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I have a pair of Geller Marcello frames in matte black. Which took me forever to find. They are actually the sunglasses and I had prescription frames put in them but they are a tad too large for my face. I of course still have the sunglass lenses for them and can put them in without a problem at your request. They are in perfect condition. Ended up costing me about $270 shipped to my house after taxes/shipping/etc. Will take $250 shipped in US (intl varies). Absolutely...
here's a picture, thats all distorted
Band of Outsiders has a simple cotton-poplin, slim baseball jacket for like $500 Anyone know of a place or has one similar I can buy? Usually wear a small, 38" Chest email: saboith69@yahoo.com -Thanks
Will sell right now for $100 shipped. Sent out right when I get paypal. Mint condition, brand new.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oxnard For anyone that is still trying to find some Quoddy shoes, Albam clothing of the United Kingdom has a few styles up on their website, including white-soled boat shoes in both black AND burgundy (I ordered a pair of the burgundy myself). Overall, even with international shipping and all, they ended up only costing me $170 (new members to Albam get a 10% discount off their first purchase when they join up!) They got a...
I have those same JV boots in brown, after 2 years they look so fucking sick.
paypal = saboith69@Yahoo.com
lots of hits, no triggers
BRAND NEW, only tried on once. Just a bit too snug on me. It's a bit deeper red than it the pictures. I'd rather trade it for the exact color in a slim medium but I've yet to find someone to sell theirs to me. Price: $110 Shipped within the US, anywhere else, just PM me and we'll work something out. Brand New Spruce Tiger Fleece, Red, Slim fit, Small 10/10 Everyone pretty much knows the measurements to these but I took the pit-pit...
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