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pit-to-pit and shoulder-cuff measurements for the light blue plz
pewter = charcoal overdye? that navy overdye is dope too
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger although I like the pewter faded oxford +1
Pretty interested in what colors you got for the overdyed oxfords
^ I'll find out if the store here does phone orders.
EG black quick release belt stockists?
Hey SF, I know there's a lot of interest in RRL on SF and it got me wondering would anyone be interested in an RRL proxy? The Ralph Lauren store where I live has a pretty good stock of dry, one-wash, and distressed RRL jeans. IIRC, they have dry straight, dry slim straight, and dry slim boot. Can't remember what they had in one-wash and distressed but I can find out. Price on the drys are $220 before tax. The tax here is about 5% so final cost to you for a pair of...
He'll oversee all markets except Japan.
kop'd a red l/s seersucker
suggestion...try here:
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