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That Bergfabel looks super natural on you now, you belong together. Love the urban Tokyo backdrops too
This thread is the worst. All your collections make me rage with envy. And why do I want those MA+ when I already have the staple boot version
Looking for MA+ medium fit (not tight) pants (any pocket construction) in size 44. I want a thick FW weight knit fabric (raw silk, jersey, etc) in a dark color (as close to black as possible).    I have a pair of MA+ medium fit 5-pocket pants, sz 44, in a thin cotton/polyurethane SS weight material I'd like to trade, plus cash negotiable.     
I strongly regret not getting the Sentinel coat from Hide-M when it was on sale. 
where is the other IS coat available? 
Guidi doesn't really work for me, but I found it pretty cool that there's a tumblr consisting of only people wearing guidi: http://guidicommunity.tumblr.com/
MA+ sleeves are so long though. Which is just my excuse for not wanting to dish out the cash for them.
^you can actually take them to a cobbler and he can cut off a piece of the heel and glue on a similar colored vibram. I did this and it has doubled the lifetime of my GATS. I don't seem to wear out the front sole much though, so if that's your case it might not be as effective.
If you are very insistent they don't put anything (cream, polish, snowproof) on the leather, that should be safe. I think the main danger is balancing: they might just slap on vibram on the sole on top of what's there right now, resulting in really thick, ugly soles of the wrong proportions. They need to know exactly how much to shave down. When I asked the guys at The Firm to do this though, even they were resistant to the idea of shaving down the leather. What they ended...
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