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Man, why did GBS not have that peaked lapel blazer for any US stockist (Hotoveli's blazers all had huge lapels). Gullam's looks just right
I remember her from Slate Money podcast, back when I used to listen!
People in the tech industry or closely acquainted with it. Don't think any heard about Middleditch's comment but some actually have told me they don't watch the show because it's too real
I know people who say the same thing
@orlaisĀ  you need to post more!
I asked cause I think dji fits that bill (in a good way)
mine is ramie/wool, @dji0 has 100% wool version. yea @eton97 kept it in pristine condition so there is much breaking in to be done! @dji0, are you usually on the smaller side of 44? I cannot imagine fitting into a sz 44 of this
I think my solution is to keep the jacket and start deadlifting again.
my thought was that at every seam, only one piece of the fabrics has the selvedge while the other part is just "plain" and hidden, so an expert tailor could just cut the plain part and piece it back together. I haven't investigated, but I would definitely not remove the selvedge...
yea I'm leaning towards keeping and [edit:] NOT getting it tailored in the lower back [[SPOILER]]
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