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 The burgundy shell Mora 2.0's that @garland made for his wedding are stellar. +1  +1
 They already have. I believe the only styles that you won't find on the website or stores are the Roadwarriors, but they're in the latest print catalog and on the shoebank.
 Honestly, the other fathers are dressing better than I'd expect in this case. Not that they shouldn't dress better, but I've seen so much worse. Most men just don't know. Often, those that are not ignorant of dress codes, style, and have the money will do a cost-benefit analysis to decide it isn't worth paying money to dress "right" if most everyone else is ignorant. I often dress appropriate to an invitation and rarely seem overdressed, but nobody is offended by those...
 I own both the Banchory and the MacNeil (10.5 3E). I'd say the Banchory is much tighter across the instep and overall snugger, but for myself, means this is a much better fit. Mind that the leather on the Banchory is very soft and stretches easily. It's one of my most comfortable shoes given that there is little resistance from the softness and unstructured nature of the upper, with much of the support and structure of the shoe coming from the sole.
  I've also spoken to @garland about doing an MTO of these, but going to do a fitting first to determine if I can squeeze my 3E into a D... EDIT: If they don't fit, I wonder how much begging, pleading, and bribing it would take to get this boot on another last... damn this last and its D width!
 The Desoto is not impressive. It has the thinnest leather sole I've ever encountered and is not recraftable... I'd give them a week's wear before giving out.
 Good point about the seconds pricing. It's worth a shot for anyone in need of such a shoe. I own a pair of 5th Aves and while it's not my favorite shoe, it's my go to for funerals. For any other event, I'm increasingly inclined not to care. It's a rare wedding I attend where some distant cousin of the bride doesn't show up in acid wash jeans. I just attended an event this afternoon where everyone was wearing their black, midnight-blue, and navy pin-stripe suits. Know...
 Yeah, it looks like the Harrison is a torture device for unsuspecting toes! It reminds me of the story a few years ago where women were reportedly having doctors remove their pinky toes to fit into high heels. Then again, it's easy to love gunboats when that's the natural shape of your foot...
 JAB sale is still on. All style for $258.75, including the Boardroom. This is an AE captoe similar to the Park Avenue, but on the 97 last.
New Posts  All Forums: