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 Yes, the RL Sandersons and a few other styles are made by AE. I've just ordered myself a pair of Saunders, for instance. The Black Friday run-up sale that is occurring now for seconds. All AE-made RL shoe seconds are on sale for $150. On Thanksgiving and Black Frida there will also be $99 closeouts.
Ordered a pair of 5th Avenues in Black and the Ralph Lauren Saunders in Tan Calf.   Really looking forward to these boots ($150 !!!):  
I'm in the market for a new midweight jacket.     Having a long-time distain for quilted jackets (probably because of my distain for all things Columbia (sorry, Columbia lovers), I was surprised to find myself really falling in love with some of items in Barbour's collection. I then found myself torn between the Musto Kingston and the Barbour Ariel.   I was about to pull the trigger on the Ariel as I'll be able to try it on locally, versus special-ordering an item...
 Called. They can't do anything over the phone. I received a free-shipping return label. The customer rep told me to ask for an exchange, but suggested it is a bit of a long-shot. I do have a local AE store, but they don't carry seconds or clearance items. My understanding is that I'm not likely to get an exchange from them for an online-purchase, clearance item of a not-for-like color... The worst thing is that I am out 3/3 for this clearance event. Besides these boots, I...
 I'm surprised to think this crack might be okay? I figure some TLC would keep them healthy for a bit and would restore everything but the crack... again, for the price maybe I shouldn't be complaining? 
Received Black Eagle Country boots bought during last week's clearance event.   I'd say these are clearly defective. I thought clearance items are supposed to be first-quality? Is that not true, did I just get a bad pair?  The crack on the side is a clear gouge/tear. There are no markings on the sole.   They only cost me $125 for the pair, so I must say that while I'm annoyed/upset, I am actually considering keeping them. Allen Edmonds seems to have run out of their...
I can't take it back to the original tailor as I had it made overseas.  I'll have to find a tailor that can press it for me. Thanks!
F. Corbera: really? why do you feel the need to continue trolling my posts?
I have a semi-bespoke suit that is puckering after I made the mistake of putting it into a steam shower. My mistake aside, can this be fixed at all? I'm looking for recommendations.   There is puckering on the inner and outer seams. It seems more heavily pronounced (or photogenic) on the outer seams, but is clearly more problematic on the inner seams when worn.   Photo:  
    I was trying to avoid being too specific and listing everything that was or was not appropriate, in which case it would become too strict... which is the opposite of casual.   Still, I think I'll do "jackets and slacks for men, dresses for the ladies", based on the feedback here. My wife was trying to add "pant suits" to this, god knows why.
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