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Have you tried using just a little bit of a water-based pomade and working it through your hair?
I haven't checked in for like a year or more and hardly even wear ties anymore, but damn. You're still killing it, dude. With this. With the prints previewed recently. With the printed grenadines you have now. Truly exceptional.
I guess it depends on your hair and how frequently you get it cut. I had my part shaved in once and didn't like it as parting my hair normally, and it looked fine to me while it grew back in. I get my hair cut monthly. ...water? Silicone lube (gross)? Coconut oil? I'd question the premise: why do you want your hair to look like it's wet all day?
1) Figure out where your natural part is. It might not be in the same place as John Hamm's, but right now you're parting your hair lower. 2) Get a haircut at a good barber, some place that does classic cuts. If you happen to be in Portland, OR, message me and I'll suggest a place. Bring the picture and say that's what you want. Right now, your hair is definitely longer than his, and messier.3) Do a better job parting your hair. You're not getting a nice, clean part.4) If...
 Second row, with or without glasses doesn't matter.
(source)   I thought maybe 1+ people here would find this amusing...
Glad you enjoyed, deejay! Carte Blanche changes their menu ever three-ish weeks, so they'll have something new the next time you're here.   A new recommendation for dinner: Roman Candle. Since they've added some more vegetables and salads on top of their pizza offerings (and they've had burrata on their dinner menu for a while), it's like a baby Ava Gene's! But you don't need a reservation. I went the other night and had a fernet and soda, a slice of nduja pizza (it was...
Hair with natural side part looks good. Experiment with how you comb it. Ironic mustache-without-beard is not for me, but what you had before (if you trimmed it to keep it off your lip and combed it to keep it neat) would look fine if that's what you're after. 
Do you know what Carmina last these are modeled on?
Have you checked with your neighbors? Sometimes people pick up their neighbors' packages instead of seeing them left outside. Worth a shot...
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