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 It's not quite as dark or as bleak here - and by Canadian standards, fairly warm and populated (there is no further south to go without being in the USA!). :)
I would definitely not put myself in the top category. I think I do okay, and certainly better than the qualitty of pictures shows, but no, not in the top level. Top half, sure, but towards the middle of the bell curve... or on a bad day, on the wrong side of the curve.
 Yup. That's what most of the academic political economists I know think too. BTW, not to rub it in too much, but house prices are so low around where I live in Canada that we paid off our mortage in five years. Mind you we have a little old one and half storey place with an acre of land on an island. And when I say an island, it's not exactly Manhattan...
 And it was almost exactly like this OTR - I had the trousers shortened and half an inch taken off the sleeves - but for once, the usually slightly too narrow in the shoulder Japanese cut fit me perfectly. They did this suit in a brown as well - I should have got one of each.
The final crappy webcam picture. But the first outing for my Avon House (Tokyo) Yorkshire tweed suit this year, worn as a 2-piece without the vest because it's not that cold yet. Plus CT shirt, Borsalino tie in Drumohr wool, white cotton hank.  
 I think that would be just brilliant.
Sorry, yes, quite right - Corneliani.
Very nice @in stitches. Particularly like the suit and tie; not so keen on the monks, but I don't think I'm that keen on them in general and it takes a particularly ultra-amazing pair to sway me, so it's not these ones in particular.   Second last ever crappy webcam picture from me... and a rare runout for one of my few remaining pre-SF ties.     (deets: PRL (Caruso) suit; BB Golden Fleece shirt; 1950s vintage links; old wool Liberty tie; Capelli square; + (unseen)...
 Ah, so it's more that he's a beanpole! You've still got several inches on me...
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