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This jacket arrived. I'll let you guys comment on the fit, but definitely not as short as the model indicates. I don't know much about CM, but I'm very happy with this suit. Classic new "virgin" wool, unlined which is good for my sloping shoulders, not really sure what mohair effect means but the suit is dark blue with this tint of black that disappear if you look directly at any particular spot (it's like magic?).   Sorry for my shitty photography skills and terrible...
It's called B&S
Went to a screening of http://afilmaboutcoffee.com/    I thought it was a well done, informative film. I learned a lot about the earlier stages of coffee harvesting that I never really thought about before. Warning: film makes you want to spend more money on specialty / direct trade coffee.    If possible go to a screening in your area since it's a gathering of the local coffee community and there are tastings, etc. 
This is pretty crazy: Jura, one of Rick Owens' oldest male models holds a sign saying 'Kill Angela Merkel Not' at the SS16 show. Apparently Rick punched him after he got off stage since the sign wasn't his idea.    http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/25241/1/model-at-rick-owens-holds-kill-angela-merkel-banner
You guys realize that the Hotoveli sale has everything that @Synthese was wearing in the Julius Japan photoshoot? Not all sizes of course, but still....
scalloped potatoes with heavy cream (didn't have any milk on hand)
that rick looks so cool
@Rais what sneakers are those? looks awesome
^reminded me of this: http://www.grubstreet.com/2015/06/adam-platt-on-paris-versus-new-york.html
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