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 they thick! I'm not sure which are the August pants. but the Luca pants fall nicely; the front pleats are really great, and allow a fuller volume up top that tapers drastically through the legs. they look cool sitting at normal waist and stacking a little too. 
the Luca pants are really, really good, esp that "warm grey" color. can't wait for the weather to cool down. they're a bit heavy but that's ok. I also think I'll be wearing mine fairly high waisted. 
 I'd say it's the silhouette more than the leaf print. it's cut like a square in the body, so all the extra fabric looks cool. at least to me. and it's breezy enough to wear during the summer.   I really am not sure how it'd work :/  on a different note, the Massimo bomber does fit huge just like everyone was saying... I don't mind roomy, but it's just too long on me. really sad to say but I think I'll have to let mine go. 
 looks great with skinny jeans but also with roomier pants that taper nicely like the Robert pants and Vincent cadet pants.  you should keep the fuchsia bomber btw
the photographer shirt is the best — I have three now, and I regret not getting it in plain black.    actually just a week or two ago Robert was like, "I think it [the silhouette] will catch on"; here's to hoping more stores will pick them up next season 
 yea as far as I know, same fabric. 
 fabric is silky mostly in appearance; it's actually 100% cotton, and has a crispness to it. but the first night I wore one of my photographer shirts out I had over 5 people commenting on my "silk" shirt, no joke. best of both worlds — get that louche look without the difficulty of maintenance of silk! 
yea haha it's an honor!
 it's actually blue, not black, in case that changes your opinion at all. it is the Drifter print indeed!
 same as SS16 bballs with sidezips but smooth leather and velcro 
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