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Hi Charly, hope all is well. Is there any chance that you will be bringing back the baseball jacket?
Hi there,   I have two brand new, only tried on, Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirts. Got them through a Ralph Lauren sale and am selling them because I don't like the collar lengths, too long for my liking.   Willing to take offers, no lowballers please.   Measurements:   Blue Striped  P2P: 20 in S2S: 17.5 in Length from back of collar: 32 in Sleeves: 35 in   Black Gingham: P2P: 21.5 in S2S: 18 in Length from back of collar: 32 in Sleeves: 35...
I have a Tan TOJ Baseball jacket in Sz. 46, looking to trade for a size 48.
Please read first: Paypal only, please add +4% for the Paypal fee All prices include shipping No international buyers please   Gitman Vintage Llama Print Shirt Sz. Small: Condition: 9/10 Price: $old   Gitman Vintage Corduroy Floral Shirt Sz. Small Condition: 9/10 Price: $95   W+H Flannel Shirt Sz. Small Condition: 8.5/10 Price: $old   Gant Rugger Madras Shirt Sz. Small Condition: 8.5/10 Price: $50   Please message  me with any questions
Please read first: Paypal only, +4% for the Paypal fee Shipping is included in the price No international buyers please     Shirt is brand new with tags, I've only tried it on and decided the fit wasn't for me.  The shirt is size a size 15 slim fit, message me with any questions.   Thanks!
just updated, will provide measurements for Gant later tonight  
Please read first: Paypal +4% only No international buyers Fastest way to contact me is through PM Sorry for the iPhone pics, all I have at the moment   Gitman Vintage x The Hillside Floral Shirt Sz. Small BNWT - Love the shirt, but it was to slim for my liking only tried on. $old p2p: 18 s2s: 16.5 Back length from collar: 30   WvG After Dinner Plum Oxford Sz. Small 8.5/10 $40 p2p: 20 s2s: 17 Back length from collar:...
I take Paypal +4% only   [IMG][/IMG] Vanishing Elephant Long Sleeve Polka Dot Button Down Brand New Only tried one once or twice Sz. Small Price: $100   [IMG][/IMG] Wolf Vs Goat Before-Dinner Plum Oxford Button Down Bought it off another forum member awhile ago 8/10 Sz. Small Price: $40
Looking this Gitman Vintage shirt in Sz. Small Price Negotiable   PM me please.
Do these fit TTS?
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