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but @LA Guy what if you get ankle locked
put me on the interest list for that
maybe these? https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/poeme-bohemien-slim-fit-jeans-item-11632593.aspx?storeid=9095&from=listing&ffref=lp_pic_102_9_
I would say Ansnam but it really depends what you're going to sell. Don't you have a Kaftan in a lighter color? It looked good.
oh my: https://*****************/listings/1095339-Dries-Van-Noten-Dries-Van-Noten-Autumn-Winter-2014  Dries coat 48-50
^ are they still as comfortable after you vibram the sole?    also on topic of sneakers, how does the m_moria sneaker lacing work? Is it actually as convenient as a zip or does it take just as long as normal lacing?
it gives the price without VAT (for non-EU) underneath the actual price if your currency is GBP
^ try The Office, The Library (London), L'Eclaireur (Rue Herold, Paris). Might also be able to special order through PNP. Otherwise you wait and hope to get lucky.  From SF Journal: Been a while since I browsed Grailed, but looking at the CCP stuff just makes me really sad. Almost everything has been listed multiple times before, and recent purchases invariably end up on the market.  @Synthese knew what he was talking about.
yea it says code not valid (CPs in shopping cart)
@msg you should keep those Geller side zips, they looked good!
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