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GuyBurgess your fit is super cool and all with a great silhouette and what I expect PH x Yohji to be, but dat cat pose is the real deal. He's got more swag than us all
stare at them long enough over enough time and it'll grow on you. this has been especially true of all CCP pieces for me. 
I like the cuffed look on PH, but just from this pic even cuffed it looks a bit too long in the sleeves. Maybe shorten and cuff just for the hell of it?
I thought I read somewhere that super flat soles (a la converse) are actually best for comfort/walking whatnot. This might just be BS I made up, but I do find I prefer flat soles vs certain insoles for long walks. Maybe I just haven't tried the right insoles.
I've been alternating between the above two methods (and a few others) to experiment recently. The first (non-dilute) gives a sharper taste profile. For lack of a better descriptor it made the coffee more sour (I used a light roast). The stumptown method still brings out the flavor but does taste a bit more mild. My preference oscillates based on time of day and other miscellaneous factors that have nothing to do with the coffee.
all white leather MMM gats, dude has been steadily dropping price too: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Maison-Martin-Margiela-German-Army-Trainer-Replica-GAT-EU-42-US-9-UK-8-/321492247180?ssPageName=ADME:SS:SS:US:3160
I want to buy that for my dad to wear. 
That fit is actually pretty good. Now can we move on? If there's any thread on SF that should be above this shit, it's this one. Please, more boots.
you clearly don't visit the "How would you like a girl to dress" thread (where this comment is made every few weeks). 
one of my favorite shots of tornadoes being worn
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