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Who stocks Petrosolaum? Edit: whoops, I see you gave a comprehensive list in Recent Purchases.
Since you seem willing to push your price range a little, I think you should try to get a double boiler. Gaggia and Silva are both good for the price but temperature surfing is just not as good as having precise temp control. And milk steaming is a lot easier with double boiler.
Back to Passard:     Beets with blackberries, basil, milk foam (recipe said emulsion but I assume that means foam). I don't have an immersion whisk anyways. Probably should have separated the blackberries from their juices before serving. 
So it's been forever since I've broken in near-raw denim. I bought these to give it another go, but the rise and seat are too low for me and it's literally ball crushing. I can wear them and maybe it gets better with time but I'm not sure I am masochistic enough to find out.    Worn less than 5 times, almost like new. Unwashed. High quality denim from RRL. The denim feels really rugged and bulletproof.    These are the...
Nope, stainless steel/aluminum frying pan. Is that just an invite to sticking?
Some in NYC please meet up with him to take better pics of that MA+
Trying to cook more cod after eating some really good preparations in Copenhagen. Lots of room for improvement on this one: over fried the parsley, fish stuck a little to the frying pan (what's the best way to prevent this?). Practice makes perfect?
I'll try to take some outdoor pictures when it gets colder. The sleeves are borderline okay (not quite to my knuckle) esp. considering all the other brands have super long sleeves and I have relatively short arms. I agree that the coat is a little long, even for the intended cut. Maybe I'll try to get it shortened eventually, but I don't have a tailor I trust at the moment. And I was intending to just wear it like a cocoon in the winter to survive the cold. 
So I bought that Layer-0 coat:  [[SPOILER]]
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