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De Bonne Facture FW16 available on E-shop now: http://debonnefacture.fr/en/28-shop Some lovely pieces, especially the coat.
apparently he says they're 7" in larger sizes
Just buy another pair of detroits and get a tailor to narrow the hem...
Have you checked re-porter? lots of good deals there but I'm not sure about 44 Btw, how's quality of AV field derbies compared to L0?
Now that fall is here, what are everyone's go-tos for long sleeved t-shirts? at all price points - I wish AA made a long sleeve with same neck opening as the summer loose crew. Off the top of my head I think of TVA, KKA, and then LUC (but let's be real I am not going to wear LUC every day of the week).
unfortunately I think they are a silver sole: http://www.fwrd.com/product-maison-margiela-leather-replica-sneakers-in-black-gunmetal/MMAR-MZ125/?d=Mens&srcType=plpaltimage&page=1&lc=81&list=plp-list-0
Geo is the easiest to tuck, way easier than any actual boot. Just wear some pants/jeans with a tight hem, or let the pants stack on top of the sneakers. Or wear with any pair of tapered sweatpants from Nike/Adidas, etc. 
send it back
I want these, but they're only in Germany for the moment... http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/09/21/adidas-futurecraft-mfg/
sigh NN you just reek of fashion privilege!
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