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Why is my life not this cool Oh and @nicelynice if you go, can you check out/try on some of the CCP long jackets if they still have those: http://www.lift-net.co.jp/images/15aw_outer/half_j_coat/half_j_coat.html I was put off by how long the sleeves were when I tried them, but now I'm back to thinking they're really cool... @sinnedk lookbook up on SZ thread, webshop will probably be updated in the coming week.
Maybe Poell's just reminiscing about his youth of inherited wealth.    Also, this thread is the worst.
Cyc and ghost are not in our realm of tiny people sizes But uh if anyone sees one of those with peak lapels in black/gray sz 46, let me know. Give the camel colors to SvB.
@cyc wid it nice, where do you even find this stuff nowadays?
Okay that is kind of clever in a really wasteful over-the-top way. But yea, like @Mulan, I already find it offensive that these colors exist. 
Those are my lucky colors according to the Chinese horoscope. Maybe they're hers too! Luckily black is also my lucky color.   The fact that Poell even accepted this special order makes me  
Bourdain always buys a new knife every time he's in a city with a cool shop. That sounds like a good way to build a collection. You can never have too many paring knives (Pepin says like three is the minimum ).
I have no real experience with Zwilling but I used a friend's bread knife once and it was the truth. Never knew it could be that easy and clean to cut a loaf.   IIRC Mac makes some really light knives. A 10" mac would probably be great for super fast dicing.
This is already far derailed, but as much as I like small batch production, knife making is serious business. Do you really think someone doing this in their spare time with no prior history or experience will produce something comparable to the well-established brands, which have more resources and years of experience? If you needed a samurai sword to defend your life with, who would you choose?
^I do treat all of my good knifes like samurai swords.    A knife is only as good as it's sharpener though. I am too lazy/not proficient enough to use a sharpening stone. I have one of those ceramic sharpening sticks instead.   BTW there's some thread about Japanese knifes in Culture section if you want to be overloaded with information. 
New Posts  All Forums: