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Alfred Sargent SELKIRK better performance
Does Tricker's produce any brogue boots with 2004 last?
get a pair of thicker insole  
Noob question The labels at the back of some of my ties have sharp edges. They're not as sharp as a blade, but have tiny little spikes which damage the ties. Should I remove them?
Long wing is a typically American style.
Burton,Eaton 4444 last Stow 4497s last   The 4497s Last, although a generous fitting, is noticeably closer fitting over the top of the foot (Instep) than the 4444 Last.
+1  The last is the most important. and gives detailed answer to inquery.
One explanation is that country shoes have extra space for thick socks. I have a pair of Malton, and I'm considering getting a pair of Loake. How does Loake 024,  029 last fit compared to the Tricker's 4497s last?
I have a pair of Tricker's country boots 4497s last 8.5 fitting 6(G). They fit well. Any advice for the Loake 029, 024 last? Should I take the same size?
      Dating back to 2005 2006, Earnest Sewn made some great pre-faded jeans which are so natural that one can't tell whether they are worn or pre-faded by the posted photos.    Try Hysteric Glamours, those jeans are art pieces, perfect combination of wash, damage, patches, and riveting.  Although it is a fashion brand based on rock style, some modest jeans are still good for PITA or  vintage style.
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