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Could be Astrakhan if it's old, or faux-Astrakhan (a form of boiled wool), if less so. Either way it would be heavy. Former would be expensive (and is considered a bit inhumane these days).The other option would be Casetino or similar, but it looks a bit finer in texture than that.
 Would the only reason people would have to 'dress up' to sell something? Personally, I just like clothes. Weird, I know...
Mostly seriously average to poor dress sense on display there (and I'm not talking about the lack of ties and squares in particular). I wouldn't never have taken that for an SF meet-up had I not know that it was. It just adds to the evidence that the old days were not necessarily better and confirms that the general standard of dress has gone up around here, even if we may be missing a few superstars.
 Ha - I was just thinking what a great suit and beautifully shined shoes, but a shame about the awful tie... looks like the kind of fabric that works much better as PS IMHO. Hermes, @Crat? In any case, not my cup of tie.
 Frankly, it's horrible. It's an incoherent mess of a piece.
Fall has definitely come to Ontario. One of my now more occasional bad photos of beautiful clothes...     Details: CatD bepsoke Holland & Sherry tweed, Kamakura OCBD, Conrad Wu shantung tie, J-Crew wool vest, Post-Imperial cream cotton square (with green dots). Unseen: Epaulet moss green trousers, mahogany G&G brogues.
Thankfully,  the 'ironic' hyper-macho posturing has largely vanished from the forum. If it was ever funny, it got tired very quickly but rather too many people didn't seem to notice. As to the substance, it's not that I disliked Manton's style of this period, it's just that I found very little to like or dislike about it. For the most part, it was entirely unobjectionable and unmemorable, which is certainly an acheivement of sorts if one is aiming at perfection in CBD....
 Yeah, I did get hit with customs... I know this is heresy, but I'm not that bothered about corrected grain on a Chelsea. On some shoes or boots I would be, but these are all-purpose travel shoes for me and they've got to do a job and they do it. I have a pair of lined winter boots from Herring that are also corrected grain. They have to take a hell of a battering with the water and salt of an Ontario winter. The result is that they won't last forever. But that's fine. I...
  It is a tattersall, isn't it? Albeit a subtler version thereof. In any case, personally, I think it's almost perfect in this combination. Any stronger check would have drawn too much attention away from the texture of the suit and it provides a perfect backdrop for a beautiful tie.
 Nice to see @Ich_Dien getting a mention. He's one of the really reliable B&S posters, who always has the best stuff. And incredibly easy to deal with.
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