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@Gianni Cerutti, that's completely insane, but somehow it works for you! The jacket is beautifully cut and the tie is extraordinary. I would say that the pocket square is perhaps a little too close in colour to the tie (if it's possible to make any comments about colour here...). Is your tie on Viagra BTW?
Okay, I wore this exact outfit this week, for precisely the reason the challenge specifies. I don't do very well in heat, so I tend to move to summer trousers etc. as soon as it gets warm. These pics are from a couple of weeks ago, when it was suddenly early summer-like for a couple of days, but they will do... the first picure is best for fit, the last for colour.   Details: Aquascutum wool/silk jacket; Kamakura shirt (in a very fine blue/green grid); Passaggio Cravatte...
Okay, now that is quite simply the best suit I have ever seen you wear, Stitchy. I very much like like the interplay between tie and PS, which is almost Braddock-like.
  Good calls on both - the vintage shops in Harajuku / Jingumae are certainly not cheap by western standards however, and it seems that Japanese enthusiasts will still pay well over the odds for any old American crap. There are some amazing 'unbranded' type leather shops inside Ameyoko (as opposed to the shops that line the streets), however - one warning: when I visited with a larger American friend (not obese or anything, just a bigger, taller guy) in December, the shop...
 etb - I'm not sure that you should do it again. I can't say I like the tie very much in the first place, but the combination of pink and white paisley and massive blue gingham with a sober business suit really doesn't work IMHO. Even if you're going for that British loud shirt thing, the tie would need to be less outré, and if you were going for a more all-out dandy look, you'd need a much more exciting suit (something really outrageous in tan, cream or white, for...
Sugarbutch so far for me, but Cleav is also looking effortlessly good.
 Well said.
I provide information with my (relatively rare) fit pics because it might be of interest to some people. Some of that relates to brands, some to fabrics, some to alterations and so on. I don't think there's anything to be gained by withholding information.
  I agree. It's fantastic but more monochrome than 'light tie'... although technically, Nabil is probably inside the line!
 I know (well, I hope) you aren't being 100% serious, but is that now the aim of posting a fit these days? If you'll excuse the opportunity I will now take to expand on your comment way beyond its original intent and make a more general point - if that's the case, then I think we'd really be better off without this thread... I had hoped it was going to be way of discussing what is particularly good, hence my suggestions in the first couple of pages, and my attempt to...
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