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wow you went from happy to sad in one click
don't force your ideas of proper body structure on us. I can have a wider waist than shoulders if I want to!
then do what I do, size yourself down. 1lb a week and you'll fit into the suit in no time!
damn that suit is exactly what I want. why can't it show up on yoox in a 36  too bad it's a little small Bene, if you can size up one do so and you'll look like a boss
how are you liking new Bauhaus compared to old one?
god how do you make uniqlo and levis look like Margiela edit: it's the hair, it's gotta be
pretty awful
While I agree that SZ has problems, I feel like there's no benefit in bitching about it here on SF. There're multiple forums for a reason. 
This time I used a filling of ground turkey with minced cabbage, ginger, scallions, soy sauce, rice wine, and an egg for binding. The ground turkey was a mistake though (maybe partially because I didn't put enough seasoning); I got better results using ground pork. What can I say, I love pork fat.
Where are you getting all this Blue Blue stuff from? 
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