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The LG code for full grain lamb matches the look of rough graining of the leather in your photos. My hammered lamb looks slightly different (more treatment vs. grain), but it's also from a different season. Pretty sure that jacket is legit though, that's just the treatment of the lamb for aw09. Fall/winter jackets never have internal strap (it's for wearing as a backpack in the summer when it's hot).
This would be so tempting if it was a 46: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/149313-ccp-om2340l-back-raglan-high-neck-lined-coat-48/ (CCP - OM/2340L - BACK RAGLAN HIGH NECK LINED COAT - 48)
Yea I can see this being one of those cases where it actually looks better in person. The length of the blazer coupled with boot tuck is just very contrasting when seen in a fit pic like this.  Agreed that boot tuck pretty much only works on tall dudes, or at least people with lengthy fibulae. Only boot tuck I'm still considering are geobaskets.
I'd vote against boot tuck, but it is sweet nonetheless. I want to guess dh/slp for the blazer?
http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=348087&postcount=9 Full thread: http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13497
Yea I was mostly being a smart ass, but this is an interesting discussion. Based on dieworkwear's criteria, CCP was the only non-MC brand that I could think of that came close to fitting the bill. I'd say Poell is a master artisan not in terms of the traditional clothes-making skillset, but more as a mad scientist making a very unique product and making it really well. He definitely loses on the materials front -- as Abraxis said, Hermes and other Italians win there (Fuuma...
sounds like Carol Christian Poell to me!
stock photos because I'm lazy   double layer is really cool - my favorite tee now. will stay on the lookout for more   probably not warm enough for polar vortex, but the hood was too cool to pass up   +J and some non-urban sweats because I have no pants   my wardrobe is becoming a disjoint collection of RO/artisanal and... uniqlo
thanks! just ordered some black tapered + some normal (non-urban) sweatpants. the urban ones didn't seem worth the extra money
  Not how I'd want a girl to dress, but visually interesting:  [[SPOILER]]
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