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There used to be a shoe called the MacGregor which was a short wing. The spelling this time is definitely different. The SA told me the new shoe is a long-wing, but that's all I know.
There were a ton of MTOs of this boot when doing so was free.Personally, while I don't like the football leather on the boot, but love it on the Duke loafers (which, as it turns out, I'm currently wearing). It's a great texture for casual wear, especially shorts.
 It's generally a 14.92% discount on all first-quality items. Some items get a deeper cut. For reference, here is a copy of last year's flyer: http://content.allenedmonds.com/pdf/aerdamailer-2013.pdf EDIT: seconds might also be on sale, but I can't figure out how much for. Probably 15-30% on all styles.
 It would seem likely! There are a lot of them, too, at least 40 in the shoebank.  I wonder if they decided not to manufacture this particular shoe and dumped them all into the shoebank? Maybe it's just hard to make? I like the idea of trolling the shoebank "unknowns" for new or uncommon styles. Without pictures, it's taking a gamble, though, especially as the unknown shoes never seem to go on sale. AE has made some odd shoes from time to time. I am starting to suspect...
Got word of a new 65-last blucher long-wing called the McGregor. Also, I've gotten word that test styles are made in multiple widths! Having someone in Minnesota scout out new styles would be useful... Volunteers?
Received this response from the Minneapolis store today in regard to the "lab store" quote from Paul: 
 A pair just showed up in 11D. They might have been put into the inventory incorrectly? EDIT: I'm glad the spreadsheet worked out for you!
There is still plenty of cordovan left. The shoebank has 453 remaining pairs this morning compared to 499 on the morning of September 11th.   New inventory spreadsheet for 9/13/14 (cordovan only): http://1drv.ms/1uAARe1   I still need to figure out some automation for this :-/
     Still not on the AE site, but I see the Gobi may now be found at Macy's. It's a bit more than AE told me it would be at $350  
Reading the story of the creation of the Dalton, in unbridled enthusiasm for my pending arrival... I noticed a blurb by Paul Grangaard:  Has anyone ever followed up upon this to see about picking up new designs, leathers, etc that might be showing up there? Did I just pop the cork on something that was a  secret to everybody? EDIT: sent an email to the "center city" store to find out more.
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