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I'm gonna be so annoyed if I start seeing relistings of the tees for like $200
There are actually two different patterns of shirts with the camo print; one is the Photographer, and I'm not sure if the other one has a name yet.   Combat/training boots are badass. Thick soles.   One of my favorite pieces is a belt with zipper teeth all around the edges. Comes in black and warm grey.    Coat in Look 12 has nice stitch details on the lapels. Looks really elegant.   The updated Stefan (not sure if it'll still be called that) bomber is great. Cool...
huh I didn't know any shops picked up those and the cracked black ones. they were added recently to the Denim line, probably corresponds to AW16 mainline.
I'd either take TTS or size down 1; sizing down 2 sounds pretty crazy to me, but that's considering that 44 is TTS for me and I don't have the option of sizing down at all lol I have the Massimo in 44, and it's more oversized (in width and length) than any other RG bomber I've ever owned in 44...    I think Ssense model could've worn a 50 instead of a 48. Acrimony and MAAS models look like they're wearing more TTS, which I prefer. 
 a kiss from me is worth millions... ;) ask @artishard116 all about it
I highly doubt it was written super seriously trying to rack up $$$ lol it was prob more like, 'oh shit we have this pair lying around — let's see if any RG fans want them' 
 greyed out sizes on TK online doesn't necessarily mean sold out; sizes that weren't stocked to begin with are also greyed out. in the case of RG pieces, I doubt they stocked 44 to begin with.  and yes, Denim line is 28, 30, 32, etc. 
 AW11: slouchy, oversized fit; raw hemsSS14: texture, and the pants — not sure if any other season's Richard pants had this silhouetteAW15: I just love the material — colors and texture are great
best Richards: AW11, SS14, AW15
 they thick! I'm not sure which are the August pants. but the Luca pants fall nicely; the front pleats are really great, and allow a fuller volume up top that tapers drastically through the legs. they look cool sitting at normal waist and stacking a little too. 
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