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It's like Karlo Steel in the flesh
Walter White Inc.
^Faliero Sarti has the softest scarves I've handled, but you need to see it in person and there's a lot of different materials. Stephan Schieder, LUC, Daniel Andresen. There's also a lot of under the radar designers that only(?) make scarves, by which I mean just go into random shops in Tokyo and touch them all.    Also, Hotoveli sale 30% off started. A1923 has officially entered the retail pricing scheme. 
lol at the ending of that article. I agree, amusing read. I like Good Coffee.
^I saw that brand when browsing and remembered you mentioning them. Seems to be putting out a lot of cool stuff at reasonable prices. For future reference, does svmoscow always incur duties, or can you tell them to ship by ems/usps and risk it?
a1923 and Individual Sentiments SS16 pre-order up on Antonioli
I forgot about this: black radishes, pears, olive tapenade
Where can I purchase one of these long sticks?
Immersion blender: Breville or Bamix? I've read reviews going both ways. Amazon also has some cheap Braun that requires an adapter for US use. 
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