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This seems wasteful (not to mention expensive) to me, but to each their own. I'll even darn a sock that is in otherwise good condition if it gets a small hole in it. There's something about that little line of thread just above the big toe area that gives a sock character that can't be purchased.
Or: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/31178?feat=592-GN1&page=men-s-l-l-bean-boots-6   Good for rain!
Yeah, $100 is very inexpensive for even a decently nice pair of shoes, much less boots! So dress boots are basically out of the picture, unless you want something with corrected grain leather and glued-on soles. Which you oughtn't.   The leather on almost all of the pairs you posted looks... really awful, I'm sorry to say. Especially the Stacy Adams. It won't age gracefully or handle water well.   So on the casual-but-still-snazzy-maybe end of the spectrum, for...
How much do you want to spend? Where do you live? What kind of weather do you want to wear them in?
1)   2) I have a chunky cable knit navy shawl collar cardigan from Scotch and Soda that I picked up last winter that does well by me. It's warm enough to wear as outerwear for nearly all of the winter in Portland, OR. It looks like this:
Haha, me too! It's good to know I'm not alone. I guess it's something about being nervous for some reason?
This continues to be awesome.
That image host is blocked at my work! 
I know you're just pointing it out, but this looks pretty bad in my opinion.
  Holy shit! The inside w/ flash pictures look amazing. I think shell is a great choice for a single monk, and the color and finish looks superb.
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