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damn they come in 12oz now, only seen the 6oz before. where2cop a pallet?
you got sz 2? are they all-year wearable? still slightly hoping IE will have either a fall or spring delivery in Feb. enjoy wearing some baller boots in the snow. time to tuck
man devoa ss15 slim pants still look hella skinny in fascinate/Gullam fits. I can never fit into them, only certain loose anatomic sz 1 work. Sadddd
scissors for that unstable effect
you need to hem that shit, ma+ is too sleek for anything but minimal stacking at the hem
I so regret not buying that inaisce coat.
you had me with just the name
kg just makes me want to pour all my money in clothes, forever
yo in the winter it's hard to keep warm, having a nice knit with a dick hole is pretty convenient for all the pleasure activities
New Posts  All Forums: