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mass production ruins everything. I only eat artisanal chickens.    no but seriously I think chickens that actually run around all day are/taste better. 
Asian male Synthese clone found:
hrm I think the DSM employees on the higher floors are nicer, or at least appear to be. First floor is not so inviting I agree.  Sucks about your experience at IF. I think the older white woman (not the tall younger one) is the owner/in charge? But the asian lady was really nice and helpful. 
those are side zips not tornado, the black ones in the photo are tornado though
RICK OWENS SS09 DRAWSTRING PANTS BLACK SIZE XS RU 7363/C 100% COTTON   Bought this used; just got some BBS pants that are pretty similar so seeing if there's interest in these. Wouldn't mind keeping since they're great casual pants for spring/summer.    I believe this is from Strutter SS09 mainline.   Elastic waist with milk drawstring  2 front pockets  2 back buttoned pockets   Condition is very good, with minor wear on the leg opening (see...
Rick Owens intarsia sz 48 (fits 46) in LBO (boxed calf I believe): http://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-life-sendai/10022367/  not sure about season but leather looks pretty good   **GRAIL ALERT** Rick Owens Exploder stooges in lamb with skunk fur detachable collar sz S (fits 46 or 48, older seasons ran large): http://item.rakuten.co.jp/digragekinan/mtc150108/  Fuuma's raccoon version is still better but I still think this is pretty epic. Kind of tempting still but I don't...
any news on when CCP will arrive at HLorenzo?
The upturned toe and folds in the leather are really noticeable in person too though, and I don't think that goes away with wear
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