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I'm on a very tight budget right now (thus my disappearance), but that Sauk/Russet Dalton is tempting. I just wish it were some other color. Between Burgundy shell and Oxblood, one might think my feet were bleeding. The last is appealing though. I've decided I'm not too big on the 511; I love the (now) old 2 last...
 Thank you Nick! Great to see you in this thread. Would you say the same if the shoes were double-blake stitched as well? My impression is that such shoes might be more dangerous to resole, but perhaps I'm incorrect? (Some AE shoes such as the Kenwood are double-blake stitched)
  I'm a 10.5 3E on AE. I've been fitted at 10.5 UK on the Carmina Rain. Anyway, it's off topic for this thread ;-)  I too have a MacNeil (burgundy cordovan). I'll thinking a PTB or Double Monk in something neither black nor burgundy/#8. Meanwhile, I'll contemplate keeping those Leeds :-/
 Gotcha. I'm planning to try 10.5 EE given its general availability (for Carmina), assuming I bite the bullet on them eventually.  Nice. Mine are more oddly shaped, being too narrow and stretched wide in the vamp. More of a Jabba the Hut.
 Nice. Which model is this? Size?    Dan Akyroid? Looking at the burnishing, I'd guess calf?
 I must say, despite this being a joke, buyer's remorse is already kicking in! Seriously contemplating a return of my incoming Burgundy shell Leeds and just buying Carmina so I can escape the trap of more burgundy/#8. Oxblood Eagle Rivers, Merlot Patriots, Burgundy shell Kenwoods and MacNeils... and a Leeds? Starting to hear Carmina's cognac shell calling my name. 
 I wouldn't be surprised if it were permanent. AE hasn't really been keeping up the shell line with the calf. Shoes that were long retired in calf would stay available as shell relatively long (see the Norwich), colors have been limited, they've had trouble with the truck show SMUs, and it seems to me that seconds have been more frequently and more deeply discounted than in the past (granted, at higher absolute prices following retail price increases).  Given the more...
Got the RDA email this morning! Snatching Burgundy Shell Leed (seconds).  As usual, I can expect pain and suffering from my wife, but it was the one thing I really needed (having no PTB in my rotation).   I also see that the shell Kenwood seconds are now $299 which is a steal! If I didn't already have a pair, I'd snatch them up. Dundee seconds in burgundy shell at 11 3E, which I've been waiting for, but passing up in lieu of the Leeds.   Been off the forum for a bit,...
Facyory seconds now on the main site. What is the world coming to? ;-)
 Several handsewns are made in Port Washington, including the Cavanaugh and Kenwood.
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