from them at the same time, and now I know what I want the second one made out of! Thanks. 
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