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 yea as far as I know, same fabric. 
 fabric is silky mostly in appearance; it's actually 100% cotton, and has a crispness to it. but the first night I wore one of my photographer shirts out I had over 5 people commenting on my "silk" shirt, no joke. best of both worlds — get that louche look without the difficulty of maintenance of silk! 
yea haha it's an honor!
 it's actually blue, not black, in case that changes your opinion at all. it is the Drifter print indeed!
 same as SS16 bballs with sidezips but smooth leather and velcro 
 good to know. gonna follow everyone's bball sizing tip and size down 1 personally for the SS17 bballs. never tried bballs, but I was always in between 39 and 40 in almost everything CP and went with 40 for comfort (I like slight room in shoes).
 I do have the cargos in red. prob the only cargos I'll wear.
 I have it 2 sizes up from my usual 44 for jackets   I think it looks cool loose & oversized, especially with skinny jeans and either my Saint Laurent or Margiela cuban heel boots, kind of a post-apocalyptic cowboy moment haha 
in case anyone is interested, the "Lust & Sound" that was painted on the first layer of plexiglass panel on the right is a reference to the film Lust & Sound in West Berlin.    collection felt very "soft punk" to me. loved it. there's also a jacket version of the moto vest (look 24) with the embroidery and patches, and both pieces are so badass. really liked the muted leopard prints, especially on the grey/purple/black photographer shirt. lots of frayed edges as well,...
 it's a great shirt in terms of design, weight of fabric (semi-sheer, perfect for summer), and details (cloth covered buttons). but when I had mine like 4-5 years ago, I found that because the fabric is so light/weak some of the buttons would get undone multiple times throughout the day. 
New Posts  All Forums: