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 Current USA cut is looser and higher rise than the old cut.
I wish they made nduja pizza a permanent part of the menu at Roman Candle---when it was a special, that plus a fernet and soda was perfect.
When you're at Self-Edge/Union Way, right across the street is Clyde Common---great bar. But just around the corner and down a stairwell, they have a sister bar called Pepe le Moko that's also extremely good. On the east side, my favorite places to drink are Expatriate (which also has incredible food) and Angel Face.   I still stand by the vegetables at Ava Gene's as the single must-eat in Portland, if you can get in. Also go eat soup (and an iced Vietnamese coffee) for...
 Is your hair straight? Wavy? Curly? I have thick, strong, wavy-to-curly hair that I part every day and have been liking the effect of Bona Fide superior hold. Be sure that you work the product between your fingers or palms before applying---if it isn't softened up, it will clump.
Unfinished trousers that can be hemmed to your specified length by a tailor and made-to-measure shirts and jackets are probably your best bet.   I don't know any stores in Nebraska (if that's where you are). But there are traveling tailors and online shops. Lots of sources.
Dude you just completely rejected the comments of a "cordwainer or cobbler" that you so desired.
Have you tried using just a little bit of a water-based pomade and working it through your hair?
I haven't checked in for like a year or more and hardly even wear ties anymore, but damn. You're still killing it, dude. With this. With the prints previewed recently. With the printed grenadines you have now. Truly exceptional.
I guess it depends on your hair and how frequently you get it cut. I had my part shaved in once and didn't like it as parting my hair normally, and it looked fine to me while it grew back in. I get my hair cut monthly. ...water? Silicone lube (gross)? Coconut oil? I'd question the premise: why do you want your hair to look like it's wet all day?
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