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what shoes @flowcharts
@Lohikaarme Taichi Murakami L-pocket trousers (and the older season jeans I'm told) are my absolute go-tos. Wore my FW16 pair like 4x a week since buying them. Just bought the SS16 pair as well. The rise is a bit longer than mid, about the same as LUC one cuts. Thighs are also about same as LUC and calves/hem is bigger. I think people (even PNP) say they're skinnier than LUC because the waist is smaller. Anyways I'm a 29 and wear the sz 6 fine.    LUC one cut also fits...
Call Paypal and explain your case. I've had luck doing that with chargebacks
Some really old school Margiela galoshes, super chunky:   Here's grilled link if anyone else is interested:  https://*****************/listings/1741363-Maison-Margiela-Original-Maison-Martin-Margiela-22-Leather-Black-Men-Ankle-Boots-Shoes-in-size-41
Doesn't matter so much now since CCP is dead, but Leopold Bossert still looks more like a copy of CCP than Deepti does. And he didn't even work there. Maybe @ClambakeSkate can chime in with a more professional view, but I'm just pointing out it's hard for there to be new concepts/designs in this niche when people like LB, which is like a slightly cheaper CCP clone, versus Deepti whose actually trying to make progress.
I am proud to say that I ordered a single pair of socks for 50% off from Mr Porter. It came in a huge box. 
is anyone else unable to use the block member button? 
this is all true and that DR post is a good example, but it's also true that sinnedk's posts were all contentless. sure everyone can have an opinion, but we don't have to hear it unless you back it up with an argument / discussion   @thatoneguy said it nicer and more eloquently. I'm too impatient to not be a dick
Hrm just bought a Dries button down (boring light blue) for $30 on eBay from Seattle goodwill. Proceeds go to charity. Seemed too good to be true?
Idon'tneedthis Idon'tneedthis   margiela replical shawl cardigan sz L
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