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maybe I just like shiny things, but I'm feeling these Free RN LE: Will the gold on the sole wear away with time though? They'd be less interesting as just plain black...    And any sizing advice if I wear US 8.5 in stan smiths (basically US 8/EU 41 with wide feet)? 
@AlexanderTG email Hotoveli and see if they're getting the Layer-0 blazer. Their first shipment just arrived but I don't know what they got. Also Alan Bilzerian might get something but again you'll have to ask.
The Geoffrey B Small coat you're selling is the STEAL of the century. 
margiela is really long, and no to dude's face
I've had good espressos from Blue Bottle at the Embarcadero location (followed by some Humphrey Slocombe). But the most recent 'spro at a NY location was terrible (couldn't tell if it was overroasted or just horribly dialed in). 
^ditto   I think a ski resort town would get old fast. They're resorts for a reason - you're not meant to stay long term.
vertice has a bunch of pics up for Deepti. it's like CCP's greatest hits all with a zig zag.
think of all the conversations that would start
This piece is most evocative of the film from what I've seen so far. Even less wearable than CCP's invisi-seam but whatever!
I am not. At least, Faust said he talked to her in person and this is what she said. BSR also thought of the film independently when checking out the showroom in person, though he was just speculating. 
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