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lamb kidneys, saw Bourdain eating them on No Reservations in Paris. Then lo and behold my farmer's market was selling them. 
I'll be in Stavanger, Norway and Paris in September, with a little over a week in between. I tried to get a Noma reservation, but no luck (if anyone has a lead on a seat at the shared table anytime around 9/11-12, I'd be ecstatic).    Intending to spend the week in between in the alps and southern France. You guys have any favorite restaurants in the region that might be worth planning a trip/excursion around? Cheers.
I guess I just had the heat on too low then. The recipe called for a heavy copper bottomed pot, ideally, as those are supposed to hold the lamb's natural juices longer. Is that just due to a more even heating surface?
tomato salad (basil, capers), sauce romesco - recipe from academiedugout.fr   lamb shank with garlic - Richard Olney's recipe. It was a small shank, and my pot has terrible heat conductivity so after simmering on very low heat for 3 hr the meat was still not 'falling off the bone' tender in all places. 
There's another one btw: http://caffeinated.vhx.tv/    I missed the screening of this one so I don't know how it compares. I only heard about it through Intelligentsia (which happened to be omitted from the other film - I don't think there were any politics in that but who knows). Looks pretty similar but interviewing a different set of roasters, if you're interested.
I'll be in Paris for a week at the end of September. I am going to try to get reservations for lunch at l'Arpege and dinner at Le Chateaubriand. Will check out l'Avant Comptoir.   Other than that, very open to recommendations. How good is lunch at l'Astrance?  Fine dining is not a necessity, and in fact I'd like to mostly eat at more casual places. Just want to eat good French food that's hard to come by in another country. I'd probably be satisfied just eating...
haricots verts with peach and almonds, feat. purple basil   pork chop with apple in mustard sauce - this recipe from Simple French Food is fantastic
RICK OWENS DOWN 'EXPLODER' BOMBER  Mainline (fw09 or fw10)  size: S   This is very much an interest check as I can still wear it and "winter is coming". Very rare mainline down bomber in the famous 'exploder' style. Down makes jacket wearable in a wide range of temperatures (I wore it with a single layer underneath all winter in 20F). Bomber style makes it really easy to wear and versatile.   Fits tts (44 to 46 definitely ok, maybe slim 48).   Measurements (keep in...
RICK OWENS GEOBASKETS  SS15 VICIOUS  ALL BLACK / LPO (OILED CALF)  SZ 41   These don't need an introduction. Bought them new from Seven Helsinki during pre-spring. Still in great condition.   Super versatile (goes with jeans, pods, dropcrotch, sweats). Really comfortable and built to last forever.   Comes with black and white laces in the original box.   Asking $575 $560 all inclusive shipped within CONUS. International shipping will be a bit more.   
Shelter has a new website which is quite nice. Their fw15 buys for BBS, taichi, LUC, ma+ are up.    Taichi Murakami horse leather - perfect until you get to the horizontal pockets  
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