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 I like the colours and materials here, but I have to say that the skinny lapels, skinny tie and cutaway collar combine to emphasize the skinniness of your neck and make your head, in fact everything about you from shoulders upwards, look very small.
Another ordinary day, and an uncomfortable effort at looking comfortable and also getting everything in from the limited view of my built-in camera...   Apart from the shoes - but I just won't wear loafers - it's all very Ivy today: vintage early 60s jacket and burgundy woollen knit tie, BB ESGF college stripe shirt, Rugged Museum olive serge trousers, burgundy Mazarin socks, and Bruno Magli Platinum captoes. No square - I decided that there was just too much going on...
Just an average day. PRL in wool / silk / linen, BB ESF (by coincidence the same shirt as when I last posted one of my increasingly rare pics here), vintage tie and square. Unseen trousers are olive serge from Rugged Museum, with Bruno Magli Platinum chestnut captoes.
I have never owned a car. I do, however, own 7 bicycles... but even with the expensive ones, one bespoke suit beats 1 bike.
I've never had any agony with bespoke. I took a while working out where I would go - looking at house-styles and the experiences of others - and considering my own financial situation and where I live and have to go for work reasons. I've been very clear what I wanted from day one, but at the same time had respect for those making the clothes. And they are highly skilled and competent people. As a result, I have a good relationship with my tailors. I'm not trying to get...
 I understand the obsession, but I don't see how anything that doesn't (or can't) fit you can be considered an amazing deal.
 Funds are not allowing anything at all for me this year, apart from things I've already commissioned and paid for... ... which luckily includes a three-piece grey flannel pinstripe! ;)
Quote: I wouldn't worry, they put stuff up on ebay all the time... I got a nice tan wallet last year. It's supposed to be a second but I can't see why.
 And the jacket sleeves are fine too, it's the shirt sleeves that are 1/2" too long. Commercial shirts tend to come in 32" at the shortest. I take 31.5". I just can't be bothered to have any remaining shirts that I bought very cheap OTR altered. Sometimes I wear sleeve garters but not today. Yeah, I agree. I just slipped on the jacket over what I was wearing to take a quick picture. I was actually wearing a blue blazer with the striped shirt. As for the pockets, I just...
 RTC, I suspect you are going by the knuckle 'rule' - which is, as we all should know, not an accurate guide. I have slightly longer arms (and legs) in relation to my relatively short torso. This jacket covers my backside and the vertical balance (i.e. where the jacket ends in relation to my whole body) is perfect - you won't be able to see this from the photo however.  
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