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not cheap, but <= price from a proxy: http://archivesf.com/collections/devoa/products/charcoal-textured-coat to tempt @nahneun 
large restock at nagnagnag   I'm considering this: http://www.nagnagnagshop.com/shop/clothing/size46/ann-demeulemeester-mimosa-black-on-black-patterned-jacket looks like a steal if you can pull it off: http://www.nagnagnagshop.com/shop/clothing/size46/label-under-construction-reversible-overcoat-with-pocket-openings do it: http://www.nagnagnagshop.com/shop/clothing/size46/ma-leather-trousers
I wish my mother told me when I was a kid that the fastest way to make friends was to sell a SS coat.
...just because it's an SZ approved brand I shouldn't post on SF? IS isn't even that out there or whatever. Pretty sure plenty of people here wear similar things. And coats are coats. 
So I recently got this older FW season Individual Sentiments coat. It's like a cotton linen blend shell and overall pretty awesome, but... it is really long. Like going down to my shins long. Sleeves are also a bit long and now that I look at the photo, shoulders are a tad big. So I would need to either get some extensive tailoring done or let it go. What'dya guys think?  [[SPOILER]]
that is the best fitting toj I've seen in like...forever
'cause of gas bills
moar pics of those please. I was thinking of getting them if they hit the sales
yea now they look like normal pants with just a slight dropcrotch. +1 to actually viewing pieces in stores!
the fact that you can fit into memphis pants is amazing
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