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Works for me!
People should post fits here when they wear their TSB ties! I'll try to do so as well.
 Despite the bad photo, I think this is a contender for that spot...
Yes, Conrad has generously donated three ties—samples for his upcoming line—that I'll add to the TSB. They are all hand-stitched in the US, and the fabrics are quite beautiful! These are in addition to my add to the box. As far as I know, the main difference between these samples and the final line is that the samples have more of a flat, hand-"folded" edge, whereas the finalized line will have a round, hand-rolled edge. Of course feel free to correct any mistakes I may...
I believe he would!
My last tip post. I know at least one of you might recognize it...
Out of curiosity, what's the country of origin on the Jack Spade grenadine? 
 I almost always wear navy jackets or sweaters, so for me gray is easy to wear almost always.
^ I know nothing about this tie in particular, just commenting on the color generally. Incidentally, I think light colors can be worn in f/w just fine.
I think gray would be easier to wear than if it were light blue. Light blue would be rather similar to many shirts. I have a Capelli that I think is probably similar to it (so I wouldn't take this EZ, personally) that I wear with navy jackets. Looks nice to me.
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