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these are a steal (50% retail): https://*****************/listings/1062665-Ma--Heavy-Wool-Felt-Pant
the handless man
ugh really don't like Cafezinho de Brasil, much prefer Dulsao. 
I like the SdC shirt! Modernizes the whole outfit to bridge a few centuries' gap.
The Leder is cut like a peacoat but it's super soft so much more comfortable and easy to wear
@OccultaVexillum duno your size but Rafs on sale on fwrd in sz 43
^ agree with the above. And the taste of coffee changes based on so many factors (like what you ate before, which is why I never drink seltzer water before espresso). Both for cafes and home, I've started to judge more for consistency (of good cups) vs. seeking the "god shot".  
Raf Derbies sz 40 and 43 (fits big iirc): http://www.fwrd.com/product-raf-simons-leather-classic-shoes-in-black/RSIM-MZ69/?d=Mens&srcType=plpaltimage&page=1&lc=93  I would have loved these a year ago but somehow my wardrobe doesn't seem to call for these anymore.   Did the dude who wanted this long Margiela trench get it...
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