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Are there any photos that show the differences between the A, B, and C lasts?    And curse this thread (in particular NN's writeup) for making me think mmoria are the best shoes on earth.
I think if @Isolation didn't say he was from CM and just starting out, the fit would be considered pretty good and interesting. I could see that paired with certain sandals, simple derbies (marsell?), guidi boots. 
Finally ate at Alinea. Quite a unique experience, definitely part show part food. The meal was like a culinary thought experiment, each course inviting contemplation about how all the pieces fit together. I must admit some of the courses had aspects that I didn't immediately think "yum" but I hope this was the intention, to bring out new flavors and push the envelope of novelty. Overall a very pleasant experience. 
I think it's understood that you're not supposed to wear anything under the coat. 
I think the 5-zip looks good there
Lemaire long coat sz 46, measurements looks very oversized: http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/christophe-lemaire-aw14-long-wool-coat
L&E is good call, whiskey and dinner in one stone. Whiskey: Duke of Perth, (from hearsay) Delilah's, Untitled, Berkshire RoomCocktails: Aviary (worth it imo), Violet Hour, Barrelhouse FlatMy favorite casual restaurant is actually Purple Pig (get there when they open or at an off hour, wait can be killer). Au Cheval for best cheeseburger. Improv Shakespeare is always fun if you're looking for something to do. Might be able to give further recs if you have specifics in mind. 
yea that sounds ridiculous, XL is probably right. they have measurements for their shirts though, and I think those are pretty accurate
what's a bacon neck? is that wavyness of the collar? it hasn't seemed to do that after hang drying, I think I noticed it a bit after tumble drying. there are some wrinkles from hang drying, I'm guessing the blend in the AA is what's eliminating that this is the scoop neck, they also have crew neck which might be more to some people's taste. 
since I got the camera out for a waywt, thought I'd take a fit with a recently received Grana tee. Thanks to @notwithit for the referral. Looking for a cheap tee comparable to uniqlo but with longer length? Grana is the answer. Nice 100% cotton, 10$ each (flat rate shipping to to 10 tees), long enough for everything besides serious RO/BBS looks. They also had really nice packaging with handwritten note and everything. Ships via DHL from Hong Kong.  [[SPOILER]] Machine wash...
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