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Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Although Chan's prices for custom tailoring are still reasonable for the quality, I just can't see paying for custom tailoring for such an inherently cheap and flimsy fabric as seersucker. Thoughtful feedback, thanks.
hi all. would somebody kindly post (or pm me) an email address that works. I have had 4 or 5 pair made by the jolly fellows at Zee's (haven't posted will do) sadly their cards always seem have their email address messed up.. cheers! --------------------- ooops, checked the previous pages.. got it! thx.
Easier for me to get to HK than join the tour, but would be interested if any of you fellas go for seersucker from them and how it goes. cheers.
Melbourne boy... All over the place, but Nairobi is the best place for me to buy any of you a drink.
Though I have not read the book you mention, so may be off, I am sure the essence of the stories is a relevent as ever. Africa's charm has not changed. Michaela Wrong formerly of the FT has written two books recently about east africa.. they have been well received... Pure african literature out of Nigeria such as Ben Okri is well regarded.. I like the White Mischeif / Happy Valley novels of the colonials mess ups and fun.
pre- G&T , white wine or beer. post, for me is the most enjoyable one and it really depends on mood, meal, company, etc etc etc - port, armagnac, fernet branca, cointreau, grand marnier, drambui and at this moment - Amaro Montenegro
from the forum view I only saw "1 in 10 americans think" seemed a fair guestimate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irv Not too many kids are quiet and invisible at 3 & 5 however if we throw them outside at The Point, then at least we can't hear them Sounds win, win and win if the mother-in-law is not a strong swimmer. Does The Age - Good Food Guide still get published? A great investment if so.
I you are anything like me, you are trying to find some way to justify the purchase. For only 400 bucks, a 15% swing in your favour (which is pretty unlikely) will only make 60 bucks worth of difference... if you already have the shoes on your feet if such a swing happens, you probably wont care.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked 2 posts up: I note I am being quoted, and get the odd feeling I am being taught something.... what is it?
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