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PSA: Walnut Shell Cordovan Daltons in 8.5 E on the shoebank.   Not sure if these are the original Walnut shell or mislabeled Natural shell... I know we've seen a few pairs come and go, not sure if these might be returns?
 The content is certainly not licensed explicitly for the sort of thing you wish to do, so it would need to fall under fair use. I'm not sure that it would, but IANAL. You could certainly build an all-new shoe configurator application, of course. Also, speaking of AE and Open Source... if you're interested in improving it, I have a Python-based scraper for the shoebank site... currently, I just use it to generate CSV files on a daily basis, running a report for my size.
 Nice! Meant for the MTO thread? I do think this looks better on the 333 last (is that the 333?) than it would look on the 5.
 That's the make-up I want, but on a SWB rather than a balmoral. With reports of the LGA looking quite normal, perhaps once it goes on sale?EDIT (better yet if it's tweed cloth); also I had proposed we could do the cloth-spectator on the Fort Worth, but it's a very short wing
Photoshop applied to the Heritage pattern:     EDIT: Made a mistake... the broguing under the eyelets need not be Bourbon calf... this could be suede as well
   I agree. Even if AE could do it, it would be hard to maintain.  I looked at the pattern of the shoe being made and it seems that MTO'ed it would look more like this photoshop with the calf for the broguing around the ankle / slip bead. This is because this is a single cut of leather with the eyestays. 
  I've been looking at Quoddy but haven't yet bought a pair. As for AE, I have actually inquired about doing an MTO with the red and green CXLs used on the Maritime/Kirkwood.  I was told it *might* be possible to use these leathers for an MTO of a made-in-the-USA handsewn. Basically, that means the Kenwood, Nashua, Cavanaugh, Maxfield, Stowe, Lowry Hill, Sanibel, and possibly the Patriot.  SMU fee would apply of course.
Buy-two Anniversary Sale styles and choose a belt up to $125 over at the QG: http://www.theqg.com/allen-edmonds-spring-trunk-show-anniversary-sale/   Also received word that the catalogs are finally mailing.
 That's quite awesome of @garland. He mentioned some nearby cobbler, but ToBox seems more than just that with doing MTOs and bespoke. Some of the photos they've put up of their recoloring jobs are impressive, too (such as turning brown calf to oxblood!)  My thoughts exactly, although I'm not optimistic that they'll have widths in stock.
 How did I not know about this place? Carmina and bespoke shoes here in Philly? Also selling Saphir products? I need to make a visit...
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