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question about cooking filet mignon with a cast-iron: is it better to use stove-top only with olive oil followed by butter basting, or do a stove+oven combo? Alton Brown has a stove+oven combo where the oven goes up to 500F, but it's for ribeye so I'm a bit dubious on whether it gives the best possible filet
goddamnit DLes, you're making me want to get a bauhaus again. what leather/season is that one from?
How timely - I hadn't eaten donuts in like a year but yesterday got a Maple bacon glazed, maple honey cream cheese stuffed donut from West Town Bakery. Tasted so good but knew it was so bad for me. Yea I'd probably do it again
I still like these fits of yours the best NN (but the other stuff is cool too and diversity is nice)
pretty sure Erik has started following a seasonal schedule. There are ss15 photos out. Anyways I did contact Holger and he said he's waiting on IE fw14 shipment, which is why there's not too much in stock atm
Microwave for 5 min (or bake for a while) to soften up the squash. Makes it much easier to chop & peel. 
that looks really good. I am desperately waiting for the fw14 IE drop
They show up from time to time, less so in the more popular leathers/models/sizes. I'd say around 1k-1.2k. Non-black is usually cheaper. 
Apparently you can email Spence to request they ship by EMS instead of DHL/UPS. This would probably help avoid a lot of fees. 
Tried out some recipes from the Ottolenghi cookbook I recently acquired.  Roasted butternut squash with burnt eggplant and pomegranate molasses Marinated rack of lamb with cilantro and honey [[SPOILER]] Chargrilled broccoli with chile and garlic
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