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I'm of the same sentiment as @fistinyoface and yes, @Exdeath those look fantastic actually (brand?)
do you cook? understanding the techniques and recipes help explain the final taste
and would it be worth it to eat food you "know" is good but didn't actually enjoy? Just eat more and form your own opinions. Otherwise it becomes another postmodern mindgame.
Anyone know a way to get from Stavanger to Kjerag without renting a car in early September? 
I was able to find eggs like the one on the right for $7 a dozen at the Farmer's market. Unfortunately he doesn't live down the road.
he's a long time client of Atelier. rest of the members don't dress the same, so I believe it's his own personal interest: http://ateliernewyork.com/2013/04/20/client-style-no-18-wesley-e/
ugh Trader Joe's sucks. Had to throw away multiple packages of chicken that I bought two days ago because they smelled putrid. 
Thank this thread. I also had this today for lunch. I was worried the garlic would be too spicy in the raw version, but everything worked together wonderfully. This is just a great example of good tasting simple food.
I bought from them and received my item on time. Sorry don't know about their customer service.
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