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so neat
Lang https://*****************/listings/1800036-Helmut--Lang-Bondage-Archive-Coat
Hey dudes, PSA that I'm going to be traveling in a week, so please take this coat in my sig off my hands before then. Shoot me a sensible offer! Also got the raw silk MA+ 5-pocket pants in sz 46 for sale (I'm just more of a Taichi high rise guy).  Cheers
^I'd pass. I see the appeal as vintage Margiela, but as just sneakers they don't seem that special. The paint splatter GATs are all over the place.    Also, looks like Grailed is selling some stuff from Wooster's closet? This mink lined coat from By Walid looks amazing (but also $4k) https://*****************/listings/1790298-By-Walid-Mink-lined-Patchwork-Parka
2 > 1 > 3
sage de cret parka
From Ink's ig. Still Taichi, but even more reminiscent of Deepti: this is silver oxidized. 
don't cuff with gats
Wow Taichi is really pushing boundaries: according to Lift, 50% horse 50% aluminum "fabric" 
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