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  Wasn't this the #1 movie the week it came out?  I don't even know what to say. 
Just saw the trailer yesterday and it seems that child actors are going to play a big part which means I am staying away.  Nothing ruins a horror movie more than precocious children.   War of the Worlds redux?
The more things you own, the more things own you.
Nice pics GoldenTribe, I like the denim that Raeburn is doing and I really like the blue plaid coat of Amies.  Looks like the trend to more voluminous trousers is continuing.  I'm not too keen on it but I guess it was inevitable.   
Keep them.  You don't have to wear a blazer just because you have pinstriped pants.  I have a few pin stripe pants that were not meant to be sold as part of a suit, Dries, Prada and they look great paired with a nice shirt.  You need to figure out how you want to wear them and in what situations and go from there. 
  sorry for the quality it's an iphone
yes, but that doesn't mean we should be dismissive or jaded on all things selvedge, especially just because the gap did it.  Selvedge has been around a long time and will continue long after we are gone.  If you like it buy it and wear it. 
I do get it, it isn't for everyone that's for sure but I am glad there are people that push the boundaries, as for fit pics if I get motivated I'll take/post a few but only after I get my flame retardant suit ready!
Well, I can only surmise that his take on it is that it's already there so why not show it.  He has explored in the past the inner made outer in his couture and ready to wear lines to great effect.   I think it is very Gaultier and for that reason alone many won't appreciate it as he tends to provoke, which many men don't want to do with their clothing.  He also did a Levi's jacket in the same style, I would post pics but I wouldn't want your head to explode .... and no...
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