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I've found the solution to sour/tart espresso is to add milk. It really adds a dimension, and beans good for espresso on its own doesn't correlate highly to beans good for macchiato/cortados.
@nicelynice how do you go about getting a member password to see the Deepti / Archivio collection pages? Or if you could just send me those pics that'd work too    And what is Archivio???
It's usually good as a straight espresso if dialed in correctly?  But yea I also wonder why Brazilian/Colombian/Guatemalan etc coffees always taste "darker" and less fruit-forward than Ethiopian/Kenyans. Is it just the bean varietal or some other factors down the line? 
So all the instructions I've found (Pepin, Olney) tell you how to butterfly a chicken by cutting along the backbone. But in academiedugout they have the chicken butterflied by cutting the ribcage (?) so the chicken can be opened lengthwise. Any difference between the two ways or just aesthetics / ease for stuffing? And do you just cut along the ribcage for the latter method?
This recipe looks great. I made a ratatouille from Simply French and an eggplant gratin from Richard Olney recently, but eggplant just takes too much oil for me to cook with regularly.
@nicelynice Lift just updated their FW16 collections page. Looks like there's two fabrics of layer-0 pants.    Also Carrefour picking up GBS starting SS17.
Is there any model/fit pic of the fiocco tee?
^I got a chance to check out some GBS in person recently. Gotta say I had some doubts before because it's hard to really know from just pictures on Internet, but his stuff is really something special. Just checking out the rack you notice something different before even looking at the label to see it's GBS. Didn't try on any pants but the jackets/coats all feel weightless and the tailoring makes everything drape and fit "just right". Apples and oranges, but I much prefer...
Carmina Black Derbies Size UK 7.5 (US 8.5)   Bought these very lightly used on marketplace. Wore them to a wedding and found out they are a half size big for me. Passing on the good deal to the next Styleforum member.    $150 shipped CONUS
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