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do you know how their lunch compares with dinner? lunch seems good value but duno what they skip. I also feel like some kaisekis emphasize presentation at the expense of taste, which id like to avoid do you know about lunch at Edition Koji Shimomura? base lunch menu is only around 5000 but I saw a menu and it looked like the good meats cost a lot extra
synthese wearing leather again, huzzah! also spacepope that looks really good. I was skeptical the julius fit with all your other more drapey stuff, but this fit worked really well [indeed in that 2000s GN way, but that's still the standard]
@Best Budz thank you so much for the Giro Giro rec - it was amazing. Every course hit all the right notes. I don't think it's traditional Japanese but the modern touches added were just my style. Definitely best meal I've had in Japan by far. And the price is unbeatable.
Bumping this thread because it's been really useful for me.   I'll be in Tokyo for a few days starting this weekend and I'd appreciate some Tokyo restaurant recs, mostly these "good value" Michellin star (or equivalent) places for lunch. Mostly looking for Japanese or neo-French. I've been in Kansai region for a bit now, so I've tried a lot of street/fast Japanese food - not a big fan of tonkatsu. Haven't had ramen that I found better than NYC ramen yet though.   Also...
I think the cuban heels look pretty cool, especially with the pants. I'd be too self conscious wearing them though.
MA+ has lots of biker boots. Julius has engineer boots. 
Those for those recs, I'll check them out.  Went to Ashishima. Really nice setup - on the 5th floor only accessible by elevator. I got their Ashishima blend (can't really read Japanese so thought I'd play it safe, they said the more expensive one was from Brazil). It was a very good cup, better than the one I had in Osaka. Depth of flavor was there. Maybe it was the particular beans, but if I have to nitpick, I feel like I've had "cleaner" pourovers in Chicago. I'll take...
So I did a bunch of sightseeing today: was among first 10 people to get into Kinkaku-ji, so it was nice to get that picture-perfect view of the lake + temple before it got swarmed with tourists. The rest of the walk is average. Ryoan-ji was very pleasant; had not idea what the rock garden was going to be like, but sitting down and just staring at it for a while almost made me feel some Zen connection. Rest of the landscape garden was really nice too. Kozan-ji was really...
I'm going to try to go to ashishima tomorrow. Was going to go today but they open at 2... Did you have any other places you liked in Kyoto, that open in the mornings? I can't survive till afternoon to seek out coffee
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