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Is parsley an acquired taste? So many Western dishes call for it as garnish, but I find the flavor really disagreeable (bitter?). Cilantro just seems superior in every way.
that seller just posted a bunch of good stuff
obligatory "what happened to your tooth?" question
carpe diem s23m destroyed horse sz 41 http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w117383512
Someone find me some sky blue MMM trousers please
are these Carpe Diem?  [[SPOILER]]
how'd you manage that?
@coolron your leg is in a really weird position, makes lower body look super skinny. and I'd go with no backpack next time. other than that looks good, some of the nicest items from the fw season there
you'll haveta buy it and report back
the savior has come
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