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I was able to find eggs like the one on the right for $7 a dozen at the Farmer's market. Unfortunately he doesn't live down the road.
he's a long time client of Atelier. rest of the members don't dress the same, so I believe it's his own personal interest: http://ateliernewyork.com/2013/04/20/client-style-no-18-wesley-e/
ugh Trader Joe's sucks. Had to throw away multiple packages of chicken that I bought two days ago because they smelled putrid. 
Thank this thread. I also had this today for lunch. I was worried the garlic would be too spicy in the raw version, but everything worked together wonderfully. This is just a great example of good tasting simple food.
I bought from them and received my item on time. Sorry don't know about their customer service.
are they good [great]?
NN, I wasn't sold on the jacket before, but this full body fit looks really good. It fits you perfectly!   Also I thought the Taichi leather looked like CCP back in a preview photo, but now with the better Lift photos I believe it's very different. Sure it's a high neck leather, but if you look at the non-leather version, it's very much 'Taichi' in the direction he's been going this whole time.
Uma Wang
TIL that Kingsman is an actual brand, and not just a made up front for a secret British spy organization in a movie.
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