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@RegisDB9 you missed one: http://www.yoox.com/US/39569855BW/item?dept=men
Who makes sweaters in a blend of wool and linen? Tried on a cool Daniel Andresen piece recently and liked the texture, but his knits don't seem to fit me too well. Only other brand I can think of is taichimurakami, but maybe there's others?
after trying a bunch of expensive stuff and Paula's choice, I've settled on the reddit favorite: cerave. Cheap and drugstore available.
That heel looks egregious. unless you were doing some crazy shit, it seems absurd for heels to come apart on such expensive shoes...
only if you wear it like in the first model picture, maybe zipper even further down (but still vis)
@FrankCowperwood you need to show that beard in your fits more!   @el Bert deets on knit and trousers please? Great textures
I thought you didn't like MA+ belts anymore because the silver wasn't sturdy enough?
Is it a difference in construction, aesthetics, or both? 
https://*****************/listings/349919-Attachment-white-lace-up-derby sz 42 (us 9)
now that was a dad joke
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