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 It's true, and this should make us realise that when we look at those old black and white style photos that we always love so much, that they may not be quite so striking in their real colour, and also that this ensemble would be even better with a white shirt and a black knit or grenadine tie - which is indeed how I sometimes wear it.
Black and White / Colour versions of the same picture. Another Peacock & Co. 3-piece, made in London in 1964 for the same guy as the one I was wearing on Friday. This one is a double-breasted grey sharkskin, unvented with peak lapels. Worn with a burgundy knit tie of similar vintage, BB Golden Fleece shirt w. vintage sterling silver David Andersen links and a modern Capelli PS.    
This is rather lazy. You may or may not share Lord Superb's tastes, but he's actually made some worthwhile points about skin colour and cloth colour, pattern scale etc. If you can't engage with these points and the only thing you can think about when purple is mentioned is a film version of a cartoon character, perhaps it is your cultural reference points and imagination that are impoverished. I feel like posting Barima's purple suit again here...
 And it turns out that the shoulders are a little over-extended for my tastes, so it's on ebay (the pictures are from the original listing, and aren't my own, although they are accurate) - I'll put it up in B&S soon too, but feel free to drop me a PM if you're interested.
 Thank-you, it's very nice of you to say.
 @Butler did something like this very effectively... the photos are around somewhere on the forum.
 Thanks - at least you can see less of my horrible office.  Mind you I could actually tidy the place and rearrange things a bit - something I plan to do before the winter break.
 So 'Thrift Vader' is the artist FKA 'Size 38R'. That figures... :)
Formal Friday... vintage (made in 1960) 3-piece and bow-tie. Details and more pictures are in this week's Friday Challenge thread:  
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