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 try having the SS11 pink one...
correction: RG DID design the fabric!   told him that there's lots of love from the sf crowd on the Vice interview, and he checked the thread out. he corrected me, and then linked me this lol: https://vimeo.com/44561183
 don't think he designed it himself; he found the fabric, then decided to use the reverse side of it for other pieces in the collection. it's a dope fabric for sure, subtle purples/burgundies mixed in.
 it'd really depend on which Geller jeans and which Saint Laurent jeans. I only have experience with 5-Pocket Skinny/Type D/RG1 (i.e. skinniest cuts) in Geller and D02's in Saint Laurent, but quality in both brands are pretty hard to beat. I just blew out my Saint Laurent's, and I've worn them consistently for 1.5 years. Geller jeans in general will have looser top block and hem width than Saint Laurent jeans (at least the AW13 Saint Laurent pairs). consequently I think...
I'm letting go of my black patent leather army lace-up boots; if anyone is interested, please PM me.
 damn, interview deets on point haha RG also used to do a lot of "special" washes like the sepia, but I think for the Denim line the washes are going to stay more or less consistent with the current offerings of black, washed black, off-white, 3-yr fade, and 5-yr fade. not entirely sure about that.
all about proportions
I'm pretty sure the models get the jeans custom tailored before the show. and for the most part I think they're 26-28 waists, in case anyone is curious
"scab" jeans and ochre suede Wyatt chelsea's from AW13, with Robert Geller tank and Number (N)ine sweater
he says he feels really bad, and that he must've been super busy!
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