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creed's Bois du Portugal is stunning!!!
Nice displays. I, also, am of the school of thought that you should keep all of your fragrances out of direct light as much as possible. They will last a lot longer. Also, not a very good idea to keep them in the bath room.
What is the email for the Freeport store? Can someone please post it on the forum for me. Thanks.
Did I hear AE sale? Charge..........................................
Rarely have I ever found shoes that fit me exactly the way I would like them to. I own at least 10-12 pair of AEs. Have them stretched out a size up on the sides by a cobbler, or stretch them out yourself. I invested in a good pair of shoe stretchers from  I use a little of the stretch fluid on the shoes, and stretch them out over night or two days when necessary. After that, you wear them and surprise. No more pain. I know a lot of gentlemen are...
First I would like to thank you for the information.  I also have had quality control issues with AE shoes that I purchased from their website. After reading so many comments regarding the high quality craftsmanship associated with Allen Edmonds Shoes, I expected more. I own several pair but do not believe that I will be purchasing more any time in the near future.
Nice collection. I agree with the other writer, brown suede chukkas.
#1 for the winter months while working the back yard, #7 for casual wear, and  #8 for the beach.  #5 have passed away,  the rest are great for your next camp fire. Take care buddy.
Made in the USA is also important to me. I'd really like to know whether it is accurate that AE is haing the shoes partially made in the Dominican Republic. That changes every thing.
I totally agree with you. I own about 15 pair of AE's and they do just fine. People give me compliments all of the time. They are fashionable and durable.
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