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^ I'm happy to talk about shoes, but I don't want to discuss my health problems. Thanks.
^ Gloves won't help with this, unfortunately. Thanks anyway.
I hired someone to shine my shoes (because I developed a medical condition that prevents me from doing it anymore) and even though I asked them not to put any polish on my shell cordovan, of course they did. So now I have to hire someone else to just like... rub them with clean polishing cloths a lot. I'm fucking pissed about it. Like, I wrote the damn manual on shell cordovan care that's posted on the Hanger...
Stop using wax. First use a very lightly damp, soft cloth and rub vigorously. Wait for it to dry. Then use a smooth deer bone in small circular motions over the area. Buff with a very soft cloth or a polishing mitt.
I wish they made nduja pizza a permanent part of the menu at Roman Candle---when it was a special, that plus a fernet and soda was perfect.
When you're at Self-Edge/Union Way, right across the street is Clyde Common---great bar. But just around the corner and down a stairwell, they have a sister bar called Pepe le Moko that's also extremely good. On the east side, my favorite places to drink are Expatriate (which also has incredible food) and Angel Face.   I still stand by the vegetables at Ava Gene's as the single must-eat in Portland, if you can get in. Also go eat soup (and an iced Vietnamese coffee) for...
 Is your hair straight? Wavy? Curly? I have thick, strong, wavy-to-curly hair that I part every day and have been liking the effect of Bona Fide superior hold. Be sure that you work the product between your fingers or palms before applying---if it isn't softened up, it will clump.
Unfinished trousers that can be hemmed to your specified length by a tailor and made-to-measure shirts and jackets are probably your best bet.   I don't know any stores in Nebraska (if that's where you are). But there are traveling tailors and online shops. Lots of sources.
Dude you just completely rejected the comments of a "cordwainer or cobbler" that you so desired.
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