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This piece is most evocative of the film from what I've seen so far. Even less wearable than CCP's invisi-seam but whatever!
I am not. At least, Faust said he talked to her in person and this is what she said. BSR also thought of the film independently when checking out the showroom in person, though he was just speculating. 
Supposedly inspired by the Cronenberg film Crash, if that is any help.
from Anchoret IG
I could go true Martin and paint over the silver sole with white paint! But less comfy leather is a bummer
I need sneakers, and GATs are my comfort zone
I've seen the photos; I'm just not sure I buy the crash design just for the sake of new design philosophy. So was wondering if there's something more to it that's lost in the photos?  
anyone seen Deepti's crash denim yet? is the crash seam noticeable when worn / have any purpose other than just zig zag for the sake of being unconventional?
I think v60 benefits most from having a good grinder and brings forward the most flavors. Kalita wave is more forgiving. I've had both and prefer the v60 slightly.    Scale is nice but for pourovers eyeballing is generally fine. 
I've found the solution to sour/tart espresso is to add milk. It really adds a dimension, and beans good for espresso on its own doesn't correlate highly to beans good for macchiato/cortados.
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