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Sandro, TOJ secondhand
this could be amusing: http://www.eater.com/2015/9/2/9240109/barista-film-preview
sweet suit, and that DIY outerwear rack behind you... 
I don't think I've seen 5 different varieties of tomatoes in my life.
boring fit but the scenery was nice  
Don't even respond to grailed buyers with no feedback. High risk plus they're always lowballers plus they usually bail. Best to just put up a price and sit tight until someone who looks reputable (with feedback) offers to buy it at asking price.
Summer tasting menu at North Pond:   Foie Gras, Raspberry Smoked Foie Gras Mousse, Raspberry Jam, Marcona Almonds, Oat Cookie Crumble, Nibs Tuna, Melon Miso Albacore Tuna, Sake Watermelon, Sesame Slaw, Togarashi Spice, Lime Gel, Shiso Surprise course Nectarine and tomato gaspacho Corn, Beans Cornbread Cavatelli, Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Honey-Black Olive Jam, Corn Nuts, Hibiscus Guinea Hen, Basil Hen Breast Roulades, Striped Shrimp, Herb “Pudding”, Mushroom, Saturn...
I think the strength and appeal of this site is that the discourse forces you to slow down, talk and think about things. I just end up scrolling through tumblr and instagram, mostly due to boredom, but then I close the window/app and I usually don't know what the fuck I was looking at and processed nothing from it. This forum also presents a treasure trove of information, whereas instagram is more ad/promotion focused, and tumblr has almost no original content.
I'm of the same sentiment as @fistinyoface and yes, @Exdeath those look fantastic actually (brand?)
do you cook? understanding the techniques and recipes help explain the final taste
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