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Nope, stainless steel/aluminum frying pan. Is that just an invite to sticking?
Some in NYC please meet up with him to take better pics of that MA+
Trying to cook more cod after eating some really good preparations in Copenhagen. Lots of room for improvement on this one: over fried the parsley, fish stuck a little to the frying pan (what's the best way to prevent this?). Practice makes perfect?
I'll try to take some outdoor pictures when it gets colder. The sleeves are borderline okay (not quite to my knuckle) esp. considering all the other brands have super long sleeves and I have relatively short arms. I agree that the coat is a little long, even for the intended cut. Maybe I'll try to get it shortened eventually, but I don't have a tailor I trust at the moment. And I was intending to just wear it like a cocoon in the winter to survive the cold. 
So I bought that Layer-0 coat:  [[SPOILER]]
Ebay is really big, and I know nothing about dinnerware - what do I even search or look for? 
Where do I buy decent looking plates on a budget?  I guess I should add: I don't need a lot of them, just a few nice ones of different shapes so I can work on presentation of different dishes.
Yea it was by no means a bad meal and it's in a good location. Give Les Chouettes a shot for something similar, price is similar too, newly opened 2014. L'Arpege lunch is called 'Gardener's lunch menu' and it is still vegetable focused but they describe it as just giving the chef free reign to do whatever he wants. I got squid and Dover sole at the end. And some diners eating at different paces than me were getting some different dishes.
So at the risk of financial destitution, I ate my way through Paris for a week. Here's my rankings based on overall enjoyment considering food, service, price. Full menu and reviews in my wordpress if you're really bored.    L'Arpege - Lunch surprise menu - by far the most memorable meal and the most fun I've had dining which is surprisingly since I usually don't find tasting menus fun. If you have time for a 3 hr weekday lunch, highly recommended. Le 6 Paul Bert -...
New Posts  All Forums: