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Then count me in! (still)
That's a good point. I definitely don't want acetate...
I wouldn't be happy purchasing them, for what it's worth.
Awesome! How can I send you payment?
^ It isn't normal. Maybe somebody has applied multiple layers of black polish to them? It reminds me of the way patent and barely leather cracks and delaminates.
Candidate for recrafting?
Settled on 1938, and updated my initial post above. Thanks!
http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8231/8484561291_235aca1e68_o.jpgBottom right navy. Price range G
I placed an order for a linen navy blazer with smoked MOP buttons on Friday. I think it will look good.
1937 is a little lighter than 1938, but it also looks like it's less saturated—is that other people's opinion, and is the how it appears in person?
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