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  Back blade tucked -  fine, we aren't all 2 metres tall. Front blade and back blade tucked - grandpa steez! Front blade tucked, back blade untucked - can't you f***ing dress yourself, man? 
I saw them live in 1990 (I think) and they were scarily good still then.
  I have no idea. It's exactly what I'm doing today and what I do a whole lot.
 Dennis - I like what you wear a lot, however having read your explanation, I've thought about it, and looked at a number of your fits where you do this, and decided that in no case is the fit improved by wearing the tie in between the lapels of the DB jacket. In fact, in every case, the fit would be improved by adopting the conventional way of doing things.
Someone took a picture of me on the weekend when I dropped in to a friend's home studio and got to play a beautiful restored 1940s 3/4 size Martin acoustic...   (Nigel Cabourn jacket, Patrick Ervell shirt and sweater, Goorin cap, some old Lee cords, and Emling boots).
This is actually what I was wearing this time last year - the only reason I am posting it is that it was a picture featured in the online brochure for the event this time around, which was sent to me today!  
 Heh. Great film. BTW. You probably missed the edit on my post: I think that this method of pattern matching is completely normal for these kinds of patterns - Piny's jacket (post #28891) is done almost exactly the same way.
 If you look across the whole jacket, it's done very well (see the first picture). There are different ways of doing pattern matching and with a pattern of this complex type, there are different scales to think about, and decisions inevitably have to be made. I don't have a problem with the decisions that have been made in this case. Edit: and if you look at Piny's jacket (post #28891), you will see that's done almost exactly the same way. PS: your comment comes across as...
Just to add to the Paisley and Tweed fest...         Deets: Bespoke C&tD, BB university stripe OCBD, vintage Boggi Milano tie, anonymous vintage PS, Paul Stuart Phineas Cole flannels, with unseen C&J tobacco brown suede single monks. And yes, I know I'm not smiling...
New Posts  All Forums: