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own this watch and love it!
you might want to think about a more casual trouser. I work in a business casual environment but like to dress up more than most and I get away with it by wearing things with a little more texture for a more casual look. knit ties instead of silk, flannel/tweed/herringbone trousers instead of wool and so on.   i agree with the above poster that these exact items aren't a good pick but the overall look would be good. I'd look at Epaulet new york, Howard Yount, and the...
Still for sale/trade!
bought these two spellbound workshirts a few years back and they always were just a bit too snug for me.   the first is a grey short sleeve chambray work shirt size 3 and can be seen here $50/trade/obo in good condition worn very few times but it does have a small stain between the right chest pocket and button placket. i have not tried to get this out, but am not sure if it will come out.  shoulder:16.5" sleeve:18.5" center back length:28.5 PTP: 20.5     the...
Didn't know to size down half a size when i purchased so they are just too big. should work for an 11 or slightly larger. worn 3 times.   looking for a summer shoe in trade boat shoe, camp moc, etc etc. size 10 or cash. 
order got canceled, no indys for me this time around. 
Picked up some indys in chrome excel, card got charged, but still no email confirmation. Hoping for shipment notification soon! Also hoping that the natural indys don't end up in my size on the list in June.
Dan the man!
  anyone know what jacket this is? small logo on the chest with striped under collar. thinking about buying it but can't even find what model the jacket is. 
should i buy alden indy's in natural (my #1 preference) for full price or pick up lightly used on Ebay for -200 the cost?
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