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Just got a medium grey dark pink pin-stripe suit today(suit only no pants), cloth from Zegna, 3-button, side vented. It fits really good, so I took it. any suggestion on what pants could go with this suit?
Any one purchased this jacket?  
On Rugby's website, a lot of sport coats and suits don't fit the models, the sleeves are too long. You can see how the sleeves are rolled up  in order to fit in those shots. It's like someone grabbed his Dad's coat for school....   Is the too-long-sleeve an accurate property of Ivy/Prep style?  
mcnairy is a collabo slut.
  How about J.Crew? J.Crew uses Ideal Zipper, and provides three fits, while Uniqlo only offer a regular straight   I visited NYC in 2008, found out that Uniqlo's price in US was double as it was in Asia.
  saphir MDO? Does light brown cream affect the orange tone?   Currently there's only one MDO retailer which is the exclusive distribution across the country as well to its own China The price they offer is a ripoff
hey guys, what's the best cream for C shade? Can't get Tricker's cream here.
anyone tried Crème Universelle? Very handy. I usually apply it on cheap casual shoes.
Hi, I'm Ian. Graduated and working for an architectural design company. I'm into trad recently, after being with some Japanese denim for years in college. Glad to be here cheers
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