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technically Atelier is re-opening, so maybe you could still contact them?
who needs a wall when you have a dumpster
I think the arm holes aren't too high because I remember everything being very comfortable. The sleeves are lined with a little padding. The lining was soft enough that it'd probably compress if necessary to fit a knit. So I think a knit should be fine; a suit would be a no-go if sized tts.
that is the best first WAYWT I've ever seen
I just tried on the Devoa high neck the other day. It's pretty angular, with well-defined shoulders as in a lot of devoa pieces. Slit pockets and back vent make it very practical and good for movement. Material is also great. Not sure how warm it is though. I'm thinking about getting the blazer in the same material. 
maybe this belongs in the leather thread, but w/e. leather from IE next season, very exciting. not really feeling the buttons though...
what song?edit: I am uncultured.
hendrix, that looks really cool. are the pants DVN?   magicalporks, KKA looks like it was made for you -- stick with that brand!
ugh I started reading Knights of Sidonia and now I can't stop. why did you do this to me
good names = can be made into a recognizable acronym. bonus points if it subsumes an acronym that non-fashion people use. I don't recall where, but I remember seeing RO in a completely irrelevant setting, and my first thought was Rick Owens.  the only downside is when I go into an actual store I realize I don't know how to actually say the unabridged brand name.
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