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Sounds like next SF sponsored trip for @Synthese has been decided. Will need an observer to translate all the Korean (for us readers, Synth is on his own): nominating @nahneun Also I worry about you @spacepope. One day you will just meld with the night, and silently vanish forever into darkness
The black low rise
Great to see you back @brad-t
OK all that post is revealing is that I know nothing about Ann D. 
I think Ecole is Type 2, and it is black (at least no signs of fading if that's what you mean). Material is thin and stretchy. 
@Synthese the question is: is the waistline above or below your belly button?
Can I see this list? Also I'd like to get monthly subscriptions to the Fuumawisdom newsletter please.
Dude, sandwich. Truth. And what's the female response to this:
That article was amusing and interesting hearing women talk about goth ninja and Visvim until they all basically approved full SLP
Go back to supporting Bergfabel! Also Rainmaker, Ansnam seem worth checking out
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