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These napkins are dope! If I weren't quitting my job and going to grad school I'd buy some.
Okay so af = AS FUCK, these ties are crunchy AS FUCK, I didn't think I would need to spell that out, fuck.   P.S. drops.
Are Hill-Side ties not cool anymore or what's the deal?   P.S. drops.
I can't pay for grad school (I'm going to grad school) with your laughter unless you buy my ties or hire me part-time to write your product copy.   P.S. drops!!!!!
Alright, knit ties, alright. All of these are 100% silk except the navy/white "Norweigan sweater" one is wool. The Knottery ones are cheap, smooth, and shiny. The others are extremely baller, insanely crunchy, and more matte.   I've worn them all, so they have some wrinkles around the knot point. I also store them folded in half and then rolled, so there's a slight crease where they were folded that will also be hidden by your drop-dead beautiful tie knot, since all of...
All of these have been worn but well-cared for. They're also all cotton, so they hold some wrinkles. Most of them are not available. See the pictures in the little bar above. These are perfect for people who are too hip for their own damn good, like I used to think I was, but I'm not anymore, I swear. I'm a fucking nerd who is leaving a job in IT to go to grad school. Actually, these ties are good for nerds, too. I'm selling some other ties that you can combine shipping...
I'm moving. I have too many ties. Buy 'em. I forgot to list the widths, I'll post that in a minute. Assume all of them have been worn but are in very good condition. If it doesn't say it's self-tipped, assume it's not self-tipped. If it doesn't say it's un-tipped, assume it's tipped. If it doesn't say it's not silk, assume it's silk. I'm selling some other ties that you can combine shipping with these:hipster ties (Hill-Side) crunchy knit ties ShippingShipping to the US is...
Those look...kind of bad, in my opinion. There are so many suede chukkas available—surely you can find one somewhere? What about any of these:
I like Carmina, too, and have a handful of pairs---but they are well above the stated price range, so...This makes no sense to me. Maintenance of shell is easier than calf, and BOTH show rain spots. If you don't like the appearance (or extra cost) of shell, sure. But the other reasons are suspect in my opinion.
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