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More open terms for challenges can be great, but when I saw this challenge, I was obvious that it would basically end up being a photography competition because the terms were a bit too unspecific. Nevertheless, nice photographs from all concerned! So nice, in fact, that I pretty much gave up trying to assess the best 'detail' and just voted for the picture I liked most.
Nice to see you here, FSC. However, there seems to be a problem for Canadian customers. I tried to order something on sale. I'm just over the border in Ontario and the only shipping option available was $120!!! Any chance you can add a normal ground shipping rate for Canadians...?
Many months and several false starts later, I am finally properly back running.   I was in Japan for a month until a couple of days ago and went back to train with my old club, who welcomed me with open arms despite my being unfit, fat and slow. After a month I had lost over a kilo and was able to hang on the back of the 'A' group in the interval sessions. I also ran my old 7.5km route around the neighbourhood 2 or 3 times every week, and even managed to get a weekend...
Well, this is not me in these pictures (obv), but this one of the jackets that I bought - they are numbered and seem to have only made 17...     And these are the pants:     A few other things from the range...   Nice linen coat:   More indigo (this is a sample, not yet produced...)   And some persimmon-dyed denim:   All from: http://journal-standard.jp/mens/snap/js-homestead/
Bumped because I dropped into the Journal Standard store in Harajuku this week, and was really impressed with some of the Homestead stuff. What was on this thread a couple of years ago stocked by a few US retailers isn't really representative of the direction the sublabel has been going in. They still do the American workwear-inspired stuff but there are a lot more Japanese-rural inspired pieces too, using natural indigo and persimmon dyes in some cases, and in others just...
@UrbanComposition - and everyone else who has contributed - thank-you for the kind of thread that I thought had vanished from SF! Wonderful stuff.
 I got hold of a very similar patterned vintage Reid & Taylor cloth a couple of years ago, but where yours seems to be be red, mine was more orange, in fact in general it had a strongly 'orange' feel to it. I had a feeling that it would be more suitable for a woman's suit, and in the end I decided to give it to a very talented friend of mine who makes her own clothes. She made a lovely long skirt and short jacket. The fabric has a very textural hand and a nice weight to it.
A question for folks here: unfortunately, one of my favourite and most worn ties - a raw silk from Conrad Wu - accidentally ended up in the wash. The fabric seems okay, but it's messed up in all kinds of ways: the lining is twisted inside the tie, the stiching is pulled and the shape is skewed. Any tips and tricks for how to carefully restore a tie to full health?
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 Great! I'm very happy for you. I don't think I was saying that anyone else shouldn't be satisfied, only asking if there was anyone who felt the same as me: that the colour wasn't quite what they expected. The only reason I mentioned you is that you posted what seemed to me to be a very accurate depiction of the colour. As the saying goes, YMMV.
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