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 Having boots in distressed teak, I agree you can't polish this leather, but you can use saddle soap, mink oil, and various conditioners to darken.
 The link is now dead, but it was here.  Anyway, I messed up and ran the report backward. I accidentally searched for shoes that disappeared, aka it was sold over the weekend. Sorry for the false alarm...
 Unless I were to start reselling on eBay, I don't think you have much to worry about. I only need so many shoes, and my wife's patience is already worn thin. I'm really only looking for a few specific models at this point. I also dig for unicorns and issue PSAs from time to time, such as for this Townley. Eventually, I will automate this inventory search more than I have right now, but I currently have a process that works for finding for unusual styles, colors, or pricing.
PSA: Shoebank this morning added a Townley in Brown Cordovan, size 12D at $299 !!     I suspect this won't last very long...
PSA: Shell cordovan shell daltons on the bay in 11 3E  (seconds)   Kinda tempted myself...       EDIT: also these are not AEs, but I'd jump on these Aldens in cognac shell cordovan if I remotely fit a 9E.
We've had a few try and get in late, but I figured it wouldn't be fair to try and sneak in black Friday pricing after the fact, especially since Allison told me to have orders in by midnight of "Cyber Monday".
 I presume you've tried this then? I haven't treated my Banchorys at all. 
 Last month, I went to Carmina's Paris location and spent close to an hour there trying on various shoes in different lasts.They were somewhat busy and while helpful, I don't think the salesperson seemed thrilled about having me try on pair after pair looking for something that would fit. I left without finding a good fit in any last, but did leave with the impression I could possibly get away with a boot, in their more generous last (I forget the name), if I also sized up...
     I must say that I'm not happy about the toe cap creasing on my Eagle County boots, but they're still the most comfortable and best fitting shoes I've ever owned. Yes, they crease in the cap despite the great fit, and it sucks, but I've gotten over it. That's why I just bought my second pair while they're still making them. I also wear a 3E and that's why I buy from AE. I might end up buying some Aldens, the Indy seems to fit well enough and next time I'm in London,...
 My pair creases the same way. Deep under the tongue and then again on the toe box. Still love them anyway. @watchidiot - You coudl've mentioned the shell before letting us invest in more GMTOs ;-)
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