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FINALLY got my hands on a pair of the faded & slightly destroyed 15.5 cm's:     top half: Robert Geller bottom half: Saint Laurent
 damn dude, I feel you; I'd be devastated too… especially if my guitar was broken by the delivery guy on top of the jacket being ruined. I wouldn't get involved with suing, but I'd definitely look into trying to get the most out of them as possible. $100 back on a $2k jacket sounds ridiculous.  I feel like a lot of dry cleaners and tailors in the states are relatively rough with clothing. ever since moving here from Seoul, my family has had a lot of wool sweaters shrunken,...
 Ann D
 I keep my cards & cash in a red leather Saint Laurent cardholder that was gifted to me a year ago. I hate having a thick wallet, so this fits easily into my back pocket.iphone (no case) in front pocket. usually carry keys. 
 oops, I meant don't size UP* lol my bad
lol if anything, there's been one consistent advice in this thread:   DON'T SIZE *UP* ON THE 15.5 CM'S   yet, people keep doing it/asking about it… 
how many Geller bombers is considered "too many"
 I have the Wyatt chelsea boots in ochre suede. this really depends on the jeans, not the boots… if you're wearing raw jeans, then yes, the indigo will most likely bleed onto/into the suede. if you're wearing faded black jeans or something, you'll probably be fine. I have two black pairs of 15.5 cm's, and I haven't experienced any dye bleeding.
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