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 You should check the rules about promoting commercial concerns. You are currently breaking them. And I think most people would regard your fit as pretty poor too.
 This is just advertising spam. And worse, it looks like cheap blog.
@upr_crust - I like it but it hardly counts as a 'novelty tie' even by your definition. I've posted fits with diamond-cut bow ties several times in the last few months and I'm pretty sure you have too!   And it certainly doesn't count as a novelty tie in the way that would normally be undertood. Furthermore I wouldn't define either @sugarbutch's or @EFV's ties as 'novelty' either. EFV's is a bit loud and SB's is an emblematic. @MRMstl's tie may be more of a novelty and...
 Crusty, I do like this but I find the cufflinks and ring distractingly similar but different - if you see what I mean. Perhaps it's some kind of OCD-esque failure on my part...
I don't normally wear the same suit twice in a week, but this is just for @in stitches because of the conversation we had earlier in the week about black and white, and because it's the last time I'll be wearing a suit in work this year. Once again, b&w first, colour second, although this time, it makes less of a difference! Tie is an Exquisite Trimmings black grenadine. Ordinary cotton PS. My C&J Hallams are also polished immaculately, but you'll have to just take my word...
 Yeah, I like the colour (and the cut), but it does seem as if it is creasing a lot more than the more standard, heavier flannel, especially on the arms.
I agree with most of what you wrote after this, after all I think I've written pretty similar things here before, although I think you're in danger of exaggerating what others have said to make the point. I don't think anyone has suggested an approach that amounts to putting random things together.
 I much prefered the original Small Faces - surely, the most underrated British band of the 60s?
Good quality men's vintage buttoned boots are really hard to find. Women's are relatively common. I know because I have been looking for ages for some to complete the ensemble I use for teaching my Paris in the Nineteenth Century lectures.
 I've discovered since going bespoke that 1-button really works for me - it was suggested by Cad & the Dandy, who seem to have a certain stylistic lineage from Huntsman. But then I am pretty short (5'5")...
New Posts  All Forums: