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It looks great! I like the big Prince of Wales check pattern and the way it matches with the grey tie. Nice outfit.  
If you really have to match with her outfit, then I agree that a peach pocket square would be a good option. In my opinion you should avoid the peach shirt though.  
Personally I never tried Indochino, I know they are very succesful but what I can say is that I'm quite satisfied with De la Vega Tailors. This jacket is my second garment from them. I made a few minor adjustments from the last suit and I think it looks pretty good (but sorry, not ironed yet). I specially like the fabric (wool & silk), the design (one button, peak lapels, hand stitching) and how it fits. The price of the jacket was 260 €.  
I agree with TimelesStyle, try a knitted tie, and yes, jeans and shoes are your main problems right now, try a pair of jeans that fit you well, and a pair of brown oxfords.
The mosquito bit ad is quite a good one...well found
I would say go for combo 2 with brown shoes, in combo 1 shirt, suit and tie tonalities are to similar, you need to create some contrast.
2012 Clothing Plans - Buy a few but quality tailored garments. - Enjoy wearing those made during 2011
RAF Officers from WW2? Interesting. Let us see the pictures once it's finished.
I've seen this combination before, and even if isn't my favourite, it doesn't look bad.
I got my suit. In overall I'm very happy. After confirming my measurements with the test suit, the final suit fits good.They also sent me a free shirt which is quite decent and fits well, but I agree that their suits are much better that their shirts.  A good point is that they already have my exact measurements. I will probably buy some more clothes (thinking of a coat and a blazer). Waiting for any comments!
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