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  I thought tailors put the scraps under their pillows, and in the morning they find a quarter for each in their place. Guess I was wrong.
  Why's that? There's no way my feet would be able to fit into a smaller size, even if my shins could.
I dunno, I kind of like cardigan+tie. I think it can work in situations where wearing an odd jacket would make you seem over-dressed.
  I disagree, I think shawl collar cardigans are more casual. The more ornate the knit, the chunkier the knit, and the fuzzier the finish, the more casual a sweater seems to me. Still, it's just a cardigan---so at its most formal, it's still only "smart casual" or something.   OP: You would've liked Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations for Beginners. 
Mine was with Dainite, but I can't be positive that's what they'll choose to use.
Betty: "we will probably make a serie again of this style [cognac shell bal boot] following your advise."   So... good news for everybody not me!
  I, at least, usually wear trousers when I sit on my couch...
^ Post 2000 in the Carmina thread, Frank, and you didn't even celebrate! 
  Thank you!
Great, thanks for the advice to use leather oil instead of LP! I'll try that.
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