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I'm looking to get a lightweight gray (mid-to-dark gray: lighter than charcoal) KW suit for summer weddings and I'm so out of the loop that I don't even know which swatch books to look in anymore. Something not 100% linen. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you!
^ Maybe, but I'd guess not. The water won't reach the leather because of the wax, but when it dries it will still leave whatever was dissolved behind. The Mac method involves wax, but I never use it. I think of the best things about shell is that it still looks great even without a perfect hard shine.
^ In my opinion the easiest way to get rid of water spots is with a barely damp soft cloth. Rub them down with that, wait for them to dry, then buff them to bring back up the shine. I think using a cloth and/or a polishing mitt is easier than using a brush. Deer bone and a tiny bit of reno or shell polish optional. Maybe water spots became less noticeable over time, I honestly can't remember.
 Take them to a good cobbler.
Carmina shell (3 years ago—they only look better today)   Don't have pics of the other boots in my modest wardrobe... but since it rains 80% of the year here, I wear them all the time.
I have wavy-to-curly hair (it varies) and a regular haircut with medium sides (tapered to a 2) and defined (but not shaved) sidepart. I've been very happy with the results I get from using sulfate-free shampoo, silicone-free conditioner, and combing water-soluble pomade (like Prospectors or Bona Fide) into it when it's almost dry.
^ I'm happy to talk about shoes, but I don't want to discuss my health problems. Thanks.
^ Gloves won't help with this, unfortunately. Thanks anyway.
I hired someone to shine my shoes (because I developed a medical condition that prevents me from doing it anymore) and even though I asked them not to put any polish on my shell cordovan, of course they did. So now I have to hire someone else to just like... rub them with clean polishing cloths a lot. I'm fucking pissed about it. Like, I wrote the damn manual on shell cordovan care that's posted on the Hanger...
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