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People should post fits here when they wear their TSB ties! I'll try to do so as well.
 Despite the bad photo, I think this is a contender for that spot...
Yes, Conrad has generously donated three ties—samples for his upcoming line—that I'll add to the TSB. They are all hand-stitched in the US, and the fabrics are quite beautiful! These are in addition to my add to the box. As far as I know, the main difference between these samples and the final line is that the samples have more of a flat, hand-"folded" edge, whereas the finalized line will have a round, hand-rolled edge. Of course feel free to correct any mistakes I may...
I believe he would!
My last tip post. I know at least one of you might recognize it...
Out of curiosity, what's the country of origin on the Jack Spade grenadine? 
 I almost always wear navy jackets or sweaters, so for me gray is easy to wear almost always.
^ I know nothing about this tie in particular, just commenting on the color generally. Incidentally, I think light colors can be worn in f/w just fine.
I think gray would be easier to wear than if it were light blue. Light blue would be rather similar to many shirts. I have a Capelli that I think is probably similar to it (so I wouldn't take this EZ, personally) that I wear with navy jackets. Looks nice to me.
You had long hair when you were 0-3 years old? I don't know about the itching, I (fortunately) never had that problem when I (unfortunately) had long hair. I don't know whether long hair is simply more noticeable when it falls out (or breaks) than shorter hairs, or whether it actually falls out (or breaks) more frequently, but what you're seeing is likely normal. Get separate shampoo and conditioner, at a minimum. The best time to brush your hair is when it has conditioner...
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