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(click) tell me more about this brand
I like how you and your wife match and the overall relaxed theme (and how to survive this hot weather), but Rick tees are just too sheer to wear without layering imo
wow thanks -will go try it out. I went to Link in Osaka which is supposed to be good and their pourover technique was spot on but I felt there wasn't much depth of flavor
Just wanted to report that coffee in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto so far) kind of sucks. Super overpriced and they usually source their beans fairly well but beans aren't fresh and there's no depth of flavor. On the other hand, vending machine iced coffee is hard to pass up every time I walk past.
Anyone have a dinner rec in central Kyoto where I can try their specialty tofu without breaking the bank?  Other food / sight recs also welcome. So far been to Tenka Ippin (ramen), Omen (udon). Will try to get some kind of kyo-ryori and teppanyaki lunch deals when I get a chance.     Edit: to answer my original question, I went to Komameya for dinner and got their set menu for 3600 yen. 8 (mini) courses all featuring tofu in some form in another (they had this amazing...
I really don't like LGI, tried it from fw13 and recently fw14. Just doesn't feel like leather, and I even prefer thinner leathers
I was intrigued:  and then I saw the price tag: http://www.rickowens.eu/en/men/products/hu14f07043min-09 custom made!   Also I think I've seen a high neck intarsia available somewhere every season. Can't remember all the places, but here's an eg: http://www.deepinsideinc.com/brand.php?brd_id=192
link to community of douchebag players plz. I want in
yes about stooges
now that is a body type that suits Ervell  (but seriously, it does)
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