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Reeves and Coxsackie because... pink. That is all.
I am surprised Steed is not getting more votes here. He, slyguy and RoSaCe were the only ones who let off the brakes on this one, and Steed still managed to look like he would actually get away with wearing that get-up in normal life.   Of course Leaves looks great, but there was nothing fruity about that look.
Just to bring down the level of photography, but at least attempting a smile, here's what I'm wearing today. First the out-of-focus almost full body shot to give you the general idea.     Close-up:   Details: Corneliani DB blazer - some won't like the stronger shoulders, but I do; CT sky blue gingham shirt; Holland & Sherry tie; PS is screenprinted cotton made in Japan, one of several I was given as a gift years ago - main colours are green and purple on a white...
 Fitpix are serious business. But seriously, if I smile in photos I look sinister. It's sometimes really difficult to maintain a 'neutral' expression.
 That would indeed be horrible: AAAC horrible.
 I guess that this being self-inflicted just makes me even more out-of-date. Frankly, I'd rather stay that way...  ;)
 Very nice, Stanley. The proportions are much better than on some of your past fits - the tie is a bit wider and the collar is not so aggressively cut away.
 Yep, I do this frequently - my favourite odd jacket right now is a camel-coloured number, which I generally wear with either dark brown cotton chinos or lightweight mid-grey wool pants. I also think that there are other good summer casual combinations - white or cream jackets with royal blue trousers etc. for example, which work very well. I'm having the sleeves done on my beautiful Sartoria Ring jacket made with a gorgeous cream herringbone Marling & Evans wool fabric,...
 Absolutely: 'dove grey' is an Italian summer staple, e.g.:  
Long time, no post...   Back at the end of last year, I discovered I had a stress fracture in the arch of my right foot, and then later another in my left foot. And then my left knee ligaments, which have always been a problem since I used to play football (soccer to most of you...), started acting up again.   Short version: I stopped running for 4 months. At first it was to rest and recover, but then my wife and son were away in Japan for two months and it was winter...
New Posts  All Forums: