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@magicalporks You can fix your mistake now by getting a white 5-zip!
If by recently you mean a few months ago, then yes. I'd go TTS. There were two different models though, the older one that I think is now sold out was tighter. These http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-airism-boxer-briefs-086587.html#09|/men/innerwear-and-loungewear/underwear/airism-boxer-briefs/| fit more comfortably for me and tts. Very happy with them; like em more than CK micromodal briefs.
I have been delaying my next black jeans purchase ad infinitum, but if I do I'd probably just get Levi 511 because the price to fit ratio is hard to beat. I was also considering Acne max cash because they are supposed to be pretty durable and have favorable reviews. THVM is cheaper and Faust from SZ likes them. Or get Zam B's if you're ok with spirals/roomy thighs.
just wear em and vibram when heel wears down? I might have to vibram before the heel wears down depending on when the torrent of snow begins
+J tapered pants arrived. fit is great, happy with the materials, good stuff for the price. might pick up a suit in gray if I get a chance to visit a store
so sleek spope. deer looks amazing as well
I read mostly while commuting, so having an e-reader is a godsend. My friends also have kindles, so sharing is pretty easy too. I just really appreciate the convenience and space efficiency.
The Rick N3B just has the right balance between cleanness and over the top details that makes it alluring. Attachment is a bit too clean for me as well - similar to the Rick exploder from Crust. Lad Musician's version that artishard has seems like the best option for $$, but that's up to y!jp to decide. I still hope I can get lucky and somehow find the Rick exploder in neoprene lamb 
tell me more about these Cotton:On shirts - how's the fit and quality? They are so cheap
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