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^lol   Warning: reading that post will want you to buy like 5 coats. Good thing it's spring. 
Taichi Murakami SS16 Ramie/Cotton L-pocket trousers       Geoffrey B. Small FW17 pre-order. I blame @dieworkwear's blog post about ideal coat wardrobe.     Haven't even bought anything from SS17 yet... Someone please buy my stuff so I don't go bankrupt.   Edit: forgot about this sweet tie I just received today! My second tie from Post Imperial. @Tirailleur1
yes to Leder
what shoes @flowcharts
@Lohikaarme Taichi Murakami L-pocket trousers (and the older season jeans I'm told) are my absolute go-tos. Wore my FW16 pair like 4x a week since buying them. Just bought the SS16 pair as well. The rise is a bit longer than mid, about the same as LUC one cuts. Thighs are also about same as LUC and calves/hem is bigger. I think people (even PNP) say they're skinnier than LUC because the waist is smaller. Anyways I'm a 29 and wear the sz 6 fine.    LUC one cut also fits...
Call Paypal and explain your case. I've had luck doing that with chargebacks
Some really old school Margiela galoshes, super chunky:   Here's grilled link if anyone else is interested:  https://*****************/listings/1741363-Maison-Margiela-Original-Maison-Martin-Margiela-22-Leather-Black-Men-Ankle-Boots-Shoes-in-size-41
Doesn't matter so much now since CCP is dead, but Leopold Bossert still looks more like a copy of CCP than Deepti does. And he didn't even work there. Maybe @ClambakeSkate can chime in with a more professional view, but I'm just pointing out it's hard for there to be new concepts/designs in this niche when people like LB, which is like a slightly cheaper CCP clone, versus Deepti whose actually trying to make progress.
I am proud to say that I ordered a single pair of socks for 50% off from Mr Porter. It came in a huge box. 
is anyone else unable to use the block member button? 
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