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Quote: Those are not work boots...Are they new a month or two ago? Interface edge between two different materials cracks is normal due to different rates of thermal expansion. But the sole is still solid until stiches break. Just keep them away from water and they will be fine. IMO, American boots (similar price to Tricker's)like White's, Wesco and Canadian Viberg are better for heavy duty.
Those Chinese manufacturers are excellent(headquarters in Hong Kong, factories in mainland China). I've heard that J.crew is going to move the outsourcing to Vietnam. Hong Kong or Vietnam?  
Is there a product for leather sole conditioning?
" Christmas Holiday shutdown from 23rd December until 3rd January 2012   please note that nothing can be sent out or questions answered during this time   " They're from a british seller. I didn't get them. Far more expensive than  Crockett and Jones' Veldtschoen construction. But considering they're made by request, the 399GBP price is still reasonable.
just found these on ebay
Order some "Made in Italy" tags and some clothes from a Chinese factory, assemble them in Italy.
Rugby's price is upper medium  
FYI, Herring Shoes sent me a pair of Loake with defect without advance notification. There is a can of polish with the shoes. I've no idea if the polish is free by default or it is makeup. They used UPS with brokerage. The reply to my enquiry is just with one sentence while Pediwear and Shoe Healer both gave very detailed replies.   Could you post STP's url?  
         Those are of veldschoen construction which Tricker's doesn't offer. Sometimes, storm welt is not enough.  
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