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Kent, what about the trench coat's 100% cotton fabric makes it water resistant? I'm trying to figure out if it will work for me in the perpetually drippy Pacific Northwest... Any other water-resistant outerwear coming down the pike?
Let's put all the recent burgundy shell comparison pics on one place!     So, Calikid: it looks from these photos that the burgundy is between your AE and #8 (maybe a little browner?), is that how it looks to your unmediated eyes?
Enjoy! Is this your first pair of shell, or can you compare it to shell from other makers? Also, please wear and post more pics! 
Are the sweaters going to run as small as XS?
This is a very cool belt. If I had a more casual style, I'd have purchased it already!
I think this question got missed. Still interested!
Are any of the wool RC fabrics going to make it over to Walt?
They key to learning how to shine your shoes is to shine your shoes. Assuming you've already read all 191 (and counting) pages of this thread.
  Or an undertaker.   If I were getting married on a hot beach at sunset, I don't know what I would wear, particularly since the only thing of those I like is sunset. Maybe a medium gray suit. How formal a wedding is this going to be?
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