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I do use shoe trees. There was a period when I wore them quite frequently, sometimes in rain. I also don't condition them that often. I probably reaped what I sowed.
Seems like even Renovateur cannot remove the epic creases from my MMM sidezips. Any magic tricks out there, or do I just embrace the beatup-ness? Hard to justify buying another pair due to price / I know what they'll look like in a year. This is why you just shell out the dough for baller boots that look the same [already beat up] forever... 
^ @LA Guy I think this is the second time a yoox link has failed to load due to some clicksynergy failure. If I copy/paste the link it loads, but just clicking leads to some HTTP failure. 
are those Jun Hashimoto's his own design, or one of C-Diem's? Looks fantastic either way. And Margiela looks almost like a labcoat 
which one's the one to rule them all?
Why do you have a terrible time? You're hanging out with your friends and eating delicious food.    As for the price, I think about it as paying for novelty. Sure I know that I can just roast a chicken and it will be delicious, but you know what to expect already. And repeating it over and over will only diminish the experience. IMO 'fine dining' gives you the possibility of tasting something that you either weren't aware of or takes a large amount of time, technique,...
theaddict is selling a whole slew of rings over on SZ, might want to check that out?
but I'm a huge fucking nerd -- I live to gain encyclopedic knowledge of useless stats
MAURIZIO AMADEI M.A+ ANKLE BOOT SIZE: 41 (US 8-8.5) COLOR: COAL LEATHER: CAMEL SPRING/SUMMER MODEL ICONIC STAPLE   Amazing boots, worn lovingly. I am just a lazy Asian, and would prefer all my boots to have zippers. Vibram'd at The Firm NYC. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.   Asking $old shipped conus. Contact about international.   Outsole measurements: Length 29.5cm Width 10.5cm   Best for US 8-8.5. 
Are there any photos that show the differences between the A, B, and C lasts?    And curse this thread (in particular NN's writeup) for making me think mmoria are the best shoes on earth.
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