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 It must have been a particularly badly manufactured run rather the type of fabric in general. I have a vintage overcoat (which appears to have never been worn) in that same kind of fabric, and it's fabulous. I just need to get the arms shortened... pics soon.
 I think a lot of people are probably simply repeating what they've heard from others on the basis of very little knowledge.
 I'm sure it will nicer IRL than it looks on the website. BB do have a habit of making their models wear what looks like an entirely random assortment of clothes, which makes it almost impossible to appreciate what the jacket would look like worn in an intelligent combination.
@tchoy undoubtedly had the nicest suit (as he usually does - he's really got his cut dialed in), but I wasn't entirely sold on the shirt and tie combination - which was, after all, the focus of this challenge.
 It would have been awesome, but he wasn't... the closest he got to being a tailor was having an account with Gieves & Hawkes.
Cleef and Van Arpels Pour Homme today. Juniper to kick off and then vetiver and patchouli, finally leather and oakmoss... it's basically as old school 'homme' as it is possible to get. But it just about stays in the gentleman's club rather than crossing over fully into the pure animal-marking-its-territory stink. I think I prefer Tsar, which has more subtlety despite the name.
 It's been noted before about this jacket - which was modeled on a jacket my Dad had made in 1965 (it's ventless too, which offends some people's sensibilities, although with less reason). I'll probably be wearing it less now I have a couple of other blue blazers, but I like the fabric and darker shade of this one. On the tie, I have 5 vintage 1960s Brooks Brothers repp ties which are all equally great - and unusually they are all short enough for me.
 Wow, okay. I guess that explains the blueness!
 So good... but I just must not buy more ties right now. Must not buy more ties. Not Buy more ties. Buy More Ties! More Ties!! Ties!!!
 I agree. I think he (or his stylists) have thought about this a little more than some people here are imagining, and this is exactly the kind of reasoning I expect they were going through. Dressing for TV is not the same as dressing for 'real life' and you have to take account of different things.
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