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Any idea what difference in formulation between Reno and the lotion might be that causes this difference, Gdot?
20% off everything at Hickoree's, through the weekend: ONEYEAR
  This ended GBP 80 above the BIN. 
^ I mean the 2000th post in this thread was written by you, not that you've written 2000 posts. 
If the tie is darker enough than the suit, it'll be good. It's hard to tell from phone pics with variable light and white balance.
  I agree, there needs to be at least a little wiggle room in the shaft (unless it's very soft) I don't like where this is going... to move, and these are 8" tall. Thank you for the compliment. 
It probably represents a symbol of the buyer's individuality and belief in personal freedom.  
  I thought tailors put the scraps under their pillows, and in the morning they find a quarter for each in their place. Guess I was wrong.
  Why's that? There's no way my feet would be able to fit into a smaller size, even if my shins could.
I dunno, I kind of like cardigan+tie. I think it can work in situations where wearing an odd jacket would make you seem over-dressed.
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