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Is anyone else having trouble adding items to their basket from the LN-CC sale list? Or are all the items I want marked as low stock but actually sold out 
do it
you should read the etsy forum thread about the Sphinx runway show
just call chukkas "island dunks" and everyone will change their minds
Smitten is my fav ice cream in SF, they make it on the spot with liquid nitrogen and it's creamy beyond belief. Get balsamic strawberry if they have it. Breakfast blend from Humphrey Slocombe is best boozy ice cream - bourbon flavor with corn flake bits for extra texture. Go to mission district and get a super burrito from any of the highly yelped places - somehow burritos there are way better than anywhere else in the US. Ritual coffee in Mission is my favorite for...
French Laundry, Chez Panisse I have an extensive list of ice cream shops if that is of interest. I mainly go to SF for coffee and ice cream 
damn they come in 12oz now, only seen the 6oz before. where2cop a pallet?
you got sz 2? are they all-year wearable? still slightly hoping IE will have either a fall or spring delivery in Feb. enjoy wearing some baller boots in the snow. time to tuck
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