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 Wyatt chelsea boots in ochre suede. I bought the last ones in my size, and the price went up by $120 soon afterwards… I think they're all sold out now though.
@KYeezy @jaco87 the jeans are 28 @moonmanairlift thanks!
FINALLY got my hands on a pair of the faded & slightly destroyed 15.5 cm's:     top half: Robert Geller bottom half: Saint Laurent
 damn dude, I feel you; I'd be devastated too… especially if my guitar was broken by the delivery guy on top of the jacket being ruined. I wouldn't get involved with suing, but I'd definitely look into trying to get the most out of them as possible. $100 back on a $2k jacket sounds ridiculous.  I feel like a lot of dry cleaners and tailors in the states are relatively rough with clothing. ever since moving here from Seoul, my family has had a lot of wool sweaters shrunken,...
 Ann D
 I keep my cards & cash in a red leather Saint Laurent cardholder that was gifted to me a year ago. I hate having a thick wallet, so this fits easily into my back pocket.iphone (no case) in front pocket. usually carry keys. 
 oops, I meant don't size UP* lol my bad
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