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 Crusty, I do like this but I find the cufflinks and ring distractingly similar but different - if you see what I mean. Perhaps it's some kind of OCD-esque failure on my part...
I don't normally wear the same suit twice in a week, but this is just for @in stitches because of the conversation we had earlier in the week about black and white, and because it's the last time I'll be wearing a suit in work this year. Once again, b&w first, colour second, although this time, it makes less of a difference! Tie is an Exquisite Trimmings black grenadine. Ordinary cotton PS. My C&J Hallams are also polished immaculately, but you'll have to just take my word...
 Yeah, I like the colour (and the cut), but it does seem as if it is creasing a lot more than the more standard, heavier flannel, especially on the arms.
I agree with most of what you wrote after this, after all I think I've written pretty similar things here before, although I think you're in danger of exaggerating what others have said to make the point. I don't think anyone has suggested an approach that amounts to putting random things together.
 I much prefered the original Small Faces - surely, the most underrated British band of the 60s?
Good quality men's vintage buttoned boots are really hard to find. Women's are relatively common. I know because I have been looking for ages for some to complete the ensemble I use for teaching my Paris in the Nineteenth Century lectures.
 I've discovered since going bespoke that 1-button really works for me - it was suggested by Cad & the Dandy, who seem to have a certain stylistic lineage from Huntsman. But then I am pretty short (5'5")...
 I agree that's all entirely bogus and designed to create a market for consultancy. But recognising that doesn't mean that there is no interplay at all between skin colour and the colour of clothes. If you're going to deny that there is any, then you'd have to deny that there is any interplay between colours / hues / tones per se - the varied qualities of skin colour (etc.) are not somehow a different kind of phenomenon than the colour (etc.) of clothes.
With respect to those who say that skin tone isn't an issue, aren't you all white guys? It's easy for white guys to say this because mainstream classic menswear has really only been designed with white people in mind. So white guys don't really have to think about this so much (if they don't want to).
You really have to make the distinction between the true 3-button suit, otherwise known as as a 'Hard 3', the '3-roll-2.5' and the '3-roll-2'. Most people who've posted so far either don't seem very clear on this or assume that the OP is.   The 'Hard 3' has 3 buttons, and the lapel roll allows all to be done up (althought of course, one generally does not button the bottom button)   On a '3-roll-2.5', all buttons can be used, but the lapel roll works best if the top...
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