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 With reference to the question about photography a few pages back... there are those of us who probably don't care enough about taking good picures (e.g. me) and then there are those who probably try a bit too hard (e.g. Stitches). In between is the sweet spot (e.g. Braddock). Yeah, yeah - I'm a miserable bastard!  
 This is excellent, thank-you - contrast this with Spectre's dismal offering above for a comparison on how to do constructive critique.
I've come over all Ivy today... quality of the photos is terrible hence the size. Deets: MTM jacket based on a 1960s mod model, Kamakura Tokyo slim fit BD, vintage 1960s BB tie (one of 5 I got hold of recently), BB white linen trousers, woven belt, Mazarin burgundy socks, taupe suede Santoni cap-toes   A white PS would have set it off, I know, but I came in to be interviewed for TV news and you it's always best to dial it back a bit for TV - they don't see the trousers...
 I like the outfit and the cap's your thing, but I don't think the particular shirt, or more particularly its collar, works so well with the tie and jacket here. You've got an unstructured jacket and a casual tie (mine are getting a lot of wear and a lot of attention BTW), but the shirt collar is all business. I would have prefered an OCBD (or anyway some kind of BD) here.
Well, I could hardly not enter this really, could I? When else other than a hot summer day am going to be wearing a cotton suit and an International Klein Blue grenadine? Just to keep it interesting, here's a couple of different shots than the ones I posted in WAWRN the other day, the second was rejected because of the slightly odd expression on my face, and because it's a totally 1970s catalogue pose!      
 Stitchy isn't going to like this... but you're right.
 Thanks l2br, but I completely disagree in the context: this is a purely summer fit and a light suit and the totally saturated IKB tie is a combination that works in this season and in this light. I might well try the tie some other time with a mid-grey of some kind, as you suggest, but not this season. I'm very happy to be a bit bolder with saturated colour accents in summer. :)
This is really just to show you all my fabulous new Conrad Wu grenadine garza grossa - and yes, it is International Klein Blue! Other details: blue / white fine stripe cotton suit by Isaia, CT black label shirt, Post-Imperial PS.  
 This needs to be said (and heard) more often on this forum.
 Absolutely. I'm afraid that too many people here are still afraid of the fuller trouser and it's one of the things that seems to stop otherwise excellent dressers progressing beyond a certain level here. I certainly don't mean to say that everyone should have every pair of trousers cut like this, but we need to recognise when someone is simply doing things more classically and indeed just better - as tchoy is here. @Monkeyface, I'm sure there's all kinds of...
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