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Good to know, very informative!
    photo from official website. 
Just find out those "Meermin Rubber Top" shoes are from a Japanese brand named "PIDO". I'm sorry for all the misunderstanding.
Thanks, I'm new to Alden   To Alden Shells, is E fitting the widest in regular stock? Which last is most generous?  
guys, I'm uk8.5 fitting 6(G) in Tricker's 4497s.  9.5EE in AE. Need suggestion about Barrier last. Is 9 E ok for me?   BTW, does TSM ship irregulars for shell internationally?    
Description on the C2C site says that those "made in China" ones are from a Japanese order. The "Meermin" font on the heel rubber piece matches the font of Meermin's logo.       Does Meermin Japan operate individually? Is Meermin Japan authorized to pruduce shoes on its own? FYI, selling samples is very common among Chinese manufacturers. And after one order is finished, making extra product by using the remaining materials from the client(when some parts...
    How about these?
    Some Chinese Mnfrs are great,hand-lasted and hand-welted shoes are made by experienced craftsmen. Here's one in Peiking.(a video introducing leather shoes construction in Chinese language. performed by a craftsman of the mnfr)   and here are some shoes by another mnfr These black ones are for a Japanese brand.   Here's a third mnfr   Sorry, it's a bit off the topic. But if...
Does Meermin provide wide shoes like EEE in AE?    
These are made in China As you can see, "Meermin rubber top" Pic was found on an C2C site. But I have no idea if they are just samples or final product.  
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