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Hell yeah!
I believe the chocolate shop you saw is Quin, the new candy shop from the founder of Saint Cupcake.
Black Paul Stuart calf/suede bal boots from 1990. Are these Grenson? [[SPOILER]]
Huh, my post about this last weekend didn't go through... Anyway, Self Edge is coming to Portland:
I've been looking for a new formal black shoe, and these are way better. So I'll be throwing in a bid. Thanks!
My yards arrived today, and the fabric looks great. I can't wait to have it made up. I'll probably do that in about a month, even though it won't be seasonable by then. Thanks again for organizing this, badsha! 
Darn, I guess it's the sold-out brown (second from the right in the second image, third from the left in the third) that I like the most!
Which is the rust? These look really nice.
This is why I don't wear pants. Too much hassle altogether.
Yes! I'm very excited for it. I went with half-lined in light gray.
New Posts  All Forums: