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 you's just a fatty, stop eating all the tacos 
   I'm pretty sure CP pulled out of TK. and when I was with TK I tried to get what was available of the RG x CP shoes into the store because the shoes weren't included in the buy, and we got a few pairs of the strap derbies (I think 41, 42, 43, 45, one pair each) on consignment directly from the RG team I believe. but not sure if those ever made it online, or if they all sold out in store. 
 I fucked up by not getting the AW15 tan pair. they've aged so well for every single person I know who got a pair. 
so the realreal thing is actually the "sample sale" that was talked about a few months earlier. at least I'm pretty sure.   also, I wear my high top track shoes all the time. 
also I was told the 52 Showroom sample sale didn't include Geller.    52 crew + RG team are moving offices, and amidst going thru old boxes etc. a week or so ago the RG sample sale was talked about for the near future. so hopefully it happens. lots of cool archival stuff sitting around that deserve good homes. 
 @Desi I still gots it 
I know @melonadejello mentioned this already, but I just saw that the full AW15 Robert suit is still available on My Habit, full size run... Even at retail I think a solid $1000 suit is a good deal, but under $500 for the same solid suit is insane! I can't emphasize how nice those pieces are, especially the pants — fabric is nice, and the cut is really great. It's not a traditional tailored suit, but more of a relaxed casual suit (the suit in the AW15 fabric reminds me of...
haven't been on here in a while, and just read through like 15 pages of this thread... a few things:   1. I had no idea the Emil coat was produced in navy...    2. B3 is thick and warm, which is kinda rare for RG coats, many of which are thinner and great for heavy layering. wearing the B3 around feels like having on a wearable sleeping bag in the best way possible. it's nicely oversized, which is how I usually like my jackets/coats unless they're denim jackets or...
 non-functional flap pockets confirmed — you should totally get them!
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