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I'm not sure this is helpful but from both an aesthetic and practical point of view, I dislike those pulls. If eliminating handles is the goal then some kind of inset would be better and keep the feeling of a flat surface, but otherwise I'd really prefer actual handles, simple ones of course, but those pulls seem to be neither.
It's been quite good this last week: got out every other day as intended, even when it was -15 (C), and with one longer run, total: about 30km. Felt a bit of a twinge in my hamstring today though; will have to watch that.
 I dislike the smell and taste. Same reason I swim in a saltwater pool.
I started training for the forthcoming season just before Christmas. It's going to be a long road. Following injuries, I have had basically almost two years out with a brief burst in late summer for a charity event after which I slumped back into inactivity again. I have weight to lose and speed and stamina to regain. My strength is okay because of other things I do. I ran 40km (25 miles) over the week I was in the mild and wet UK for Christmnas, and I've been running...
  We paid a lot less for our UV and filter system (from Home Depot) - less than $1000. And it's just fine. But I guess it depends how big your house is and how much water you use. I wouldn't use chlorine unless I really had to.
On the question of fireplaces, we decided not to have one at all in the end as it would overheat our passive house. A week or so back in was -20°C (-4°F) here in Ontario, and it was an even 15.5°C (60°F) before adding any heat. We have a 2kW heating element in the HRV system that's set to 19°C (66°F), but mostly it gets higher than that during the day just through the passive solar heating effect of sunlight through the large windows. In any case, it's amazing how much...
 Probably will do when I get the time.
We don't even lock our front door when we go out. But then we live in (morally superior) Canada...
 I think so, and... I guess I will find out soon! ;)
  CLT is now being used for some quite substantial apartment blocks... e.g. http://www.timberdesignandtechnology.com/treet-the-tallest-timber-framed-building-in-the-world/
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