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I agree. It throws the whole top to bottom balance of the jacket off, which maybe is what is making you want to take the waist in.
It's an interesting question: for me, the fundamental question is the balance overall vis-a-vis the pockets. Relationship to lower button placement is a secondary issue because, at least in my case, I don't often have a lower button on my bespoke jackets.
 What if you don't have a bottom button? With my height and the particular Savile Row style I favour, many of my jackets are only one-button.
 I think so.
 I would really like to find something nice to say apart from 'Welcome to the Forum', but I can't get round that fact that this is truly awful, particularly because the combination of horrible bow tie and horrible shirt somehow adds up to something even worse than the sum of its parts. There might be some nice ties on the website and they might be well made, but this is not going to encourage anyone here to find out.
 Time for the block list again... you were unpleasant as Size 38R and your change of identity hasn't unfortunately changed your personality very much.
 I just happened to be reading the thread and it was something I knew a little about, that's all. Sorry you took it the wrong way, there's no need to make any more out of it IMHO.
 Yes. I'm a Sociologist, Jim, dammit, not a Linguist...
 I don't claim to be anything as grand as a 'denim head' and I am not doubting your interest, just making a small clarification. You do have a tendency to exaggeration, overstatement and overreaction... which I guess I will put down to enthusiasm in this case. PS: my wife's family are from Okayama and ran a clothing company there for many years. Her father has probably forgotten more about Japanese fabric manufacturing than either of us will ever know... which is why I...
 Err, they've been 'back' for a few years, you know... I think 2010 was when they first announced their revival, and even JCrew has sold jeans produced by them. NMWA sells the other 'first Japanese jeans' brand*, Big John(*technically speaking, although they got theirs to market around the same time as Canton, they weren't fully made in Japan as their denim came from the USA, whereas Canton were weaving their own denim...).
New Posts  All Forums: