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LA food:  Father's Office santa monica has a good blue cheese / bbq burger.  Animal restaurant is nice, I think if you go with larger group there's an option to order a whole animal or something like that? LA has best Korean BBQ in the US in n' out still hits a sweet spot though 
I just really liked the shape and placement of that broccoli. And the great views put me in a good mood.
F'real though, this recent post kicked your last post's ass. Great views and your plating made me happy.
Gallery Aesthete is in the process of changing location fyi. They had a moving sale recently but I'm not sure there is a new permanent location yet. Just be aware that the location at 46 Oak St is closed now. Other than that, slim pickings. Barneys but not that interesting. Robin Richman will have men's in the fall but right now I think it's almost all women's.
Bene you need lighter colored gats. Also everything is a bit looser on that model pic.
Yea I will keep the MMM suit since I like all the details, and I happen to be away from home for the rest of the returns grace period .    The button stance is a bit high, but I think much of the issues are probably due to the pants plus poor lighting. I'm 46 up top but 44 in trousers, so these pants definitely need to be taken in. The rise should be more normal after that. When I get around to it, I'll have the pants taken in and sleeves shortened. I'll try to take a...
Your collarbone is unreal.    Is tee Julius or is it just extra drapey due to the heat?
Ugh Grana tees shrink in length like a mofo after machine drying. I buy cheap tees so I don't have to line dry all of them... Time to give American Apparel another shot I guess.
I gotta say IG photos of the a1923 showroom look like there's a lot of "inspiration" from Carpe and MA+... The diagonal zip white ankle boots look really cool though
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