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I had forgotten how awesome this thread was... thank-you for the necrobump.
Electricians here would have you believe that without a magic symbol, any electrical fitting will immediately burn your house down. We have several vintage Danish, Dutch and Japanese lights, each with new fittings and cords, and they won't touch them. We could pay around $300 each to have the magic symbol stuck on them that will protect us from all evil and allow them to install the lights. However, privately they tell us that if we just fit them ourselves, they will be...
I'm not sure that you can't, at least there are passive house builders in the USA who use German an Austrian triple-glazed windows. Maybe they aren't double-hinged though. However, we had no code problems specifying double-hinged triple-glazed windows here in Ontario.
There's a ongoing blog of our build here: https://wolfeislandpassivehouse.wordpress.com/Whether it's to anyone's taste here, I have no idea...
Luckily our almost finished place is built entirely out of cross-laminated timber and has only a couple of square feet of drywall in the whole place...
 Absolutely. Too many people forget that this was among the principle ambitions of twentieth century Northern European furniture design from the Bauhaus through the mid-century, and especially in the post-WW2 period. It wasn't all about painstaking cabinet-making. There's something to be said for social democratic design (and even Ikea...).
26km yesterday, on one of the hottest and most humid days we've had recently. 5 of us did the whole thing. The pace was way too fast for a charity run at the start. We had agreed to do 6 minute kilometres but for the first 10 we were on 5.10 pace, and dropping one woman. So i made everyone slow it down to about 5.45. Despite the support we had, the heat affected all of us towards the end. I utterly fell apart after 21km and staggered the rest of the way along with the...
 Me too. I think I know this guy... ;)
15km on Sunday, and another 15km today. I won't run again before the 26km charity run on Saturday. Things have been going so well, and I feel so much better than I had thought I would, that I have actually entered a couple of races in September and October, and might even run a Half in that latter month. I'm still 4kg above the weight I'd like to be for serious racing though, so I don't expect too much.
Sou-Sou... nice. Pretty much all I wear during the hottest parts of summer, including today... I'm not sure I'd call it 'extremely advanced', but I do get some very funny looks on the Ontario island where I live... ;)
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