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I bought these boots about 2.5 years ago new and have only ever worn them a handful of times (<10). They're not broken in yet and are in excellent condition.   They just ended up being a bit more formal / dressier than what i was looking for.   The asking price includes PayPal fees and ground shipping in the CONUS. They will ship in the original box.   Please let me know if you have any questions about them 
This is a really nice handmade sleeve for an iPad mini made by Grams28 in Hong Kong (see his etsy store here).   I got it a few months ago while i was looking for a sleeve for an iPad mini. I've ended up ordering 2 different sleeves. The one i've been using arrived first and worked out really well so i've never really used this one unfortunately.    It's really nice leather and will certainly darken up nicely with use. He made it big enough to fit my iPad mini with a...
I bought this hat in Optimo's downtown shop about 18 months ago (not long after the downtown location opened) while i was in town for a conference.    In the end I much prefer my Fedora (also an Optimo) and this Homburg just isn't getting any use so i've decided to sell it. It's a beautiful hat and it's in effectively brand new condition having only been worn a couple of times.   Here are some details: Material: Classic Weight Beaver Felt Ribbon: 1-1/4"...
This bag (and associated accessories) are SOLD. Thanks for all the interest.
This bag and accessories are now posted on eBay, if any styleforum members are interested please reply to this thread or PM me.
I bought these straps maybe 3 years ago from Saddleback after i'd had my briefcase for while. I used them for a month or so.   A rivet popped out on one of the straps so I called Saddleback and they replaced them immediately, no questions asked (gotta love those guys), i returned the originals to them   Since the straps were out of commission for a week or so I started using the shoulder strap again and never went back.   When i got the replacements i just...
I bought this bag and accessories maybe 2 years ago new from the Triple Aught Design store in San Francisco. I didn't have a day pack size backpack at the time and my intent was to use this for that, hiking, a emergency preparedness pack etc.   Fast forward 2 years and it's yet to be used. I packed it, fitted the accessories and otherwise it's sadly just sat in a closet. The build quality of these bags is great. If you're into the military inspired design it's kind...
this bag has been SOLD. thanks for the interest
Hi there, the 49ers still lost - and this bag has been SOLD. thanks to all for the interest.
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