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 I tried calling around to a couple retail locations to see if any of them might have some First Avenues arriving in colors, but no luck! I also heard, "no new colors until Spring".  
 I got lucky, they forgot to charge me sales tax. Makes me feel better about not putting this on an Amex.
 The problem is when the latter precedes the former. There are a ton of shoes I "need" such as commando soled boots and a pair or two of simple, medium brown shoes... but I'm instead contemplating various MTOs for next summer and the purchase of rare shells!
 I was the first to report being billed and my pair was an 11 3E. I will post pictures today or tomorrow, assuming it arrives timely like all other AE shipments.   (Hell, even the shipment I took from Serravalle was only ~3 days)
 My Navy Banchory is one of my favorite shoes, if not my favorite overall, but yes -- I dress casually. The light welt is a perfect match. I've also discovered a new love for LWBs.  Really, of all the styles in this MTO opportunity, the MacNeil is the one that really peaks my interest. Getting a shell version of my Banchory would be amazing, but one pair of Navy LWBs is probably enough for anybody. What I really need is one in brown or burgundy, though given the...
 Tell me about it. My Eagle County is arriving this week and I'm worried as hell about the size! Because I couldn't go wider than 3E, I had to order a half-size longer... and the 2 last is already incredibly long! Here's crossing fingers... but if the 5th Ave was available when I placed my order, it would have been my clear preference.
 You mean for the Dundee? Isn't the MTO waiver only for the special colors in the selected styles?
 Agreed. The blue and green in particular are well suited for loafers, more than any of the styles they've made available.  This is chromexcel, but I think it works as a mock-up / example:  and one in genuine shell: 
 Yes, and Alison told me they should be here Friday... just in time for Paris!
Brown Grain EC shipping!   Also, I've been wanting green shell for some time, but preferably in a loafer. It might work in a Dundee. Yet, any green shoe is going to be so odd that I can't justify spending the money.   Navy MacNeils would be sweet. My Navy Banchory is already one of my favorite shoes, but one only needs so many Navy long wings...
New Posts  All Forums: