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he probably has one already
yours is good too, great color combo and loungey vibe. white gats are the best gats
kg, is that bauhaus collar floppy or does it always look that good? I think there's one in my size floating around the market somewhere...
I know nothing about high end bags, but this looks like something someone might want: http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Martin-margiela-leather-hand-bags-art27827.html    Spence also has limited time Rick Owens sale which is very cheap if you're big (50-52).
It looked like m_moria but I wasn't totally sure until seeing Uzairh's post.     Does anyone know where I could get the SS15 M.A+ med fit jacket to fit 46? PNP is sold out and shelter has it but at nearly 2x price. It's this one: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shelter2/diary/201503260000/ 
The search for the perfect leather does not have an end. That said, keep the mollino since it sounds like you have some sentimental attachment. Both seem to fit you about the same. 
eton has even washed a fencing! you just have to be either okay with how it hangs open or okay with always zipping it when you put it on.
Regis the break on those pants is atrocious  
I'm guessing the jacket
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