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Just to bring down the level of photography, but at least attempting a smile, here's what I'm wearing today. First the out-of-focus almost full body shot to give you the general idea.     Close-up:   Details: Corneliani DB blazer - some won't like the stronger shoulders, but I do; CT sky blue gingham shirt; Holland & Sherry tie; PS is screenprinted cotton made in Japan, one of several I was given as a gift years ago - main colours are green and purple on a white...
 Fitpix are serious business. But seriously, if I smile in photos I look sinister. It's sometimes really difficult to maintain a 'neutral' expression.
 That would indeed be horrible: AAAC horrible.
 I guess that this being self-inflicted just makes me even more out-of-date. Frankly, I'd rather stay that way...  ;)
 Very nice, Stanley. The proportions are much better than on some of your past fits - the tie is a bit wider and the collar is not so aggressively cut away.
 Yep, I do this frequently - my favourite odd jacket right now is a camel-coloured number, which I generally wear with either dark brown cotton chinos or lightweight mid-grey wool pants. I also think that there are other good summer casual combinations - white or cream jackets with royal blue trousers etc. for example, which work very well. I'm having the sleeves done on my beautiful Sartoria Ring jacket made with a gorgeous cream herringbone Marling & Evans wool fabric,...
 Absolutely: 'dove grey' is an Italian summer staple, e.g.:  
Long time, no post...   Back at the end of last year, I discovered I had a stress fracture in the arch of my right foot, and then later another in my left foot. And then my left knee ligaments, which have always been a problem since I used to play football (soccer to most of you...), started acting up again.   Short version: I stopped running for 4 months. At first it was to rest and recover, but then my wife and son were away in Japan for two months and it was winter...
Call me old-fashioned, but he only creepy things about that are the fact that someone took a picture of someone passed out / sleeping in their underwear, and the fact that someone thought that it was fine to post it to the Internet and this forum.
 There is a point with these kinds of patterns where a increase in scale means that the pattern itself becomes so dominant that tt merely draws attention to itself and there is no 'resolution' possible - perhaps in this case, if you were far enough way - like on another continent... Larger scale tends to work better with the pattern element being thinner or its other features being less dominant against a ground - like windowpane patterns, for example. Imagine thick...
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