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synth I feel like the jeans are a bit too baggy - makes you look a lot shorter than usual
Just finished The shadow of what was lost by James Islington. I was beginning to think there were no good epic fantasies left to read when I came across this on Amazon kindle store. Part of the new trend of small publishers releasing straight to kindle I guess.  Really enjoyed the book a lot. First one I've read where multiple POV really worked, all characters were interesting in their own right and the different povs combined to progress the plot. There were lots of...
smashwindow your picture is small but I think I see baller pants and boots there
question about cooking filet mignon with a cast-iron: is it better to use stove-top only with olive oil followed by butter basting, or do a stove+oven combo? Alton Brown has a stove+oven combo where the oven goes up to 500F, but it's for ribeye so I'm a bit dubious on whether it gives the best possible filet
goddamnit DLes, you're making me want to get a bauhaus again. what leather/season is that one from?
How timely - I hadn't eaten donuts in like a year but yesterday got a Maple bacon glazed, maple honey cream cheese stuffed donut from West Town Bakery. Tasted so good but knew it was so bad for me. Yea I'd probably do it again
I still like these fits of yours the best NN (but the other stuff is cool too and diversity is nice)
pretty sure Erik has started following a seasonal schedule. There are ss15 photos out. Anyways I did contact Holger and he said he's waiting on IE fw14 shipment, which is why there's not too much in stock atm
Microwave for 5 min (or bake for a while) to soften up the squash. Makes it much easier to chop & peel. 
that looks really good. I am desperately waiting for the fw14 IE drop
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