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Cad and the Dandy are my tailors and I very much recommend them. Nice folks, all with plenty of experience elsewhere on the Row. Some people complain about the mark-up on fabric, but at the prices they charge, they've got to make some money somewhere and, besides, they are also very happy to accept customers' own cloth (although I wouldn't recommend buying cloth before you know what you're doing).   http://www.cadandthedandy.co.uk/prices   Starting prices for a 2-piece...
 Ah, okay, I see what you're saying now. I've had a few examples of that - what I've noticed is that they tend to come from people who are not active in the actual core style forums (i.e. never post fits, comment or engage in discussions on style issues). It's an attitude learned on ebay, I think. I think that when 'real SFers' deal with each other, it is quite different and much more knowledgable and respectful... and that's also what I try to encourage.
Nabil, Stitches, EFV.   A number of others were pretty close too.    
 I don't quite get what you mean. What 'mentality'? Surely the mentality is our own and what we make it.
 Not soon enough!
IME, the secret to selling on B&S is generosity. When I sell things here I price thinking about how I 'd like others to price (and the really great deals I've got from other members).
Implicit in what I said was that online exchanges increasingly ellide that key difference. The post was expanding upon previous statements rather than responding directly, which is why I didn't quote directly.BTW, I generally try to avoid pointing out perceived failures in communication (as opposed to the substantive topic of style). It's so easy to be mistaken... and one risks being seen as pretentious and irritating.
Moderately-paced 14.65km (just under 9 miles) today, My favourite regular route because it goes past a field of llamas!
 I have often said that the whole point is to discuss what we wear. I find any accusations of 'defensiveness' odd (I've had them made of me before too) - if someone makes a criticism, it seems normal to explain one's thought process. One may still be wrong or right or it may be simply a matter of subjective aesthetics, but nobody can do better if they don't understand the reasons involved in dressing well. So, keep explaining, @sugarbutch. We all benefit.
Sorry, @sugarbutch, I just can't get behind that shirt. It's not just the colour, it's the hue - it's a really cool green, whereas everything else is warm.
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