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I particularly like these two:   Though two patterns stood out as having a very interesting background: the one inherited from your grandmother, and the one used in Downton Abbey!
Kirby, you're killing me with the new crystal glasses. Beautiful.
  Very nice, great choice. Enjoy!
Is it only one this one pair? I imagine it's possible that the the leather was insufficiently or improperly tanned, so it wasn't appropriately preserved.
^ Good catch. Didn't check to see if this makeup was currently for sale on Rider's site.
US 10 walnut shell Rider boots, okay BIN http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rider-Boot-Walnut-Cordovan-Shell-Rare-Color-New-In-Box-Size-10-medium-/230874375464
I have the red; it's a stunner. Very tempted by the navy, but I'm trying to avoid buying more ties to save my purchases for larger ticket items...
  Regular cream polishes are not recommended for shell. If you're talking about the cordovan-colored shell cordovan cream polish, that should be fine. But I don't think you're going to get the effect you want.
  Are you trying to change the color of a pair of SHELL cordovan shoes? Or cordovan-colored calf? Because if they're shell, stripping them with renomat or another solvent is probably NOT a good idea. Shell doesn't really take pigment, and most people would say you shouldn't use regularly-formulated cream polishes on it. I don't think there's an advisable method for changing the color of shell, except for getting a pair in a different color.
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