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This has something to do with my surprise...
^ Infinite inches once you return the trial suit and get one made to your measurements. Read here: http://www.kentwang.com/about/suits
Is that Panta grenadine burgundy? I love the one Panta grenadine I have.
Would you??
Less close.
 In this case, slower is actually better. I'll have the goods within a week, but I don't want to add them until a certain event happens (probably late October). So Nov 1 is great. Even closer.
Depending on how quickly the box gets to me, I might have a little surprise for everybody. Get excited.  Otherwise, it'll wait for next time.
 These are Carmina (and happen to be my pair)---they make some nice women's shoes (and boots!) as well. Women's feet tend to be a little narrower than men's. If that's the case for your wife, maybe a narrow size of an AE men's boot like the Dalton?
  I don't have a picture of me in mine, but I feel like a badass every time I wear it (which is often, given that it rains so frequently in Portland). Highly recommended. I believe Kent's also planning a khaki version for... not too long from now?   I wore a blazer made of the Gladson 11 oz linen to an outdoor wedding in NH last weekend. I think I'd be uncomfortable in it in weather over 80 degrees, but I tend to be warm---so it might or might not work for you. I think...
New Posts  All Forums: