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10k today. And ditto.
 It comes up from several ebay fabric vendors now and again, and not at ridiculous prices either.
I always like the look of a Norfolk jacket when not being worn, but it's such a specific kind of design that it tends to look out-of-place (if not out-of-time) on anyone actually wearing one, and I don't know where and when I would do so.
 The time taken to button and unbutton boots like this can be part of the pleasure, whether for the wearer or a significant other...
Age: 42 Height: 5"5" Weight: 61kg / 134 pounds (aiming to be 60 / 132 for next season) Biceps: 11.25" Chest: 37" Waist: 32"   Oh, and mile speed: 5.26 (aiming for 5.15 next season)
 No, they don't. This was all a misinterpretation as was later confirmed. And it all seems to be based on the fact that some people can't seem to understand anthropomorphism, or the fact that something can be in more than one category at once. Which is especially weird coming from cartoon fans...
@DWFII is right on this - you can probably have cool, you can certainly have interesting (and yes, sure you can have cheap and ugly too), but what you really can't have is 'classic' in the sense that you describe.   I was vegan for 15 years. I tended to wear non-leather DMs, canvas or other fabric sneakers. I had a pair of blue denim Chelsea Boots (which I still have) and I did have one pair of conventionally-styled black non-leather boots (from these people) which I...
21k (13 miles) mostly cross-country in the rolling Hampshire Downs (that's the original Hampshire rather than the 'New' one...) on Saturday. Deliberately easy in terms of pace, I was really just seeing if I could do the distance without my hamstring playing up, since I have a half coming up this Saturday. I think it will be okay if I don't push it. Spent yesterday in planes, trains and automobiles coming home, which really didn't help though..
Over the last week, I have worn Eau Sauvage, Van Cleef & Arpels' Tsar, and Kerosene's R'oud Elements. The last was definitely one of the most exciting perfume experiences I have had.
I should add that at least some of the conservatism comes from fear and a limited knowledge of men's style as from confidence or a depth of understanding. That purple jacket above is really very restrained and is of a hue and has a tone and texture that I'd be very happy to wear without worrying too much. People who only look at it and see 'purple' are seeing in a very superficial way. That said, I agree with @unbelragazzo and @mktitsworth that this doesn't mean anyone...
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