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fits with PR Patterson soon plz!
Get a Mazzer Mini or Super Jolly used on eBay for <$300. They are indestructible so used is fine.  Gaggia Classic is probably cheapest entry-level machine (it's what I have). Steaming sucks though. There is some mod you can do to add a Rancilio steam wand that apparently makes it better, but you'll still have single boiler issues, unavoidable. Otherwise Rancilio Silvia is a good bet.  Or start saving for that double boiler. 
Yea after going to Paris I'd be okay never seeing another pair of Stan Smiths in my life... Except I was contributing to the problem because I also brought a pair as my only walking shoes.
Beets with red onion, basil, Parmesan     Same cod recipe again, non-stick pan helps:  
Who stocks Petrosolaum? Edit: whoops, I see you gave a comprehensive list in Recent Purchases.
Since you seem willing to push your price range a little, I think you should try to get a double boiler. Gaggia and Silva are both good for the price but temperature surfing is just not as good as having precise temp control. And milk steaming is a lot easier with double boiler.
Back to Passard:     Beets with blackberries, basil, milk foam (recipe said emulsion but I assume that means foam). I don't have an immersion whisk anyways. Probably should have separated the blackberries from their juices before serving. 
So it's been forever since I've broken in near-raw denim. I bought these to give it another go, but the rise and seat are too low for me and it's literally ball crushing. I can wear them and maybe it gets better with time but I'm not sure I am masochistic enough to find out.    Worn less than 5 times, almost like new. Unwashed. High quality denim from RRL. The denim feels really rugged and bulletproof.    These are the...
Nope, stainless steel/aluminum frying pan. Is that just an invite to sticking?
Some in NYC please meet up with him to take better pics of that MA+
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