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Kirby, you're killing me with the new crystal glasses. Beautiful.
  Very nice, great choice. Enjoy!
Is it only one this one pair? I imagine it's possible that the the leather was insufficiently or improperly tanned, so it wasn't appropriately preserved.
Gray is the most versatile. I really don't think you can go wrong with a medium gray and a medium-light gray. But brown would be a good choice, too. Coming it at it from the other direction, this might help you with trouser colors: http://www.styleforum.net/t/317329/jrds-guide-to-coherent-sportcoat-combinations   I like cuffs. 
^ Good catch. Didn't check to see if this makeup was currently for sale on Rider's site.
US 10 walnut shell Rider boots, okay BIN http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rider-Boot-Walnut-Cordovan-Shell-Rare-Color-New-In-Box-Size-10-medium-/230874375464
^ I have to take in the waist on both the Italian and American fits about the same (small) amount. The difference is really in the seat, rise, and thighs, not in the waist. I wear a size 28, incidentally.
I have the red; it's a stunner. Very tempted by the navy, but I'm trying to avoid buying more ties to save my purchases for larger ticket items...
For me, the difference between the American and Italian cuts is that the waist of the Italian sits right on my hip bones. The American waist sits right above them. The result is that the American cut fits better and are more comfortable when worn with a belt.
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