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fwiw I hemmed my sz28 NS to 6.75" but that was fairly aggressive. Probably 7" is good, you should just wear your shoes with the jeans on and measure. Even with the same hem, pants with thinner fabrics will stack differently than thicker fabrics
Wow the difference in toe shape between those 2 tornadoes is absurd
I woulda just stuck airism boxers in all my pockets and called it a day @AlexanderTG The jacket looks a bit long on you, especially when open (drape is a bit weird probably because of your chest-waist drop). I like where you're going with it though.
Just finished Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear. Haven't enjoyed reading that much in a long time, even lost sleep over it. Forgot who recommended it from this thread, but thanks!
If you want a Rick's jacket instead of the geo, act fast: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rick-Owens-Black-Lambskin-Leather-Jacket-/291122301311?_trksid=p2054897.l4275
The fw08 one does have a shorter collar. It's wide cause it's a funnel neck unlike intarsia, and I think that's what makes the geo look unique. There aren't many fits with collar down but it looks good here. In any case, it fits you really well
that looks about as good as I've ever seen the geo look (xept maybe that one japanese store/blog photo). but yea, after I saw some pictures from the side of how high the collar is, I took geo off my list of wtb ricks. the only solution is to buy a full-zip gimp hoodie and super baggie pants and go full ninja
ma+ is definitely "tier 1" and I believe layer-0 is as well. they are just different aesthetics
Looking for Rick Owens drkshdw Berlin cut jeans in overdyed black, the medium weight 100% cotton kind (not the thin stretchy stuff). Waist should measure 15-15.5" (or eventually stretch to this), as I'm usually a 29 in pants.    Please let me know if you have a pair in good/new condition or know where to find them.
My condolences, Jet. Thank you for sharing such personal feelings with us.  
New Posts  All Forums: