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 So what? The whole point about Danish mid-century design of this kind was that it was meant to be accessible, functional and beautiful. Esoteric doesn't equal better. I have two PH 4/3 pendants and they are perfect for what they will be used for.
 Love everything here except the tie, but it is still on the evil genius end of the spectrum rather than the truly heinous.
Indeed. Very clean. I think that one would go down well on either side of the forum, @Shen   @Coxsackie, you seem to have missed the second line of the challenge rules: "You have to wear some sort of outerwear." With the examples that @EFV provided, I think it should be clear what that means.
I wasn't intending to enter this week (hence no decent pictures), but it happened to be wet autumn day and this is what I am was wearing when I came into work. The coat is in ventile from Nigel Cabourn, scarf is Dunhill, jacket is bespoke and the shirt is a BB Black Fleece tattersall - just for @Roycru, who I remember saying that he couldn't believe people would buy or wear BBBF ;) - unseen trousers are olive military serge from Rugged Museum in Tokyo, worn with dark brown...
Could be Astrakhan if it's old, or faux-Astrakhan (a form of boiled wool), if less so. Either way it would be heavy. Former would be expensive (and is considered a bit inhumane these days).The other option would be Casetino or similar, but it looks a bit finer in texture than that.
 Would the only reason people would have to 'dress up' to sell something? Personally, I just like clothes. Weird, I know...
Mostly seriously average to poor dress sense on display there (and I'm not talking about the lack of ties and squares in particular). I wouldn't never have taken that for an SF meet-up had I not know that it was. It just adds to the evidence that the old days were not necessarily better and confirms that the general standard of dress has gone up around here, even if we may be missing a few superstars.
 Ha - I was just thinking what a great suit and beautifully shined shoes, but a shame about the awful tie... looks like the kind of fabric that works much better as PS IMHO. Hermes, @Crat? In any case, not my cup of tie.
 Frankly, it's horrible. It's an incoherent mess of a piece.
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