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I really don't like LGI, tried it from fw13 and recently fw14. Just doesn't feel like leather, and I even prefer thinner leathers
I was intrigued:  and then I saw the price tag: http://www.rickowens.eu/en/men/products/hu14f07043min-09 custom made!   Also I think I've seen a high neck intarsia available somewhere every season. Can't remember all the places, but here's an eg: http://www.deepinsideinc.com/brand.php?brd_id=192
link to community of douchebag players plz. I want in
yes about stooges
now that is a body type that suits Ervell  (but seriously, it does)
btw I think IDOL Brooklyn has the RO calf stooges in stock now - check their facebook. Possibly a more local store for some, and they seem like cool dudes
Are those the 2010 model NN? They do look much flatter than other pics I've seen -- most side views of ccp have this perfectly sloping triangular shape; it's only from the front that I find them flat. Or is this what happens after extended wear?
Zam Pants run tts in waist. Usually generous in thigh (11" +). Calf can get tight if its dna model.
I own apple products. I have yet to go for a galaxy/surface/whatever. Not yet convinced the copiers are better than the original, but maybe without Steve... 
I can definitely see the love/hate. From some angles it looks utterly amazing, but other times the super high collar and gloved sleeves just make it seem like a lot of jacket. It's all a matter of pulling it off I guess. 
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