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Swaddle your beautiful legs in these gorgeous trous. You won't regret it, they're great. So so great. I don't need them anymore because I'm moving across the country for grad school and I have plenty of others. $12 shipping to anywhere in the US via USPS Priority French blue cotton Unis Gio chinos (30) - $70  [[SPOILER]]  Measurements: 31" waist, 28 1/4" inseam, NO cuffs, this size chart but with slight alterationsThese are blue as fuck and I had my tailor add side tabs to...
No more drops, but there are so many good knits left so this needs a bump
No more drops :( but how about a final bump?
Final drops, and some of the remaining ties are still nutso good!
More drops
FINAL drops on all these
Final drops on these!
I don't, sorry. Be sure to keep your left hand on the dimple the entire time you're tying and tightening the knot. Make the dimple deeper to begin with (and hold it there). Tighten the tie a bit more until the top of the dimple is "closed" (the two sides are touching each other). Practice practice practice.
^ Cradle the dimple while you're tightening the knot to shape it (not quite as much pressure as pinching it). After tightening, gently pull down on the sides of the bottom edge of the knot, and then tighten it finally once more.
European Master Tailor
New Posts  All Forums: