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I received the sale catalog today. Discounts on Maritimes, Kirkwood, Shreveport, Cody, Eldorado, Boulder, Ventura Hey, Interstate 90, Concord ave, Rialto, and several golf shoes (Murfield village, Bearpath, Anaconda, and Renegade). I believe some of the golf shoes are new introductions.Also some discounts on JW Hulme goods and other non-shoe items.
 Yes, I'll reiterate that although I've had SAs do this for me (or offer), it is not common. I've only had an SA do this twice. Once, an SA offered to bring a second in, although I bought a first-quality pair anyway. The other time, it was a discontinued model in shell. He was gratuitous  enough to help me get the shoe I wanted, one that simply wasn't available as a first, and I did indeed buy a second from the retail location. I'm also a hard-to-fit size, so it's not...
They won't normally do it, but SAs at retail stores CAN order seconds. It helps here to have a relationship with an SA. The fact you're also buying firsts can also help.
Dunno, I've found that cheap belts can be terrible. Actually, I've been wondering of I could convince my wife to buy me one of those shell belts made by Rancourt for father's day.
I can't imagine that I might ever want a third pair of ER/ECs, but these are amazing. Great job!
Green CXL is not available for MTOs, I've already asked. :thumbdown:
 FWIW, I might be irregular, but I wear a 10.5 3E in the 5 last and wear the same for the Gobi. I find the width spot-on without sizing down and the toe box is even a bit short. If my pair wasn't in suede I might have had to size up!  If I were you, given they don't make the Gobi in 10.5 E, I'd try a 10.5 D and if that is too narrow, a 10 3E. It's also possible this boot doesn't work for you. If so, you can consider another maker, or going with the Dundee (as an SMU if...
PSA $64.90 over at evo.com. Thought of picking up, but considering the sale over at Nordstorm for N&F... I'm going to pass.
Yeah... I'm nervous, but maybe I'll have some sweet *and* wearable boots. Crossing fingers!In other news: maiden voyage of my Kenwoods! Now I can stop talking about them . Of course, I also managed to step in gum already...
 They look like they've never been worn! I just sent my pair in to get stretched and hoping I made the right decision vs selling...
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