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Heads up, workingperson charges sales tax in CA, MI and IN. So the price is on par with Cranes. Also Glens Outdoors isn't that great of a deal since their markup is already 15-20 above MSRP.
I find that the Outlier tops are frankly sized too wide. I have a pivot sleeve shirt and have tried on a couple of their merino tops, and have found this to be the case across the line.   Too bad for a company that advertises tailored performance... 
If you're a web designer: If want to see a variety of designed things: If you're more into the fine-arts end:, My favorite:  
I'd buy it from Craigslist or Cycle-specific message board in your area if you're concerned about price. If it's within the first year of being 'used' it will not have been broken in too much.   That said, I bought my Brooks Team Pro from Also, consider fit bone width before purchasing a brooks saddle; go into a bike store and ask if they have a fit bone measuring device (usually by Specialized). I've found that some Brooks saddles can...
Does anyone know if they have stockists in San Francisco?   I've been hovering around this thread quite a bit lately, I finally just want to try a pair on. :)  
  Yes. Also, consider tailoring it a tad slimmer than usual, poorly fitting shirts tend to stand out more when untucked.   I think these guys do it pretty well:  
A friend of mine had a pair. They seem like great everyday denim. Nothing fancy, but sometimes you don't really want that.  Contrary to the pictures on their website, the fit is quite good.   
Hi SF, I'm new here. I'm trying to build up a collection of timeless goods starting with a bag.   Looking for: A good quality briefcase/laptop bag. It should hold a laptop, some peripheral stuff(charger + mouse), a small binder and a light scarf.   Intended use: I'll be commuting in San Francisco so riding a bicycle is not out of the question. - Most weather except rain - The occasional trip abroad - Not overly formal, and not a messenger bag  
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