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Portland ramen scene is so weak! It kills me. Boxer Ramen was awesome for two weeks after it opened, but they keep changing their recipes and it keeps going downhill. So disappointing. Mirakutei's ramen is sometimes pretty good (but not fantastic). Biwa is mediocre and overrated. Boke Bowl is... fine, if you add soy sauce to the broth (but their brussels sprout salad and fried chicken are both excellent). I mourn the closing of Wafu, whose ramen at their peak was very...
I really don't know, either. People like fatty meaty sandwiches that don't challenge their palette (see also: Bunk), I guess. Don't get it, when there are so many better sandwich places in town (e.g. Shut Up and Eat, Meat Cheese Bread, Devil's Dill, Tails and Trotters, Roman Candle, An Xuyen and other banh mi joints...), not to mention places that have great sandwiches on their menu (e.g. Carte Blanche, mentioned above—my favorite!, Gonzo (I'm counting pita), Bollywood...
Beast and Ox both rule.   I think Lardo is so extremely overrated. I've eaten through a large percent of their menu, and I find it above average but not exceptional for Portland.   If you're here Thursday-Sunday, I'd hit Carte Blanche for lunch instead of Lardo. It rules so hard. (The owner actually used to work in Pok Pok's kitchen.)   Other highly recommended lunches (if you can be talked out of eating at Pok Pok, which I think is good but not as good as it used to...
I like the stripe, too, but have a very similar tie already. So I'll pass.
As the box currently stands, I'd have nothing to swap and would opt to skip my turn.
The Wu is unlabeled, and a beautiful tie. I really like the cashmere Muro you didn't swap, Steve.
I like USPS 2-Day Priority and Media Mail, but haven't shipped a package via First Class in ages.
GIFs aside, um... what.
Their chicken and waffles is good, but the last three or four times I went, nothing else was. Depending on the fruit syrup, I personally enjoy Simpatica's chicken and waffles more than Screen Door's, even though it isn't as gargantuan.
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