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Green suede shoes, both gently used:   Church's US 9 tassel loafers http://www.ebay.com/itm/Churchs-RARE-2012-Forest-Green-Suede-Custom-Grade-Fosbury-Tassel-Loafer-Shoe-NR-/150900117441   EG UK 9 punch captoe balmoral http://www.ebay.com/itm/EDWARD-GREEN-Cadogan-9-9-5-Loden-Green-Suede-Semi-Brogue-Shoes-MTO-/170909587903
I can't speak to the cognac (yet!), but Carmina's saddle shell is far from flat in person. It looks wonderful and has great depth, in my opinion.
How did you get wax inside your shoes?
^ Why not both?  
^^ As you continue to wear them, the leather will stretch a bit and the lacing will get a little tighter. Sizing up does increase the width of the shoe, but it might end up being too long if the length is right. A different last might help, too.
[You can also MTO a bal boot from Carmina for under $800 in anything other than shell if the brown suede Forest captoe isn't perfect.
Payment sent for blue! Thanks, they look lovely.
  Probably Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana. See also: http://www.styleforum.net/t/300832/anyone-know-the-country-of-origin-of-cedar-shoe-trees-customs-hassle
Hm... The total before shipping, excluding VAT, was 668€. The other pair of RTW taller shell boots (not on the e-store) I purchased last winter was 483€. So maybe the MTO markup is actually... 38%? Unless the cost of that boot has increased, which it very well may have, since the shell chukka on their e-store is only ~456€ excluding VAT, and uses significantly less material.   Okay, this is what I think: base model would be ~320€ excluding VAT. +194€ for shell (or 60%...
I wore a pair of Carmina boots all the time this past winter and spring, and not a single time did a hem snag on the speed hooks. I think they're mandatory for taller boots.
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