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Facyory seconds now on the main site. What is the world coming to? ;-)
 Several handsewns are made in Port Washington, including the Cavanaugh and Kenwood.
Quoddy is our only other real option. Rancourt if you can squeeze a 2E. Rockport Perths are nice in 3E but not CXL and far less of a shoe for ~$125.
I agree about the price, but in regard to the Duke, I found them very well constructed. They're not that different from my shell Kenwoods. The fact they cannot be resoled is an issue, but that's part for the course at that price. Also, I suspect a cobbler could resole them anyway. They're actually Blake stitched with the rubber sole cemented. Tough to do, but might not be impossible.Keep in mind that the Duke has a higher quality cousin at BB. They're not that different...
As someone who has been wearing shoes since Harry S. Truman was President I can remember when bending shoes in half (and breaking down the rear of the shoe) was part of the standard shoe buying process and the shoe salesman always did that before you tried on the shoe.  Somehow, over the years, professional shoe salesmen have been replaced by amateur shoe salesmen (the same phenomenon has occurred in almost every retail setting) and almost all of the things that used to be...
 Meanwhile, I just finished packing for a 4~5 day business trip and it seems I'm bringing 3 pairs of shoes, all shell. San Francisco rains, but at least it's not Portland. Guess I'm taking my chances.
 Please! This is the one I have my eye on, and I need someone to rescue my wallet.
 I love mine and I haven't seen anyone complain about theirs. I'm a standout as others seem to find them roomy, but personally find them a tad low in the forefoot. Not enough to bother me with suede, but if you have a tall forefoot (as I do), you might want to consider sizing up with the calf version.   Oxblood and Bob's Chili can also fall victim to this, so beware.   Gosh, I'm in the same boat. I've got two pairs of Eagle County boots in Brown Grain and Oxblood and a...
 What really bothers me about the Maritime and the Kirkwood both is the blue and orange tab on the back. It's not so bad with the blue CXL, but it's distracting on the other colors.
 Everything will be a minimum of 15% off during the RDA sale. It's the best time to buy firsts of most shoes, with the notable exceptions of casual loafers and the McAllister with see better sales during the Father's Day Sale and the Anniversary Sale. If you're looking at the Kirkwood or Maritime, for instance, don't wait -- you won't get a better price than you will today. The tent sale is one of the best sales for seconds. It seems we're getting more frequent sales on...
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