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Yeah, it's been an excellent challenge, one of the best of recent months. My votes went to those who seem to have ended up as the top four, so the hive-mind isn't wrong about everything... :)
 So lovely. Do they have names yet?
 Well, I know it's a little more flamboyant that what you tend to like, or indeed for SF tastes in general. However, I'm 100% confident it's wonderful and IRL, people of all kinds seem to think it's just as beautiful as I do, both in London when I was there recently and here at home. And I stand by the reasoning for the shirt and tie colour (although I've certainly worn it in other combinations already). So I'm very happy with both the jacket and the particular fit. I'm...
 I like the suit and the fit is very flattering on you, but I have to say, I don't like the brown double monks and belt with it. Both seem too casual with a pinstripe navy for me (but that may just be because I'm British).
That's really good news - particularly the Barbera, the Harris and the Shetland - and I'll be interested to see the two new collections.
 I was actually paraphrasing 'Walk on By' (the Dionne Warwick version of course), but Smokey will do just as well!
This excellent ebay shop - whom I've bought from in the past - has some nice Porter and Harding Solway going at a decent price...   http://www.ebay.com/itm/PORTER-HARDING-SOLWAY-JACKETING-MULTI-CHECK-WITH-OVERCHECK-SOLD-PER-METRE-/111185198625  
I thought my fit was actually lovely and that the jacket is probably the most beautiful thing I own. However, it appears I am in a minority of exactly 1. Maybe it just wasn't green enough for you heartless philistines. Nevertheless I will hold my head up high, and no-one will see the tears I cry in private...
Everything @edmorel is selling in this thread is awesome from the Porter & Harding SC to the Dinkelacker boots.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/422185/volpe-bespoke-jackets-nib-trickers-nib-dinkelacker-boots-and-budas-clearance
 I like the jacket and tie, but I'm not feeling that 'city' shirt with the otherwise very rustic outfit.
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