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 This is a strange question. Any bespoke tailor can make you a tweed jacket. The questions are how much you want to pay (and whether you really mean 'bespoke' or 'made to measure' whether in person or online) and what kind of style you are looking for - because house styles vary dramatically.
 You'd have to back that kind of claim up with pictures.
 I'm pretty damn short too (5' 5"), but it's my upper body that's proportionally shorter, so I guess I have the slight advantage in terms of speed there. It's going uphill where I do particularly well, mountains especially, but unfortunately I live in Ontario where there are barely any hills let alone any mountains. My wife is almost ideologically opposed to sport so no chance of her taking up running!
Is there a poll for this yet?
Agreed, and his tie is f**kin ridiculous too. I'd still get shoes made by him in a heartbeat if I could.
Got to say that I'm very surprised to find that I'm quite a bit faster than you over this distance given the intimidatingly large number of miles you put in...
Thanks for the likes, folks. It's very interesting: I didn't think today's look was particularly special - although it does illustrate some things I've been banging on about recently, namely the advantages of high waisted trousers, pleats and braces - but mainly what's changed is just the angle I've taken the pictures at, which takes a little better advantage of the light in my office and gives you a fuller picture, or at least one that people seem to appreciate more......
 I think I did. It was unintentional - i.e. I just put together what I thought was going to work today, but then I decided it didn't work. Now I like it again.
 Really? It was almost the first thing that happened with my tailor, got taken in to the cutting room, everyone looked up and said hello or at least acknowledged me, and it created an immediate sense of trust (as I am sure it was designed to). It really set the tone for the whole relationship, and it's nice knowing who's working on the various bits of my commissions.  BTW, they work in a very airy space with lots of natural light.
I've been trying to get better shots out of my webcam setup. Still not great, and the angle of the close-up makes it look like I'm fat, which couldn't be further from the truth. I'm also not at all sure about any of the fit today. Almost convinced that it is a complete failure... oh, well, I'm here for the honest learning not for the likes.   deets: Dunhill suit (it's a hard 3 which is unusual for me); Dunhill shirt; vintage Boggi Milano tie annonymous vintage silk...
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