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 Thank-you for the feedback. I think that although the cut could certainly be better, as @ridethecliche says, it's the sleeves that are giving the false impression of overall volume - you can see from the sitting down picture, where you can't really get a feeling for the sleeves, that the jacket fits perfectly across the shoulders and doesn't have excessive volume in the chest. But having sleeve diameter altered is really difficult for any tailor - to quote an old post on...
This one's good for impressing the ladies...     Although you might want the other side...     I sincerely hope this helps.
I suggest this one:     or this one:       For the lulz...
 Hmm. Really? It might be just the angle - it's got a rather typcially English profile with a slightly nipped waist and firm shoulders. The shoulders certainly may be more boxy than some would like, I'll give you that, but then I don't share the totally unvarnished enthusiasm for unstructured coats that many do here - although I have a few. Here's a close-up robo-pose of the waist gorge / waist:  Better? Worse? Same? I think it's about as good as you're going to find for...
 You're in the wrong forum. You want SW&D for 'fashion' questions like this.
 Similar here in Ontario... and I'm also wearing a green knit tie, albeit a slightly less earthy one. Deets: bike helmet hair, aquascutum gun-club check jacket, CT shirt, Drakes green knitted silk tie, Cream and dark green Post-Imperial PS, lightweight taupe wool Mediterranea pants (that do contrast a little more in real life than in the brief rather washed-out and blurry glimpse you get in the second picture; green Mazarin socks and chestnut Stemar v-tips. 
  Thanks - and I agree with your earlier post about faces BTW, although perhaps the downside of keeping the face visible is an over-concentration on things like age or looks as opposed to the clothes. I do have a feeling that if I actually looked more how most men of my age in North America look, the perception of how I dress would be somewhat different... although there are many other reasons to be happy about looking young.
 Ah, somewhere I have always wanted to visit - Bobby from Boston that is, rather than the city as a whole! And it looks like I will finally be getting the chance in October due to a speaking engagement...    
 All true, but of course I know all that... and you already know what I think about people not making the effort to look beyond the superficial.   Oh, and Spoo suddenly trippled his vote after I mentioned it!
 That's great (for us too), but I really, really, really don't like that tie (colours, pattern, pretty much everything about it), and especially not in combination with this suit and PS. Sorry. @Claghorn, I still like that jacket, but I still don't think you've found the right combination of things to wear it with. This is close though. It's a tricky one.
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