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  I don't have a picture of me in mine, but I feel like a badass every time I wear it (which is often, given that it rains so frequently in Portland). Highly recommended. I believe Kent's also planning a khaki version for... not too long from now?   I wore a blazer made of the Gladson 11 oz linen to an outdoor wedding in NH last weekend. I think I'd be uncomfortable in it in weather over 80 degrees, but I tend to be warm---so it might or might not work for you. I think...
You should be able to let out .5" in the thighs, definitely.
Probably very soon. My guess is it will start within a month.
Can anybody recommend a place to learn yoga in Portland? I'm interested in it as exercise (strength, flexibility, and stability), not for spirituality. Ideally inner-/upper-SE or inner-/lower-NE, but I can travel. I've never done it before, but I want to try!
At an outdoor wedding in the early afternoon where it's supposed to be sunny, as a guest is it inappropriate to wear sunglasses (dark tortoiseshell Persols—something subdued) during parts of the wedding besides the ceremony? The dress code is "not black tie." The groom will be wearing a gray suit. I'll be wearing navy odd jacket and gray trousers.
Can you be talked down to at least a half Windsor? It's really too big.
Oh, I forgot to mention this: the Gladson linen jacket did not come with a Gladson patch sewn on the inside, for those wondering. It's out getting pressed right now, since it was pretty wrinkly from shipping. I'll be wearing it to a wedding next weekend.
Yup. Additions should be at least equivalent value to a brand new YH, so...
You have to use products (including conditioners!) that don't contain non-water soluble silicones. Otherwise you won't be able to get them out. Unfortunately, they're very common ingredients. If you've been using non-water soluble silicones, you'll have to use regular shampoo to strip them off your hair before transitioning to water soluble silicones and sulfate-free shampoo.
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