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  I only wear them to weddings and funerals, but I wish I had bought a Park Ave instead of the 5th Ave, but I also managed a good deal on seconds. I'll probably sell them as they're too small and have only worn them 5 times at most... they're the reason I went back and got refitted about a year ago.
 Beautiful. Mike really likes his green, huh? It seems every time I come in there, he is wearing those Neumoks. :)
I know this was for @mdubs, but since we're on the topic... I check the weather, decide on a shoe, then I pick my outfit. I can see how I might do this otherwise if I had more shoes, or if every pair had Dainite or at least a vthread/topy.
[/quote]Pair of brand new "walnut shell" Strands on the bay now in 11 3E with a vthread sole. I think they're actually natural shell.
My 2014 acquisitions: Brogue suede Strands Walnut Shreveport Navy Banchory Walnut shell Daltons Duke loafer (football grain) Brown grain Eagle County boots Cognac Ridgeways For 2015, I've already ordered a pair of Oxblood ECs. In 2014, I also had my walnut Strands recrafted and new heels put on my Ashbury boots.
 Same, and charged (I asked Allison to charge my AMEX before the EOY). The invoice is lacking the wheeling detail, so I've inquired about it.
Allen Edmonds does have other loafers we can MTO. The Kenwood is on a different last, but has a similar cut to the Duke.
 That is to say, I'd rather pick up a pair of Cordovan Leeds seconds for $325 than a pair of Kenilworth firsts for $140, even if I have to wait 10 months... but the Kenilworths and other shoes they have over at 6pm are certainly a steal for whomever goes for the deal.
 Wow, nice. The shoes are already marked 40% off, plus the 15%... First quality McTavish and Kenilworths for around $140~150.  Quite tempting, but I'm saving for the next shell sale, or maybe a future shell GMTO. 
 Another 9D Brown Cordovan Townley is on the shoebank for $299. I wonder if @NWTeal made a return?
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