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@patrickBOOTH I had a shot of Kaladi. I can see why you like it from your bean preferences, but I also felt like it tasted like most espressos served at any cafe in Europe?
Just rent a car when you want to leave the city, or something like zip-car. Parking is the worst. 
Is there an Uber equivalent in Tokyo?
ziplock bag so I can squeeze air out
I think it's more that you have to commit to the full Yohji look; you can't just try to pair a Yohji blazer with some jeans. I agree it looks rad on cool old dudes pretty much always. But for example the Fascinate models aren't that tall and aren't professional models but they still pull it off fairly well.
geos are pretty comfy to wear and you can wear them in place of black timbs in most outfits, but I find they're so played out and ubiquitous that I can't look at them anymore (in real life and on internet). maybe if they were all white and you got them really dirty   so what does broken paper mache look like? I have the old painted GATs and am fine with the cracked paint there, but paper might be different; plus they're boots
Uhh how do you tie a tie if it's not full or half windsor? 
@sinnedk hotoveli restock: http://hotoveli.com/collections/forme-dexpression/products/guru-jacket
Does anyone happen to know what the fit is like on By Walid shirts? The measurements seem really small in shoulders and chest with an 'A shape'. 
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