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I've just seen so many houses, especially in North America, where the double or triple, or even bigger, garage totally dominates the design so that it gives the impression that the point of life is cars. Maybe that's true, but it's pretty sad if it is. 
 No apologies for quoting this in full. This should be shown to everyone who signs up for SF, taught in schools - that sort of thing...
 I agree he's great, but as one of the world's most celebrated midcentury furniture desgners, he's hardly unknown. Or are you just talking about reception in the USA?
Garages are the curse of contemporary house design.
I was about to say, I just signed up... now, I am not sure I want to.
  No idea what you're talking about with your 'as usual' comment. I merely answered your question in a friendly way to contribute to general discussion.
 People who aren't precious about their clothes and actually use them rather than just pose in them... so, quite a lot of people, I hope.  As with @Claghorn, this is one of the reasons I like patch pockets. I don't always want to lug a bag around with me when all I need that day is my wallet and keys.
 All the firms that do revival stuff in Britain are really aiming at that end of things, whether it's Old Town, S.E.H Kelly or Nigel Cabourn. The only route I can think of is either to buy vintage, or to do your research and go Made-to-Measure with the specific requirements you have. You can get reasonably 'authentic' shirts and accessories from Darcy Clothing: http://www.darcyclothing.com/shop/
Got to agree that the shirt doesn't work (although the rest is lovely) - even if you think it's 'okay', just replace it in your mind with almost anything else that would be more conventional in this context and it works better.
Okay... after struggling for the better part of a year with injuries (several stress fractures), then depression, several false starts, then more injuries (sports hernia and knee problems) and then a general disinclination to give any kind of a shit about competing, I have finally started training again.   This next couple of months is going to be mainly about weight-loss and baseline fitness. I have designed myself a mixed program of free weights, cycling, swimming and...
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