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10.5k worth of hill intervals on Tuesday night, plus 5k total there and back. But the bad news is that I seem to have a stress fracture in my right foot. So I guess that's me out until after Xmas... :sad:
No, if you read both the OP and what @Montauk said above, the writers are 'no longer required'. The site is simply going to be a store, with any blog-like content directed towards driving sales.I very much hope the archives will continue to be available - I think they'd be great edited and published as a book too, but that's a big job.
 I posted this thread to mourn the passing of ASW as it was and to ask what the writers, all of whom have at one time or other frequented this forum, and whom I admire as commentators on menswear, will now do. I'm interested in having a conversation involving those people and others who are interested about this topic. If you read what I've already written, then you'll have seen that I'm interested in helping out in any future venture.
 PS is nothing like ASW. ASW was witty, intelligent, urbane and sometimes even wise. PS is sometimes useful but it's basically egotistical, dominated by paid-for write-ups (often not revealed as such) and sometimes it's just painfully awful. @Montauk - Andrew (if I may), I and many others would, I am sure, very much appreciate it if you managed to find the time and energy to create some kind of replacement for what ASW used to offer. I'd be willing to help out in some way.
For anyone who reads the excellent blog, A Suitable Wardrobe, you will have found, as of now, that it is no more. Let me clarify: the site is still there but it is not the same and it is not simply a redesign. What seems to have happened is that the commercial side of the operation has finally completely swallowed the blog that gave it birth. According to the new blurb. "We’ll continue to cover the subjects you care about, but in a more efficient and more actionable...
Don't feed the troll, folks. This is guy who has so far started threads on why style is gay, and whether he should buy a chauffer cap. He's just trolling. Ignore him.
 It is selvedge. Bape have their own denim made with Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (a line from the original Planet of the Apes) woven into the selvedge. You'd find out more on the Bape forums (yes, there are specific forums for Bape fans). 
I agree with Foo that there is way too much emphasis on affiliates and consumerism on SF these days. However, this thread also demonstrates what used to happen all the time on this forum. Great topic, some erudite discussion, which rapidly descended into name-calling, and childish bickering from people who are more than old enough to know better. Oh, and endess tedious in-jokes and references, which really weren't very funny and which seem calculate to exclude all but a...
 Sorry to hear it. I find that insomnia (which I suffer from on-and-off) doesn't affect me physically only mentally, i.e. I can run, but I'm stupid. At least the running seems to clear my head for a while...
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