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Thanks a lot! I look forward to reading all of these, and Academie du Gout looks really promising. One day I will buy that Yannick Alleno book and plate like MGM. One day.
I've been wanting to start cooking French cuisine for a while, but not sure where to start. I feel like I don't even know what really defines French style/technique anymore -- been reading/hearing about how the Paris restaurant scene has shifted away from bistro/traditional and is all more small plate style, etc. All I have as a basis is Julia Child, coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon, duck a l'orange. I'd like to start more traditional/bistro-style but also work up to some...
now I slightly regret giving up on blue and starting to machine wash my apcs
is that person = Martin?
since this thread is called random anime thoughts: last chapter of The Breaker was sick, hopefully this week is even more epic. the cultural influence of dbz is just immense    recently been reading a Chinese wuxia/virtual reality light novel called Zhan Long. a couple new chapters every day just enough to feed my boredom & addiction. a few chapters of manga have been scanlated, I started with that but light novel is more detailed/more translated.
tbh I stopped watching gundam unicorn after 2 eps cause I found the plot pretty bad even for anime. Unicorn was the main reason I watched, would buy the gunpla if I had time to actually build it. 
Regis I just wore my cream viscose for the first time today after getting it back from the cleaners. It. Is. The. Shit. Might be tempted to get one of the current season viscose, holes and all, if it makes it to sales.
BORIS BIDJAN SABERI PANTS P2-V3 AW 10 BLACK SIZE S OUTER 100% COTTON / INNER 50% COTTON 50% LINEN SUBTLE WAXED FINISH   Just received these from Dropt on Sufu/SZ. They are a little big for me, so I have to let them go.    Super RARE pants from one of my favorite BBS collections AW 10-11. These are p2 with slight curved leg, subtle wax finish without being over the top, and a more forgiving fit than his current ridiculously skinny cuts. Drawstring allows for a range...
KKA attachment blazer quite cheap sz 3: /listings/49956-attachment-wool-blazer
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