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ma+ is definitely "tier 1" and I believe layer-0 is as well. they are just different aesthetics
Looking for Rick Owens drkshdw Berlin cut jeans in overdyed black, the medium weight 100% cotton kind (not the thin stretchy stuff). Waist should measure 15-15.5" (or eventually stretch to this), as I'm usually a 29 in pants.    Please let me know if you have a pair in good/new condition or know where to find them.
My condolences, Jet. Thank you for sharing such personal feelings with us.  
what season is that from KJ? doesn't look like intarsia or the other "moto" design
The arms are tight enough that if you zip sleeves up and then just pull them up to stack the sleeves actually look fairly normal (or similar to Rick at least). Eating a cake though... 
yea I know levi and apc fit me (what I'm currently wearing), just wanted to find something that worked amongst the more "interesting" brands. 
Yea I think the BBS coated p13 fit the best out of the bunch, but I wasn't too happy with the price tag or how the drop crotch looked from the back. I'm actually usually ok in the top block for a lot of these (just barely) but most of them taper quite a bit at the knee (as opposed to starting below the knee) creating this bad looking ) ( shape. Perhaps I just need slim straight cuts and taper them myself if necessary
I got lucky with Margiela by setting up ebay alerts. Didn't know the SAs wearing labcoats was a thing at their stores. Some of the side zips had goodyear welting, which was a nice surprise.   I've been utterly failing at finding perfect fitting black pant-jeans for a while. Led me to wondering: why are trouser pockets all at the side, while jeans have the 5-pocket style in the front? The side pockets flare at the slightly movement and make my hips look wider. Are they...
Thanks for all the recs!
what brands should I look at for black derbies? looking for something casual to go with black jeans or trousers, with a bit of a "cleaner" look (/cheaper) than the artisanal brands.
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