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carpe diem s40m bv01 (calf) sz 41 for $620: http://********/listings/35846-carpe-diem-s40m hopefully it's also listed somewhere else, but I couldn't find it   also, I've used fromjapan to get from yahoo.jp a few times. mark it as gift and you can tell fromjapan what to declare value as. I've never been hit by duties. their fee is 5% system usage but then another 5% when you pay for creditcard/paypal usage fee. very hassle free service
now you definitely need to post a new WAYWT
I finished the Goldfinch, if you didn't like it after halfway, probably shouldn't finish it. It was pretty mediocre overall. 
spope soooo good. shoulda submitted that to silhouette challenge!
I see the flare, but I feel like there's kind of the EG style. Just go looser bottoms and embrace that workwear vibe. Maybe not buttoning that top button would balance out the flare a bit?
hide-m has some IS dropcrotch in size 1 (46) on sale, maybe that'd be alternative. but if I had to choose, 1.
DEVOA SAMPLE WOOL/CASHMERE SWEATER  SIZE 46   This is a sample piece. Size is 46 (equivalent to usual devoa size 2) and fits TTS. Raglan shoulders, long curved sleeves. Bought used from SZ, worn twice. Measurements (approximate): p2p: 19.5in back length: 26in pit-to-sleeve: 23.5in   ASKING $150 shipped conus, international will be more   Pics: http://s1361.photobucket.com/user/t3hg0suazn/library/Devoa%20Sweater Fitpic (170cm, 145lb)    
nahneun were you trying to get the devoa from B&S or something? It must still be available somewhere in Japan
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