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don't spoiler that shit man. it's great stuff
Finished My Struggle: Book 1 by Karl Ove Knausgaard. A friend recommended it saying he had a similar writing style to Murakami. I found this true to some extent (lots of stream of consciousness through everyday life) but the overall tone was just much more neurotic and morbid, so I enjoyed it less than Murakami. Probably won't continue with Books 2-3. 
The lamb Rick is not an intarsia, it actually is just called "Rick's jacket". No longer produced, it's medium height collar.
It really depends on your personal preferences. The Rick's jacket is probably most versatile imo (Lowrey has some good fit pics on SZ), although the photos make the leather on this one look super shiny. Check the season? Rick's jacket should be like ss09 or so I think.  The Julius looks pretty good too, if your build fits it (skinny). The price is way too high though.
I'm tempted to go there next time I'm in NY and ask for a haircut that goes best with RO.
update: apparently you can ask them to use ems instead of ups, which should hopefully have less fees for small purchased
I wanted to get a t shirt but I'm afraid about customs fees. Seems like Spence is notorious for them (they use ups I believe), and they don't deduct VAT. Would I get hit by customs on a sub-200usd order?
I think if you're still on unlimited data with AT&T, they don't let you upgrade your phone for the in-contract prices unless you leave the grandfathered plan. I think this was an issue with me a while ago. 
the boots are CCP. those pants looks great
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